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The Adept is currently sitting in Danielle office with a bottle of strong alcohol which she drink without feeling in of the joys of getting drunk. "Ahh. Good stuff. I still would kill to be able to get something a little stronger than 180 proof." She complains.

Danielle can't help but stare at the adept, but shrugs soon after. 180-proof vodka and she was drinking it like apple juice, she honestly expects no less from her. She takes a sip of her own drink, which she had scooped from the bottle her boss was drinking from. "You know I'm working on making alcohol without morning hangovers, I could probably do some science and make some powerful alcohol for you boss. Believe me, I think you could use the destressing sometimes."

Virginia was sitting nearby, a bottle in hand sie'd created hirself. "Really? I've got Succubi spells, it lets me do all kinds of stuff. For exaple, I can make aphrodesiacs, or alcohol to assist in seductions. I can make it strong as you need." Sie turns to Danielle and says "Without hangovers? I don't think that's possible. I mean, hangovers come from dehydration. You'd have have it nanite enriched or something."

Spade skitters towards Danielle, holding her new moai statue with a smile. She looks them over and chitters, slightly appologetic, "So I'm sorry about yesterday. I know it was entirely your fault, but I shouldn't have been so upset when you whipped Tiya, even if it was completely your fault." she chitters. She appears to be half appologizing half talking, before she gives Danielle some very small clothes, a t-shirt and some shorts.

Kilsa smiles and look at Danielle, "My body barely allows me get more than tipsy and I can drink a literally boat full to try. I did learn that if I shrink to your size I can get drunk but the last time I did. I kinda did somethings that made me a few enemies and a few admirers." She blushed and looked at Virginia, "Hey big V, what do you do with your spare time? I've been thinking about adding more to our ranks and you seem interesting enough."

Danielle rolls her eyes, "Well I'll let you know that whatever you'd do to me I'd still love you for it." She flies up and hugs the adept before looking over at Spade with a smirk. "Yeah yeah, I know it was, don't rub it in. And besides, I've since appologized to Tiya and I plan on letting her fuck me again to solidify that appology." She grins at her new clothes, holding them up to her frame and nodding. "I love them!" She goes to change into the shirt, revealing her rounding belly, nodding and looking up to Virginia, "Hey, Mistress, just a word of warning. If you ever DO fuck Tiya, I hope you like pregnancy. She's fertile as all hell and cums like a... well... horse!" She gives her belly a little rub and a smile.

Spade smiles as she sees Danielle try on the clothes, looking for a place to sit down before flicking open her sewing kit. She begins producing threads and stretches out before looking for some needles. "One more shirt just in case... I'm sure your other pair of clothes would stand up by now." she chitters in half a laugh. She looks warily over to her sister as she proceeds to start a tiny shirt, giving her a look. "You're a handful when you're drunk, don't stick me with that. You behave yourself."

Virginia was vaguely disappointed that sie didn't get to use hir talents. Sie laughs a bit at what Danielle says. "Well, being pregnant isn't too bad, and it gives me a chance to make more succubi. Just being pregnant gives me warm fuzzy feelings, so...yeah. I'm good with it." Sie looks back to kilsa. "Well, my spare time is spent drinking and fucking. How do you mean "join your ranks"?"

The adepts look at the group and smiles. "Well when your not drinking and fucking, I want to do something to line our pockets and make some people very very happy." She grins and shifts to a human while yawning. "I'm a person that been looking for my place and I think I can find it by putting myself out there because just fucking and fighting doesn't enrich my life if I don't have a cause. So this is my cause." She points around the office.

Danielle smiles, resting her hands on her stomach, seemingly trying to hug it. "I know what you mean mistress, and not only is the pregnancy itself fun, but just knowing that the load you've taken into yourself is gonna knock you up... it just makes you wanna get another inside to make sure of it." She shudders, grinning slightly as her natural succubi lust takes hold of her again before she looks around, realizing there were others listening as well. She blushes deeply and apologizes.

Spade passively says "You've always had a place sister." as she continues to work out the tiny tiny shirt, carefully and slowly doing what she can. She gives Danielle a look and a smirk as she keeps her mouth shut, the fairy succubus combo clearly embarassed.

Virginia makes a face that expressed uncertainty "Well...I mean, sometimes I just get all kinds of depressed because...well, I'm not really doing much of anything. I can't say I like fighting. Just randomly killing the ferals seem pointless, take one down, ten more take its place. If you've got some stuff that'll actually make a difference to someone, sure, I'm game." Sie struggles to hold in hir excitement at what Danielle said. Sie forced hirself to remain composed, hir face neutral. "It's fine Danielle, nothing to apologize for." Sie let a smile slip out.

The adepts shakes hear head, "We aren't randomly killing ferals or anything. We are a group that freelances problems that RSX, Promethans or Zypher don't want to put a name too. We also work with private organizations and individuls." She shakes her head realizing that she might not the getting the succubus's insterest.

Danielle couldn't help but notice the hint of happiness her words got out of Virginia, and she stopped feeling so embarrassed about herself. She was a succubus now, such behavior was to be expected out of her, why repress it? She takes a deep breath, and listens to the adept's words. "To put it simply, we solve practical problems. We're certainly making a name for ourselves so far."

Spade smiles. "I've only been with my sister for a short while now but I can say they've accomplished some good deeds thus far, and will likely continue to rise in recognition for them." she chitters as she works.

Virginia thinks a bit, and glances to Danielle. "You know what? Sure. I'm not doing anything better with my time. And if working with you is good enough for my cupcake, it should be good enough for me. I guess I need to start some combat training though, I'm a little embarrased by how I handled myself in that fight."

The adept shake her head, "Combat training will be easy I'll have my mate train you. She is my equal in combat and has a cooler head for battle, I've fought her to a stand still even when I was in my full combat state." She finished her drink and sighed, "If you can't fight I want to know if you can handle yourself dealing with representatives of the big three sections. RSX, Zeppy and Prommies. We could use a friendly face that can keep their sex drive down."

Danielle looks up at the adept and her mistress, "I'm sure I could throw some training in myself. Sure I'm not the BEST in battle, but I've held my own so far." She smiles happily, wiggling a bit as she remembers the time she went through hotel oblivion with her boss. "Kilsa even said I was good... well... for my size. I'm sure she'd take me apart no problem."

Spade looks up from her sewing. "Anyone can be good at combat but that's not always an important skill to have, I do alright but I think being able to reason with people is just as useful." she chitters, looking to Kilsa. "Or being able to do both." she adds with a smile to her sister as she looks ini her sewing kit for some dyes. "What color do you want?" she directs to Danielle, pulling out a pink, a yellow, and a cyan.

Virginia nods to the offers of training. When it comes to the job offer however, sie looks uncertain. "I dunno...I mean, what would it need to do? I'm not exactly a diplomat over here." Sie looks to spade working while she talks, and when she holds up the colors, hir eyes light up and says "Go for pink!"

"Heh. Danny your good but the difference between you and me in combat is that you would fight for you life with precision and skill. I would fight for mine with cruelty, I developed my ten levels after things I had to do to survive." A wicked grin spreads over her lips before she looks at Virginia, "What are you good at? It has to be something since you've gotten a servant and have survived this long in this place."

Danielle eyes the three colors, particularly the pink. "Well... I'm rather fond of the color red... and pink is just a distilled red soo..." And with Virginia's pushing, she nods with a happy grin. "I'll take the pink!" When Kilsa speaks of precision and skill, she grins and brags slightly, "Do you expect less from a surgeon?" Though when she speaks of the 10 levels, her eyebrow arches. "... You had to boil someone's cum inside of them to survive? Man..." Sounded like some kinda Vietnam shit right there.

Spade looks to her sister and raises an eyebrow as well. "Did you really lhahe it that rough when I was..." she chitters and stops, not willing to mention her fault in front of new company. "Pink it is!" she says and, given the size of the article she stains the whole thing and sets it aside to dry. "Maybe I could embroider something on this one?" she quizzes to the two interested parties.

Virginia shakes hir head. "The only reason I've survived is I found a family to protect me. As for Danielle...it just sorta happened. I was doing succubi training with one of my mistresses, and apparently seduction and conversion was part of the training for the night." After Danielle talks of boiling cum, sie gives Kilsa a disturbed look and says "Right...well, anyway, I don't...really have any skills. I dropped out of high school, and spent the rest of my years til p-day bumming off people, doing shit-tier work, and doing hard drugs. I've got nothing." Sie puts hir hands up in a shrugging motion. "I guess I'm worthless?" After the offer for embroidering, sie looks to Danielle. "Any ideas?"

"I didn't just boil his cum, I sent the tentacle inside of cock while he was beating me and ignight all my pore causing is dick to explode like a mircowaved hot-dog, his balls to melt and his bladder to drop out." She doesn't look happy at all. "I've also killed a few diamond drake by using the same technique but with thier vulnerable eyes and brains. I don't want to die by some feral with a hard-on and no concept that I'm too small at the time. Also I'm terrified of some ferals desire to just hurt like the Banshee infectee's seem especially cruel." She look at Virginia and walks over to her look at her deep in the eye. "I like you so I'll say this once If your worthless give Danny to me otherwise take that back. I will not think that he would give himself over to someone that had no value." She says, "I don't judge your pre-p-day skills, I was a medic in the US Army but I've not done anything medical in so long I might as well just say I was farmer then and no one would know the difference." She chuckled.

Danielle cringes slightly at Kilsa's stories, though now that she'd mentioned it, she was able to summon tentacles as well. Woo fairy tricks, but she doubts she'd use it for anything like her boss had. She gets a wicked grin at this thought before shaking it off. "I can't blame you for thinking that way, you're not nearly as stretchy as me so that would be much more fatal..." She shuddered as she imagined a normal person ripping apart doing some of the things she's been forced to do... then looks down at her own crotch. ... How was she still so damn tight? She shrugs, thinking of something to put on her shirt. "Come back to me on that, lemme think it over a bit."

Spade looks to the two again and shrugs, shifting her form and then producing some thread from someplace, she moves to get the dye and some tiny needles. She tries to think of something fun to put on the shirt since Danielle and Virginia hadn't responded, a cruel grin crossing her face as she crosses her legs and thinks to herself. "I don't think you had it that bad, and they couldn't have... nevermind." she adds.

Virginia was disturbed at the tale of carnage Kilsa gave, but when sie learned it was a feral, sie was a bit more okay with it. Sie looked kilsa in the eyes, uncomfortable with the sudden closeness and her words. "Uhm...Well, I..." What was sie good for? Sie couldn't think of anything. Sie had no real abilities, Nothing to *really* offer to anyone but seduction, soul stealing, and hedonism. They had no use for that here. When sie was made to take a step back and look at hirself like this, sie really wasn't much better than a feral was sie? Looking sad and tired, sie stands and takes hir bottle. "Have her then." sie says in a melancholic tone, and heads for the exit to the clinic with tears starting to form in hir eyes. Sie was worthless to the civilized world. Might as well just go find Mistress Lucy and fully commit hirself to being a succubus recruiter. Sie'd lose Danielle, but sie could replace her. Sie tried to tell hirself that at least, that sie'd be able to find someone like her that sie could steal for hirself.

"No." Kilsa decides that she had enough of the weakness this succubus was displaying. In a flash her arm shift into a tentacle and she grips the female before pressing her against the opposing wall. " Several diamond coated tentacle hover over the succubus, "Do not fuck with me, Succubus. If you give of Danielle that easily you are telling me the doctor is trash to be discarded and I don't accept that. You want worth and value you can find it here, not out there because you've apparently fuck up before and didn't learn. Want a second chance? Submit to me, not as a slave or pet or some kinky shit but as an employee." Kilsa body has become a diamond coated monstrosity in her rage.

Danielle's breathing gets quick, and her eyes start glowing just a bit at the sight of her mistress in danger. Though after a moment, she takes a few breaths and calms herself down. "Okay... okay..." She turns back to Spade with a wonderful idea, "I got it! I want you to put 'Please fuck me!' on the front of the shirt... and do you think you could make me some panties too? As sexy as going commando is, I thought of something even better."

Spade smirks and nods to Danielle, doing some work while she watches her sister deal with the self doubting succubus? What an odd combination. "Be careful not to frighten them, shes not working for you yet and I don't want anyone getting hurt." she says rather passively.

Virginia was surprised as sie was suddenly spun around and pushed into a wall, made to listen to Kilsa's speech and watch as she warped into a horrid beast. Sie tried to ignore the visuals and reflected on what she said. Damn it all, she was right, sie was doing it again. Sie was just leading hirself into pits of despair and depression, blaming hirself over things and cowing at the first sign of difficulty or resistance. Sie wasn't going to learn to be strong, make hirself better, and learn to forgive hirself for things like this. Sie'd only make more mistakes for hir to dwell on and hate hirself for. With a bit of effort while looking into the face of madness, Sie made a determined face with hir eyes glowing red and says "Alright then. I can't really do anything right now, but...give me things to do, whatever the hell. I'll try them, and we'll figure out what I'm good at and go from there." If sie'd just stopped obsessing about the negatives before, sie would have come to this conclusion in the first place.

"Alright. We will start you off simple, Virginia. I want you to sign this papers and we can get you set up with a job. Right now you will be an assistant to all of us. I won't have you doing anything degrading but I know what you are so as rule you will NOT fuck anyone inside this place. Take that back home. You will not use any of the charm on any of us or our customers and you will be respectful to everyone here. Also Danielle outranks you until you show good progres." She smiles and reaches into her shredded clothing pilling out a pen and a folding contract. "Sign and change your life."

Danielle pans her arms out into the air as if painting a picture or something. "And on those panties, I want you to write a simple message on the front and back! First of all, there should be two arrows, one on the front pointing to my pussy, and the other on the back pointing to my asshole. And above these arrows, I want 'Cock goes here!'. She grinned at her ideas, looking towards her mistress for reassurance, only to see Kilsa offering her a contract. She beams, and flies over. "Doitdoitdoitdoitdoitdoitdoit!"

Spade smirks and finishes embroidering the semi-dry shirt, flitting over to Danielle and feeling them up slightly, taking in the curves and shape before nodding. "You're certainly hyper and excited about being labeled a toy. You'd think you would have reacted better to that incident if you did." she says with a cruel grin, knowing what she'll do, before moving back to her work, looking back to see if the paper is signed.

Virginia suddenly looked doubtful from hir resolve. Sie coudln't fuck anyone here, or customers? A succubus had needs. Needs that were...quite insistant. Forcefully so. "Uh...There's a bit of a problem. If I get really horny, and I will, I gotta fuck. Like...there isn't an option. I stop thinking straight. If that happens, I'm probably gonna either forget about that rule, or find some way to convince myself it's okay." Sie looks to the contract. "I wanna change my life, seriously. We're gonna have to find some way to deal with this." Sie takes the pen and starts signing the contracts. Sie wasn't going to back down from one issue with things. They'd work *something* out, sie was sure. Sie'd later be elated at the panties, but right now was business.

A wide grin stretched the adepts face as she smiles, "You want to fuck or feed, I have a slave named Tiya that you will get to know. Use her and take her outside the building when you do. If you attack anyone in your lust we will have a problem." She looks at the succubus, "I'm understanding but I will not tolerate wrecklessness, I have needs too and have the blood of a talakai it very very hard to fill my needs but I manage and so will you. Even if I have to borderline starve you to do so." She smiles looking over the contract and nodding, "I'll have the 10,000 cred sign up transfered to your account. Welcome aboard and if you need to release tension I would like to note that cities population of skunk girls are easy prey just don't kill them.... I find their lives pitiful but worth preserving." She says before taking her contract and smiles. "Danielle! Keep you mistress in line and help her with her craving. If you do that I'll make sure to make it up to you."