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A signal disperse over a large area replays over and over, "Please if there is anyone out there we are at a camp hidden south of the zoo in an aparment complex. We need help, bring weapons." The voice sounds like a females that is breathing heavely. It doesn't take long before the message fizzle out with a whine, someone cut the signal but the location would be easy enough to find.

A grim situation by anyone's standards. Thor moves smoothly, swiftly over the rubble of the neighborhoods, gleaming green-silver headpiece chirping quietly. Computer linked, it works as GPS, radio link, communicator.... and with logins to old police tranismitters, a triangulator. "Repeat, help incomin'. Can ya hear me? Dangit..." Muttering a curse underbreath, the horse-man moves atop a low overlook, briefly surveying the zoo and its environs. Zoo. It had to be the zoo..... "...and what're we doin' *after* supper?" he grouses faintly, exhaling as he slips into the underbrush towards the apartment buildings. "Jus' hold out... dang."

Arimia listens to the signal and, having little better to do, decides to investigate it. She moves along toward the location it mentioned, going through her things as she does. Not much to go through though. She has her sword, her coat and the various bits in it. But she doesn't rely much on other equipment. She hopes it'll be sufficient, but if not... She'd just walk, or slither as the case may be, away. It's just a diversion for her, after all.

The location appears to be almost like any other hotel in a bad neighborhood, All the doors seem to have been barred up with locks on the outside. There are a few skunk girls fighting over a water bottle while a skunkbeast is resting against the wall. There doesn't seem to bet much in the way of threating enemies around. There is a room that has an slightly open door with the numbers, Its marked as room 224. It seems like the only way to make it to the room would be to distract the skunks or finding a way around them or maybe even through them.

Old stone scrabbling absently, Thor stares at the squabbling, the skunk people. Everyday life in the big city... His hand absently moves to one of the grenades at his bandolier, but moves away as evenly; fighting might be common, but explosions, less so. Then again...!  :slips one of the heavy oblongs from his belt, snapping the pin free with a deft gesture. The throw is quick, sure-- towards one of the wreckage sites, a heavy truck looking for all the world as though it had crushed the puny compact underwheel. The grenade arcs, over the skunkgirls and beneath the two old machines. "Time for fireworks," the zebraman murmurs, as he crouches behind the old benches, ready to move for the old apartment...

Arimia slithers over, noticing the zebra throwing a grenade. She watches it arc through the air, then gives a small shake of her head. She draws her sword, a thin, dual edged thing; a jian to those who know what they're looking at. She then starts to slither toward the skunks, looking them over to see if there's anything unusual or odd about them as she tries to decide if she should try and scare them away, or simply dispatch them. Though that may be rendered moot by an explosion.

The Grenade goes off and the fighting skunkgirls react just like a skunk would in a frighting situation and decide to spray in the directions of loudnoise. They immediately catch themselves on fire from the oil trails the sprays leaves. The Skunkbeast doesn't seem the least but upset that the skunkgirls are currently burning to death but as the explosion knock him down he is pissed. "Attack! ATTACK!!!" Armed latex foxes in camo come out of a few rooms while a large amazon infectee wielding a sniper rifle hops on top of the building and takes aim at Thor and Arimia. She yells out their location as the armed Foxes charge them armed with various weapons.

Thor saves his curses for when he doesn't need breath for other things-- like meeting the camoed Latex Foxes' charge with his own! "Hammer high amigos!" he roars, electricity spilling from the suddenly blue-tinged stripes like a dynamo. And to get away the view of that sniper up top. Brrrr!

Thor whinnies, "ooc :did, once. Flex, Weaponmasters!"

Arimia watches as enemies show up from all around and lets out a soft sigh. She grips her jian tightly as the air about her starts to crackle with electricity and shimmer with heat. Despite the numbers she doesn't seem too concerned. Though some of the snakes atop her head do, as they move to try and duck behind her ears, or each other, to try and hide.

There is nothing but carnage around the two, These folks didn't know who they were messing with, The Skunkbeast is down with dealing many cuts on his body while all the foxes are in some state of deflation. The only still concious and alive is the amazon is on the ground growling while the source of her survival is clear. Her face is very wood like and would look more at home on a treant as she tries to drag herself away from the pair. using her one good arm to do so as the other is nothing more than a mangled horror with exposed bones. The exiting foxes have left door 111, 110 and 109 all open to explore.

A savage battle, and brutally one-sided-- Thor lets the last Latex fox fall senseless from his hand, releasing the collar of its uniform as he drops his fist. "Former military," he says grimly. "Damn all... this isn't good." Giving the remainder a quick glance, he nods towards Arimia, eyeing appraisingly before turning his eyes back to the buildings. "Do a quick search while I try ta home in on the transmitter again? Maybe they heard the 'splosion.... Maybe."

Arimia slithers over to the wounded amazon. She starts to move over the fallen foe, then starting to wrap around her, around and around until the woman is caught in the lamia's length, the entire length of her body like a furnace around the woman. She reaches up with one hand to grab the Amazon's chin, turning her head to face hers and says, "I dislike being attacked." A few of the snakes on her head snap at the air in front of the amazon while the lamia stares at her. After a few minutes of being subjected to the crushing tail, heated hide, and electric field of the lamia she uncoils and lets the woman go, apparently just as unconcerned if she failed to kill her. She takes a moment to examine her jian, before starting for room 109, planning to search them in order.

The Amazon cries out in pain and struggles weakly in the grip, "You attacked first..." As she is out of the grip she is on the ground smoking and in pain. Its doesn't take much longer before she passes out again. Inside of room 109 is what looks to be a room that was repurposed into a large kitchen, there is mostly raw meat handing up cut into various sections. Jerky strips are on the the counter and a few soda cans are in a minifridge on the side. In large coffee can that has many folded up sticky notes with various methods of cooking writting on them from grilling, to baking, to lemon pepper, to shiskebab.

As the Lamia searches, Thor tries to reconnect with the signal. " luck," he says after a few minutes, tapping the side of his commlink. "It must've been a one-off thing... or reckon they can't retransmit now." Shaking his head, he does a quick recount on his remaining grenades, turning to lookout while Arimia continues her search.

Arimia scoops up some of the jerky strips and slithers out of the room, chewing on one. She makes her way toward the next room, 110, and moves to search it as well. As she passes on her way from one room to the next she says, "Some food in 109 if you need some."

Room 110 there is a large female rabbit with chains on her legs she looks heavely pregnant. She looks up at Arimia and smiles, "Milk?" She asked while using her ample breasts to fill one of the many empty glasses around her and places on a shelf. Looking around the room, there is empty milk glasses everywhere, on the floor on the shelfs on the stove. Also there is a cot near the rabbit with a pillows on it. The Rabbit looks at Arimia and notices how much she looks like a serpent, the rabbit drops to her knees in fear but tries to keep smiling as she wet herself in sheer fear. "M-M-Milk?" She asks desperately.

Thor chuckles, shaking his head as he grins wryly. "Nah. Ate a bit before I got the call. Thanks though." He hums absently, eyes scanning the area... At least, until sharp ears prick to the sound from Room 110, and a stiffened step leads Thor to the doorway. One glance is enough to bring his eyes back to the rabbit girl with a sharp, silent hiss. "...maybe I should handle this one," he says carefully, a faint crinkle of static at his fingertips. "Mercies preserve us."

Arimia looks at the woman, and watches impassively. She moves over, probably closer than the poor rabbit would like, and says, "No thank you." She then reaches down to grab the chains and tears violently at them, pulling the metal apart, hopefully without injury to the woman, though in her mind a broken ankle would be better than being chained up anyway. She then turns and starts to slither out, saying to Thor as she passes, "All yours."

The rabbit looks scared as Arimia get closers but calms down when her chains are removed, "Free?" She walks over to the door and peeks around before looking at thor and blushing, "Free! Free! Free!" Her body shakes in excitment. She reaches over and hugs Thor but keeps the hugs a little longer than comfortable as she lightly grinds against him and then lets go before stalking behind Arimia nervously. "Free?" She is trembling but earnestly wants to hug the snake woman.

"Show off," Thor murmurs quietly, shaking his head as Arimia moves past. The horseman nods as the hug comes, a brief "Ooof!" as he returns the gesture. "Yep, free," he says, giving the rabbitgirl a brief brush across the brow. "But I need help," he says genly, kneeling down with an earnest expression. "I'm lookin' for other people in the building. Mebbe chained up, like that." He gestures to the broken chains, glancing back evenly. "I think they were near a radio, but I can't seem to find 'em now. Do you know where they might be?"

Arimia glances back, noticing the woman looking at her, and says simply, "Don't touch me. It is bad for your health." She then turns back and continues out of the room, ignoring the question about being free. And the woman in general now. She'd passed the problem off to Thor, after all. She moves to examine room 111, last of the 100s that was opened. She'll move up to look at 224 after, she figures.

The woman barely understands the words but gets that she shouldn't annoy the snake and turns back to Thor and listens to his words as best she can. "Bad place." She points beneath the ground before turning and walking off she steps over to the Amazon and lets out a feral shriek before stopping the female in the chest and running off. Room 111 is covered in blood stains, there is a dead and hung dolphin feral that is currently being gutted by a skunk girl with a butchers apron. She has a few scares and a strange set of black wings growing from her shoulder blade. Assiting her is a small fennec male with that is currently eating some freshly made jerky that he is using a dead bunny girl to make. "This is good stuff Tiffany. I think we should make it a little less salty. This time." Both of them are carrying knives and wearing chef aprons with large white hats.

Thor lets the young woman go, turning away after the retaliation against the Amazon. "I think we need to move," he says, stretching upright. He moves towards the lamia's searching at the next room, brought to an abrupt, startled stop. Butchery!

Arimia pauses and looks around the bloodstained room. The revelation of what she's eating doesn't seem to bother her as she takes another bite of jerky. "It's a bit chewy." She says, before drawing her jian again. She tosses the remaining jerky she has onto the ground. She looks over as Thor enters and says, "We have more searching to do. And we should probably dispatch these two so they can't get a warning off. More of a warning than that explosion, anyway."

Neither of the pair spot the two and continue talking, "You know I wasn't on the badwagon of eating ferals but I kinda don't mind the rabbits. I love when they are all hot and bothered, chained up and just begging for me to do anything as I lower my head to that pussy begins to eat them out. The screams are worth it. I also liek the taste of pink mean over a slice of ass." The Corgi says before the skunk smacks him, "Thats disgusting on so many levels, I don't like this fucking job but it beats staving being the one getting eaten. I never throught being a butcher would save my freaking life." The Skunk begins slicing the dolphin into small squares, "I guess I'll be making dolphin sushi since that was what Greg pulled from the can last night..." The Idle banter continues.

The horseman nods grimly, long ears slanting back as he steps forward. Reaching to his back, he draws a large blade from its sheath-- an axe, glittering faintly in the light. "I can think o' a pair of prepareers who've just been fired," he rumbles warningly, eyes dark. "First things-- drop the knives. Second-- tell me whol else is in the building, or I start some cutin' of my own. Talk."

Arimia lets Thor take the forefront, moving to slither around the room slowly, looking to get around behind them without drawing too much attention to herself. Though it is unlikely that she goes unnoticed.

The Skunk movies like lightening and grabs the fennec placing him between her and Thor. "I will drop my weapon and his but I don't want to be killed." She says while walking back towards a window. "There is somewhere around fifty people, most of them are fox boys, one skunkbeast and a amazon from down below. I'm only a butcher but I know in room 224 there is a trap door leading down into were the real bosses are, I was hired by Majeco, An amazon infectee."

Thor grins cheerfully, hefting his axe with care. "Then drop 'em," he says, glancing back at the ruined dolphin. "And start runnin'. Afore I change my mind, or my ladyfriend here gets hungrier than she looks." Fingers tightening across the haft, he begins to move forward menacingly. "OR I get antsy.."

Arimia continues to circle around noticing the movement toward the window. "You're leaving out the door. Where we can watch where you're running. Not out the window."

"Ok Ok." She drops the fennec and starts to collect her bag, "I won't bother you again... " She step outside and gasp at all the bodys as the amazon starts to stand at this point. The fennce male on the other hand looks at a half burnt skunk girl and smiles, "A little crispy isn't too bad of a fuck." He drags the barely alive skunkgirl with him as the chef skunk decide to walk in the opposite directions.

Thor champs his teeth down, eyes narrowing as the fennec flees. "Remind me to do some huntin' afterwards," he growls, snorting as he glances back at the abbatoir. Shuddering, he steps back form the rom, fanning his nose. "N' ta burn this place to the ground. Let's find the rest of these bastards a'fore they get any other pleasant ideas."

Arimia starts to look around the room, for anything of interest. "why not do it now? Either they heard the explosion and have warning and thus time to prepare, or they didn't, and we will still catch them by surprise." She finishes looking around the room and slithers out, eyes falling on the standing amazon. She starts to move over and says in a conversational tone, "You would have been better served staying down."

The amazon raises her hand in a stop gesture, "I surrender....Friends dead...." She raise her hands, "Don't want to die." She says weakly, "Please?" She looks at at Thor and Arimia, she has a dirty foot print going across her chest from the rabbit. Her weapon is broken but her body seem to be recovering fast as wounds start to slowly close up and heal.

Thor glances to Arimia, long ears quivering. "This one's yours," he replies. "Let 'er go or squeeze her inta paste, I'm not much of a forgivin' mood right now. Not anymore." He casts the Amazon a scathing look, then turns, heading back into the worn structure. "Meet'cha upstairs, regardless," he continues, voice low as he steadies the axe in his hand. "Burnin' the place down after will be cathartic as all hell."

Arimia stares at the amazon. After a couple moments she sheathes her blade and says, "Lie down on the ground. Stay lying down on the ground until we emerge from where we are going. If you don't, I will hunt you down." She turns away then and starts slithering up toward room 224.

The Amazon complies and nods. "Ok..." As the party makes it up to room 224 something is very strange that there is a stair way that leads down into the a basement. The first room in this strange basement seems to be a checkin desk. There is a bunch of clothing to one pile and a few piles of shed fur and skin to the other forms even a hollowed out exocskeleton of a giant spider feral." The door to the next room is locked.

"She'll probably run the moment we're out of sight..." SHaking his head, Thor moves into the "check-in" area, awiting Arimia's arrival. The time is spent watching the locked dor, listening for any sounds from within... Long ears slanting back as no sound seems to emerge. "Door's secured," he says when she arrives, nodding as he glances back to her. "Want to pick the lock?" he asks, turning back as she arrives. "Or just give it a good old-fashioned kickin'-down?"

"Then I will find her," the lamia says. She moves to the desk and starts to look through it, saying in response to the question, "I can try, but would likely not be very good at it. Simply kicking it down would more than likely be more effective. Unless I can find a key in this desk."

Inside the dresser is a map of fairhaven with circles listing collections points and what kinda of meat can be gained. A large circle is over the barn with the word veal written on it and a key to the next room along with a folder fill with pictures of viable food creatures. The list pretty much has every local creature listed except humans and goo's. There is a note that reads, 'Yo Frankie you were right if you get the young after she just gives birth they do taste EXACTLY like veal. Love like a brother Phil.'

The map is all it takes. "A whole ring of 'em," Thor murmurs, rumbling quietly. He glances up at the locked passage, crinking his neck from one side to the other before reaching up to straighten his hat. "Then I'd normally offer ladies first..." He glances at her with a grin, tail flashing briskly. "But seein' as you're a might missin' in the leg department..." HE trails off with a shift as he turns towards the door; drawing a breath, a heave, rearing back as his leg lifts up--- he smashes it forward, dark hoof sharp as fury as he levels it against the door in an explosion of splinters!

Arimia looks at the map, and murmurs thoughtfully, "It's been a while since I've had veal." Her gaze is lifted at Thor's words and she watches as he kicks the door, and only once he's finished kicking she holds up her hand with the key in it and says, "Key."

The door is easily broken as the next room is a large cowgirl with black fur. She is weeping in while in chains. Her belly is very large as around the room are the corpse of what is more likely her children, hung like common food around the room. There is a large male giggling, "Ah you've been having so many kids lately you little whore, I've guess my children have been keep you busy in my absence. The speaking creature is a half spide half wolf monster. The creature is nude but the lower half is a spider and the voice is horrid as she turn to the kicked in door. "Intruders! Phil, get in here, we got company!" Dozens of creature poor into the room with random wolf, spider and cow features.

The large spider creature falls over in pain with a pitiful groan. It look up to see the cow in chains it doesn't have enough time to move before the cow stomps his face and spatter it all over the floor while screaming in rage. The cow contines to stomp until there is only blood and her hooves metting the concrete floor. She stand there and look to the pair before holding out her chains. "You got my message... Thank God. The guy that captured me is in that room.. Please help. I'm not feral, I was a human and I work for Zephyr."

Thor nods, breathing heavily as hne moves to untangle the chains. "Got here as soon as we could," he pants, hat shifting back as he wrestles with the irons. "Get to whatever safety ya can. I reckon this next gent shouldn't be more than a side show, now..." HE winces as his fingers slide over the slick metal. "...ell, not ta jinx it at least."

Arimia essentially ignores the woman in chains as she looks around the room, making sure there are no further threats in it. She then turns her attention to her jian and starts to move toward the door indicated by the cow. "I would suggest you get going. Or stick around if you wish to aid us in this." She then reaches out to try and open the door.

"I'm not strong enough I'll head back to Zypher. I couldn't bet him the first time I doubt I can now." She stands up and starts to walks out the way the group came as Arimia opens the door. On the other side is a simple looking man with a jogging suit and a wide smile, "I guess you found me. I didn't expect this place to work out so close to New dawn but it was fun while it lasted. You look like a heroric sorts so I'm going to give you a sporting chance. Walk away and lets call it even, Stay and risk your lives against a true survivor of this hellish world." Phil's body shimmers as her turns into a large growling wolf monster and awaits the pairs response. His muscles buldgeing out at his every breath.

Arimia impassively watches the being on the other side of the door and tightens her grip on her jian. She shifts about slightly and says, "I'm sorry. I don't walk. Something of an impossibility without legs. So I suppose I must turn down your offer." She doesn't even wait to hear a response as she lunges toward Phil.

Phil staggers backwards and gives a weak groan, "The fuck are you? I'm a damn nanite adept. I can't have lost with this power. Shit..." He tries to stand up but his knees give out. "I threw every damn thing I had at you both. Why...." He hits the ground and is breathing softly but damaged severely.

Arimia moves toward the fallen Phil and doesn't hesitate to drive her jian toward one of his eyes. If it lands and drives into his skull she lets it sit there a moment as she pulls her hand away to straighten out her trenchcoat. She then grabs her sword and pulls it back before saying, "Obviously because it wasn't enough." She looks around, trying to find some cloth to clean her jian with.

It isn't long before the the groups steps back out. As predicted the Amazon is indeed gone but it seems like something else got to her if the cum stains all over her location is any indicator. The is a few dozen skunks around taking out whatever survivors they can as the chef skunk from eariler is with them in chains. "She told us everything... She tried to come to the library for safe haven but ended up confessing when questioned. We will handle the care of the victims. Thank you again." The winged skunk is put back into a jeep as many of the victims are loaded up and taken to the library. A successful mission.