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Outside of La Maison d'Etre Kilsa stands looking watching the area and making sure that no one else but the few gather. "So we are going to settle this?" She grinned and stretchs her arms out, "I'm curious to see how this will turn out." The large black talakai says while looking over the lioness and the Mare.

Spade begins to use her various skills to scale up the building, opting to watch from above. As she reaches the top she begins to settle down, peering at the others. At least if they get in trouble she'll be able to get away.

Aiushtha walks out of the Maison on all fours, and turns so she may face her opponite. She smiles as she grooms herself with her paw and tongue a moment. "Well, I guess I should get myself ready..." she says, then, leans back on her back, and jills at herself for a while, she moans as she does, always loving fights she gets into. She spreads her honeys all over herself in a protective coat, taking one of her massive breasts and suckling for a while. She smiles when she is all done, a drop of milk hanging from her muzzle and drips of her womanly fluids dropping from between her legs.

Tiya walks out before Aiushtha, snorting, tossing her head. The mare shifts awkardly as she watches Aiustha masturbate, the remains of her jeans twitching and swelling for a moment as her soft horsedick slides free, hanging on disply. The shemale watches Aiushtha carefully, dragging her hoof impatiently along the floor, grinding her teeth together, looking... very very scary for some reason. "Ready when mistress orders... You can just submit now..." the equine says.

A little humming energy sound signals the fairy Cupnoodle's arrival. "Got your message, why am I here again?" He asks, before looking around. The location, and the two ferals getting ready for battle seem to answer his question for him. A little smirk crosses his face as he crosses his arms, "Huh, I never knew there was a fight club here, always did like the book. Maybe I should sign up for some duels sometime."

The talakai smiles, "Well I guess I better fire the starting gun..." kilsa look up and spit a large flame ball into the air which explodes and smiles, "FIGHT!" She grinned then looks at cupnoodle, "Your here to use your medical skill if things get too far." She grabbed Cupnoodle and started to run a distance away noticing the feeling that Tiya was pooring off. "Oh and don't get to close to them it will mess with your mind." She says standing far enough away that the small rising fear vanishes.

Spade looks rather flustered up on the roof as she watches Aiushtha take care of herself. This looks to be quite a show, she needs to pay more attention she decides. Up on the roof she attempts to draw Kilsa's attention, but is rather startled, almost leaning over the edge when a fiery explosion takes place in front of her.

Aiushtha gets back up to all fours and... smiles, "Do we really need to fight, horse, or is there.. some other way we can settle our differences?" She roars out once more, but.. nothing intimidaging about this roar. And... some unusual scent starts to leave her. It is almost intoxicating and she herself is not uneffected. The scent of an Uber Fox is unmistakable to those who have smelled it before, and those without severe lust restance would find themselves above and beyond needy. The scent quickly begins to fill the area as Aushie's belly rumbles. "Cum now horse, surely there are other ways we can settle things." She says, suduction heavy in her voice, and the way she sits there swaying.

Tiya whickers, shaking her head to try and clear the images from her mind, snorting, taking another couple of steps towards Aiustha. She's unable to resist the lust, panting already as she get's closer to the centre. The equine knows what is needed for her to do, though... there's a way to do both. There must me. "S-submit, then. Show me your cunt... I'll fuck you," the mare orders, her penis leaving a drooling trail of pre along her leg, hooves sounding on the floor, eyes fixed on the lioness.

Sighing as the fear completely leaves his body, he curses himself for not bringing a snack. I mean what's the fun of public sports without snacks? ... Why is that smell familiar, he's smelled that before but... it's getting hot. Sudden realization snaps the fairy out of the lust trying to drag him in, and with a single "Nope!", he smashes his fist against a red button on his wrist, causing a gas mask to unfold onto his face. He breathes ANOTHER sigh of relief.

Kilsa looks up and notices she almost hit spade, "SORRY Sister." She yell at the spider before noticing the scent. Her body shift into full Talakai and before silverish and beautiful, "Tiya, Your mistress isn't very impressed with your performance. Are you trying to bore us? If I'm going to be bored now your going to be really entertained tonight." She threatens with a little edge as she feels a bit of lust stirring in her body. She begins to pets Cupnoodle's head affecionately trying to shake off the effects by mentally focusing on the battlefield.

Spade chitters "It's okay. I didn't fall..." as she gets faint wiffs of the uber foxes musk. Her legs adjust themselves multiple times as she tries to keep herself callm. How long has it been since she did anything? She can't remember but she wants to maintain control of it. Spade quickly begins to idle her hands and many legs by flipping her sewinig kit open, sitting clse enough to the edge that she won't fall but can see the going ons below.

Aiushtha shakes her head and smiles, "Oh no, horse, I'd love to help you with your... big problem there, but.. I'll be the one doing the fucking." She turns up the musk, nearing its full potental, "You just lay back there, and let little Aiu do all the work." She says voice dripping with lust as she walks along, swaying her hips and eyeing the horse's member. She smiles as she watches it drips and licks her lips.

Tiya snorts, whickering in far, taking another step. She needs to fuck now. She can't stop herself. But that doesn't mean she'll let the lioness have her way with her, her mistress is speaking to her, she wants to enjoy it. The equine yells suddenly, throwing herself towards the lioness, pre trailing behind her like the tail of a perverse comment, trying to force the female to the ground, to shove her shaft into her, to take her, to use her, to stop this lust that's tearing at her sanity.

Cupnoodle enjoys the affectionate petting, letting out a cute little 'Heeee'. Turning his attention to the fight at hand, if you can even call it a fight. Seems more like what would happen if the WWF hosted porno. "Come on, I wanna see BLOOD, not CUM!" The currently bloodthirsty fairy jeers at the pair fighting, "I already see enough of THAT in the LOBBY!"

Kilsa leans against the wall and grins, "FIGHT like your mean it!" Kilsa growls at this phromomene based combat and decides to add a little of her own into the mix, "I'm looking to see some good brawling out here. Lust doesn't do much against bullets you know." She teases while her hands continues to pet the fairy while fighting off her own lust.

Spade lets out a soft sigh as she continues to knit, watching the others. She puts down her sewing kit in frustration when Kilsa's musk gets into the fray as well, bringing back memories that she feels rather mixed emotions about. Her sigh turns into an angry scowl as those memories drift to Rashavak, and she only barely stops herself from throwing her precious moai statue to he ground. "You two should go at eachothers throats." she chitters in a waivering voice.

Aiushtha listens about and hears what everyone is wanting. She smiles as she is hit by the giant horse, taking the blow easily. As she does though, she flips over with the horse, trying to drive herself to the top with the Tiya's belly pointed upward. Along the way, she gives a feral matting bite to Tiya's shoulder, injecting more Uberfox poisons, and waits to see how the pair lands before making her next move, saying, "No, horse, I can feel your lust, feed from it! If you want satisfaction, I'll be the one giving it to you, not the other way around." And indeed, the more lust Tiya and those around her feel, the more she feeds, and the stronger she gets.

Tiya yells in rage at the pain on her shoulder, landing heavily on her back, the wound already starting to stitch itself closed as she regenerates. She feels the lust and the rage around her, trying to satisfy herself of both wants. She tries to grab at the lioness, trying to move her hips to stuff her shaft inside her even as her free hand aims itself at the other feral's jaw, trying to wound her, to stun her, to make her still for mating, the smash likely to hit at this range, hard enough to shatter bone, showing a scary amount of strength.

Thanks to his gas mask, Cupnoodle wasn't affected by the scent that Kilsa let off now, though through his behavior you'd never be able to tell. "Come ON! Give me a reason to be here!" Eyeing the blow aimed at Aiu's jaw, he grins a bit, disregarding Tiya's attempt at stuffing her as well. "Now THAT'S more like it!" He cheers, temporarily breaking from Kilsa's grasp to jump with glee.

The adepts eyes got wide at the attack. "Wow! THAT MORE LIKE IT TIYA FIGHT LIKE A CHAMP!" The adept shouts while sending out more of her own pheromones as her own body feels lust watching the two combatants go at it. She starts to rub the fairy lower on his back and even lower while watching the battle with great interest. "Spade! How are you enjoying the Combat?!" She yelled up at the spider.

Spade can be heard stamping her legs in aggrivation and doing her best to cheer Tiya on as she collects her things and comes off the roof, migrating towards the sources of the overwhelming urges. She chitters "Just great." as she approaches Kilsa and gives her a gentle nudge, whispering something to her.

Aiushtha listens to the cheers that Tiya is getting, but she knows who has already won this. As the horse member slides into her, her cunt clentches down hard and tight, trapping it in and squeezing life itself out of him. She moans out in triumph, even has her jaw is smashed into. The shield she'd giving herself of her own juices takes a good bit of the blast, but her jaw is indeed broken. This doesn't bother her in the slightest, as bone knit and the cuts seal quickly. She spits out some blood and a tooth, which starts going back as soon as the space is empty. Not wanting all her fighting style to go unseen and unappreciated, she leans back on the horse and smashes her breasts against the horses face, then getting to fucking the Tiya for all she is worth.

Tiya is too absorbed to listen to the cheers, whickering at the pain of her shaft being so tortured inside the female. The slap to her face with the breasts sending her head snapping to the side, the horse looking back up with a bleeding nose, neighing in rage, more, lesser punches landing against Aiushtha's belly and ribs, still painfully powerful. "Let me win, damn you," the horse yells, slamming her huge cock as much as she can inside Aiusha as she shouts, a look of fury on her face.

The fairy continues to cheer, letting out a litte shiver as Kilsa's fingers run passed his wings. "Easy there boss, those are erogenous zones on a fae." He murmurs, a little blush forming on his face which the gas mask does a fine job blocking. He turns back to face the fight, cringing a bit at the sight of Aiu's broken jaw, and quirking a brow at the sight of the fight-fucking. "... Well this is a new style... seems awfully cumbersome."

A slight nod to Spade from Kilsa is the only aknowledgement she gives to the whisper before she stops sending out her pheromenos to the combatants and her friends. "Sorry." She murmer before she begins to rubbing the wings more, "I didn't know that Doc, Sounds like a good reason to continue to me." A feral grin crosses face as she watches the carnage, "Never give up and show us what your both made of!"

Spade smiles and whispers something else to Kilsa, then looks over Cupnoodle and considers making more fairy clothing, she's done it before. With that thought in mind she turns to the fight, cheering for both of the combatants.

Aiushtha continues to bounce down hard onto Tiya, despite the pain she is now getting from her. The punches to her belly and chest cause her merwol at the pain, but doesn't deture her from continuing to pound down on the horse cock under her, "Let you win, oh, I'll give you something, the pleasure of seeding me, now just let me have it!" she calls out letting flow the milk from her breasts as her lustful scent continues to pump things up for the horse.

Tiya yells in pleasure and rage, her balls clenching between her legs. The equine was apparently only being held back by Kilsa's aura of anger, and she starts to orgasm strongly into Aiushtha, both hands gripping at the other feral, suddenly driving her head forward, trying to headbutt the lioness even as her seed flows into her, whinneying and panting, gallons of thick seed flowing into the female, draining the large testicles, her teeth gritted.

Cupnoodle shrugs at his boss' apology, "It's cooOOOoohh..." The fairy lets out a surprised moan before whining in embarrassment, "Heeeey... quit iiiit. It's hard to... focus on the fight... with you teasing me like this." He pants, his breathy voice can be easily heard from behind his mask. And if that mask were to be removed, one would see his tongue lolling out as he reluctantly enjoyed the pleasure radiating from his wings.

Kilsa stops teasing Cupnoodle and smiles, "This is far from what I expected from fighting? This is really not combat so much as its a really violent mating ritual." Shaking her head the adept leans against a building, "I even gave Tiya a bit of a handicap by accident to prevent the rest of us from succumbing to the lust in the air." The adept smells of lust but keeps her own composure in tact. "I need to make sure that the best ventilation is put into the complex I'm buying to avoid instant orgies ever time Aiushtha does anything." She comments.

Spade looks at the fairy once more as her mind considiers what to do for them. Her attention seems drawn from the fight as she does her best to distract herself from the musk ini he air, but she appears to be having a tough time of it.

Aiushtha after being filled to the brim by the horse she smiles at all the lustful pleasure she gets to feed on. The headbutt to her dazes her and cracks her skull, she shakes it off as best she can before leaning in quickly for another bite, inteded to rip the horse below's throat out, but stopping short of actually doing so. Satisfied the she has won, she slides up off Tiya's shaft, giving a lick and suckle to it after she is off. Lowering her musk, the nursing and shielding effects dying down, she staggers on all fours over toward Kilsa, "I could have tried removing her throat Kilsa, but that would be too far... So, what do you think?" she asks, not even looking back to Tiya as she goes, no longer suffering for the near endless hunger that is ther Uber Fox curse.

Tiya watches Aiushtha walk away, crying out in anger and shame of lose, even as her lust dies down, her bruised and soaking cock starting to retreat into her sheatha. The mare slowly gets to her feet, shaking her head to clear the stars that resulted from her headbutt, moving slowly towards her mistress, rubbing at her sore shoulder, the wound vanished now. "I'm sorry, mistress. I lost," the equine says, not meeting the nanite adept's gaze.

Cupnoodle pants a bit as he regains his composure, shaking his head and turning to Kilsa. "Geeez..." Is all he says, sticking his tongue out at her playfully. His eyes glance passed Spade, and he lets out a little eep before realizing who it was. God damn spiders scared him... wait, wasn't there something he was watching? ... The fight! He turns to face it quickly, whining loudly to see it was already completed by means of orgasm. He started to fly towards the ring intending to fight someone himself... but stopped as he realized everyone here would most likely take him apart.

The nanite speaks, "Removing her throat would have been wrong but fighting her fist to fist would have been a little more fair." Kilsa walks up to Tiya and slaps her in the face. "When did I say the match was over? Just because your dick is happy doesn't mean that I am, Show me something to make want to do more with you than abuse me. Show me that you want to be more than a boot licking horse." Kilsa growls and grabs both of the horse ear tightly, "Now fight until your can't fight or I will make you a gelding here and now." She releases the mares ears and gives her sound a kiss, "Now make me proud."

Aiushtha listens to Kilsa and her eyes go wide, "What!?" she'd won, she'd demonstarted her strenght over the horse. She turns to Tiya, getting ready to get started all over again, but her primary mode of fighting was expended. It would take too long to get Tiya overwhelmed with lust again, even if she started now. She tries anyway, Lustful Musk picking back up again as she staggers a bit to a stop. She bares her teeth and extends her claws. Rarely did she have need to use them, but this shifter seems to require it.

Tiya whickers and fights the urge for her to step backwards away from her scray mistress, she starts to nod her head in agreement before the adept grabs her ears. Then, something strange happens. The mare freezes in place, shivering, a sound like pure pleasure coming from the shemale, her shaft starting to emerge again. The girl pants as her ears are released, seeming to not notice the kiss or the threats. The equine turns her head towards Aiushtha, more of her shaft emerging but not nearly enough for the lioness to stand a chance. The horse suddenly rushes for the female, swinging her arm hard at her, trying to do the deed in one blow.

*So Kilsa still wants Tiya to fight, but Aiushtha's form of combat has already been expended... does this mean I'll have to fight? Well I've lived a goo- Oh hey, Aiu just got a bit scarier... seems she can fight after all.* The fairy was lost in thought, but finally agreed with himself to watch round two instead of throw himself to the ferals right now. Meanwhile, he'll just think of combat tactics that WON'T get him killed instantly, resting his head in his hand as he flew back to the adept.

Kilsa leans downs and licks Cupnoodle's wings before watching as Tiya tries to knock Aiushtha out with another blow. Kilsa eyes fill with a small measure of pride seeing her slave try to recover from the embaressment that she was just handed.

Spade watches Aiushtha and notes that she's not paticularly ready to fight, but Tiya seems to be. "You can do it." she chitters and smiles, the brawl continiuing in a less sexual fashion.

Aiushtha takes the hit hard, and is knocked back, twisting in the air to land on her feet as cats do, but she isn't fairing well. She lets lose a loud roar, rushing back toward Tiya, and swinging her clawed paw-hand across the horse. She staggers a while after the hit has landed, very unsteady and trying to keep the two Tiyas she sees insight. She roars again, hoping to scare Tiya off attacking, before, vision fading, she starts to slump over.

Tiya grins as her blow lands, taking a step back from Aiushtha, ready to take the blow in repair. The lioness scores a glancing blow along the horse's arm, bright blood springing out into the air, making her nicker in pain. Watching the female start to stumble, the mare decides to make certain, giving a powerful cook with her hoof against her opponent's rib, panting in pain and exertion, erect again, wobbling a little where she stands from exhaustion, her wounds nothing compared to those infliced on the feline.

"Oh geez... I think that one actually did some serious damage. Seems like I WILL need to beeEEK!" The fairy's external monologue was cut short, and turned into a squeak as the adept's tongue ran across his back again. Oh man, it was a BAD idea letting her know that his wings were his weak spo- Oh god Tiya is just being relentless, a look of half pleasure, half worry graced his face.

A satisfied grin passes the adept face, "This is what it means to fight. Sex is one thing but you may need to rely on more than your cock or pussy to get around. We may even step out of the bubble and I don't want you to have to deal with foes that you have no training for." She says while tracing her fingers along Daniels wings slowly and teasingly. "Tiya. Do not kill her that is an Order!"

Spade looks the fairy over closely, trying to get measurements in her head, occasionally forcefully feeling their width around the stomach as she half watches the fight, her mind far clearer. "Good luck Tiya."

Aiushtha isn't able to skitter or manuever enough to soften the hit. Though her hide under her fur is about as tough as stone, the hit to her side rolling her over. She looks up a moment, growling as things go dark. The musk from her subsides and her breathing slows. Her body starts working on the only thing it can, healing. The nanites start trying to repair the damage done as she lays there motionless except for her breathing.

Tiya steps over to Aiushtha, her hoof raising over the lioness's head before she pauses, turning her head to look at Kilsa and lowering her hoof, grinning. "Did I serve you well, mistress?" the broken mare says, her teeth a little bloody, the last of her wounds vanishes as she relaxes, her muscles untensing a little. "I'm sorry I came inside her, mistress," the equine says, stepping towards the adept, her head bowed.

The fairy whines, his thighs grinding against each other to try and snuff out the aching feeling in his crotch. God DAMN it was getting stuffy in that mask... he decides to take it off because really, Kilsa was doing the musk's job rather well on her own. With a quick button press the mask folds back into his currently bright red face, his tongue lolled out and drooling a bit. "Lemme go... I need to... help the lion." He pants weakly.

The nantie adept smiles and allows up Cupnoodle to work on Aiushtha, "Heal her up, she is in and she doesn't get the bonus but she in the group." She moved over the to the equine and cupped her face, "You disappointed me by giving up the match when you came, You are better than that and for that I won't allow you to rise in rank but for your valor fighting afterward. I will allow you one small pleasure with my body later but on my terms." She smiles and gives the shemale a hug. "You did your best even if I had to threaten you to get your mind focused. I'll just have to train you harder on controling that cock of yours and focusing on whatever task I give you."

Spade shakes her head at the bittersweet victory Tiya had won, and watches the fairy as they tend to Aiushtha, "That was an excellent finisher, if it had been a fair fight from the start." she chitters and looks to Kilsa with a judemental smile, knowing her friend had given them a disadvantage she's not commenting on "I think you'd have gotten what you wanted." She frowns as she looks over the shirt she'd recently given the feral, not at all happy about the blood on the sleeves or the dirt on the back. "You need to take better care of yourself."

Aiushtha eyes flutter a bit, but all she sees is dark, mumbling and growling, she tries to move her forelegs and get back up, but that only makes her bleed more and some of her bones give some very unhealthy noises. She slams back on her side, "I... can still... f..fight.." she says, "can't... d..disappoint.. mom or unc..." she mutters, "unc... Mira..." before losing consciousness again.

Tiya hugs Kilsa back softly, blushing at the odd display of affection from her mistress. "I promise I will be promoted next time, my mistress," the equine says. "I would have continued after cumming but I was afraid you would see it as bad to attack her from behind," she says, letting her mistress hold her, turning her eyes towards Spade, nodding. "I will try to, my lady. I am sorry for the damage to the gift you gave me."

Arriving at the motionless body of Aiushtha, looking her over with a shake of the head. "You're lucky... I can still work." He manages to slip in before she loses consciousness, walking up to the side of her neck and jabbing a device in. He cycles through his vision modes until he finds the medical HUD, nodding and climbing up onto his patient's muzzle before hopping down her throat. It takes a little time, but the lion's vitals eventually stabilize as her body is brought back to 100%.

Kilsa shakes her head and grumbles as she walks over to Aiushtha, "You did well, you would have beaten her with your musk but I wanted to see what she could do so I might have tipped things out of your favor." She sighed, "I'll make it up to you later." She grumbled a little more shotting her sister a defeated look. "I just tried to even the playing field juuuust a little." She finished at Cupnoodle does his work, "Thats just wrong...." She says watching him work as a doctor for once and not a therapist.

Spade shakes her head. "You wanted to see them fight eachother and you set her up for defeat, they... or even I, can't deny the power of a small wiff, if they're not iimmmune you were just making thing worse for their focus and needs, they weren't in as good of a control as they should have been, they might have released too soon due to your input." she prods. She then moves in and gives her sister a tight hug and whispers something to them.

Aiushtha groans as her breathing stablizes, and her body is put into even faster healing. She flutters her eyes open and starts to set up. Not fully relising what exactly just happened, and her nanites already working to repair her from the inside along with Cup, she decides to help aid things along herself, lifting a breast to her muzzle and drinking deeply from herself. As she does so, she stares evilly at Tiya, sniffing. She'd remember the horse's smell for years.. decades if she needed to, and... she'd have mom show her better ways to fight... she'd win... both rounds next time.

Tiya looks down at the doctor working, frowning to herself for a moment, not quite understanding. "Is... He okay, mistress?" the mare asks, getting down onto her knees beside Kilsa, her shoulder gently rubbing against her, staring back into Aiushtha, passively. She inhales the lioness's scent too before turning her head towards Kilsa, her ears flicking atop her head. "Mistress, am I allowed to dominate this feral?" the mare asks, her head on the side. "I'd enjoy having a pet."

With his work completed, Cup decides it's time to leave now that he feels Aiu sitting up. He starts his climb back up, only to get a face full of milk causing him to lose his grip. Lying there in her stomach as milk floods in, he grumbles in a slightly annoyed manner, beginning his ascent again before arriving back at Aiu's mouth, poking his head out. "Wait until I'm out next time." The milk dripping fairy comments, wiping his face of the stuff.

"Dominate? No... Aiushtha isn't lower than you. This was a battle more of skill than dominance, you've already seeded her but I will through you a bone. Tonight I will have a little special play for you." She pets the mare gently, "I will have to train you harder." Kilsa says finding a little respect in the mare, she walks over to Cupnoodle and opens her mouth alowing her tongue to quickly lick off most of the milk paying close attention to the wings. "Sister, I would like your help in properly training her to take the effects of venom and poisons." A evil flicker crosses her eyes as she walks back to Tiya and whispers in her ear.

Spade gives Kilsa a look and then smiles. "Alright, I can do that for you." she chitters and let some venom drip from her fangs. "Whenever you'd like." adds and grabs her stuff, ensuring everything is correctly packed and ready for transport.

Aiushtha gets up and walks over to lick Cup as well, for thanks in healing her, then sitting she licks her paw a bit and washes her face. "Dominate? Me? Humm...." she thinks this over a bit and smiles, licking her lips. She pads over to Kilsa and lifts herself up to her hindlegs, leaning on the adept for a bit more balance, whispering to her, then dropping back to all fours. She looks over to Spade and then Tiya. She tilts her head as she tries to think of something to say to them, but, just can't, instead talks to Cup, "Thank you.. I would have, like, healed myself, but, like, that was WAY faster."

Tiya snorts and tosses her mane, a grin on her face, her ears flicking happily at the petting and the promise of reward, the words about venoms going direct over her head, staring towards Aiushtha still, kneeling, her hooves digging into her big bottom, waiting for more orders, tail flicking lazily along the ground, her arms folded neatly in her lap. It seems she doesn't want to risk forfeitting her reward.

The fairy is saved from the lion's muzzle by Kilsa, and oh god her tongue is coming and... oh hey it's not touching his wings. This is actually kinda rela- Oh god damn it. Cup's squirming and writhing continues as he's helplessly teased again, refusing to cum for the adept, he had to have SOME dignity after all. He gives a little nod towards Aiushtha, adding a weak little grin and a thumbs up as well.

"Yes Aiushtha I think that would be fine." She nodded before moving over to Cup and leaning down to whisper in his ear. She smiles and gives his wings another kiss. "Now Tiya, Go back to to the Wet Bitch and clean yourself up." Kilsa passes the shemale her keys, "I'll be back to talk to you and give you a reward. Now please Thank Aiushtha for the match and say good bye to everyone." She chuckles, "I'm happy with you today and I'll show you how much." She gave an hard playful smack to Tiya's ass.

Spade stretches, looking back at the la maison and giving a smile and a wave to all present. "I'll be heading back to my put some... touches on something you asked for."

Aiushtha looks over to Cup and smiles, giving her another lick, this time making sure to do just as Kilsa does, wondering why the Fae was reacting so strongly as to be giving off enough lust to let her feed. And she feeds upon it, letting Cup disperse it if she so wished. Then, she looks back to Tiya and Spade, smiling, "You, horse, I'll, like, help you out too, and show you something... useful." Looking over to Kilsa she nods and licks the shifter, maybe being a part of all this wouldn't be so bad after all? Then, she starts to look in the distance, "Yeah.. Oh Hi Unc! What? Am I ok? Yea.. I'm fine! Oh, you want to see me? Ok, but I'm fine.. no.. don't tell Mom.. I'm on my way." And she waves to everyone as she runs off.

Tiya accepts the key greatfully, smiling to her mistress and standing up, watching her defeated opponent run off. The equine herself smiles to the party, bowing to them and starting to make her way to the wet bitch, a little spring in her step, a very happy horsey.

Cupnoodle's eyes widen a little bit at what Kilsa whispers to him, and with that lowering his guard, he was completely defenseless from the wing kiss and lick that Kilsa and Aiu gave him. With a heavy shiver and a sharp bite of his lip, he finally cums in his pants. ... Smells sugary, nothing like semen at all, probably a fairy thing. He waves goodbye to the lion and horse, panting a bit as he comes down from his bliss.

A small sniff comes from kilsa as she smells Cupnoodles new sugary scent, "Your pent up. I will have to medicate you myself some time." She grinned and look at Aiushtha, "Um. Aiushtha, you don't have to talk out..." She says as the lioness runs away before she can finish, "...loud." She looks over the battlefield before giving Cupnoodle another kiss. "You know, Doc. That offer is up anything the icth hits you." She sas before walking off, "I'm headed back home. I'll see you guys later, Be safe." She smiled before chasing after Tiya at a brisk pace.