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The night is quiet around the library as Monique makes her round with a weapon in hand partroling the inner walls of the complex before she enters a ruined room with the door opened and stuff tossed around like a whirlwind. "EVERYONE ARM UP!!! WE HAVE BEEN ATTACKED!!!!" Message go out on many fequency asking for help from anyone willing to assist the skunks of the library. Monique is currently in the lobby questioning different skunks and waiting for aid.

Alkain was partying nearby when he heard the call, "Damnit... Why do I have to be so nice?" he mutters before looking at the door to the library and wanders in, "So, what's the problem exactly?" he looks curious

Eri poked her head in through a window wondering just what it was she was hearing and curious enough to perhaps wander her way to a door to get in. However she didn't have any idea what was going on at all.

Ears perk and a head swivels as the cry goes out in the library lobby, the wave of noise spilling into the surrounding streets. When a call like that goes out, its difficult not to be curious, worried even, and as Maxwell holsters weapons, he's already running toward the source: The Fairhaven Public Library. Or at least, that was its old name, assumedly. Most people just knew it as the library where the skunks mostly live now, not that it mattered much. Still, the skunk girls kept a rather tight, secure place... What could have happened?

Another wonderful and quiet spring night. Or at least, as wonderful as it gets in such a city. On his usual walks along the sidewalk is a contemplating silver lion dressed in semi-formal attire, staring at the stars above him. A message comes blasting through his communication unit that transforms his leisurely pace into that of a sprint until he eventually finds himself at the library with the rest of the group. "Hello," Dio says with a bow as he approaches the most seemingly most important and leading skunk in the group, "Are you the one who sent the signal? My name is Dio. What is the trouble?"

The lead skunk in the room, Monique approach Alkain and nods quickly. "We had someone take two of our members, Doctors, we don't have many clues but if you want to look at the room and see if you can get any clues I'll show you." Doesn't take long before she walks everyone to a room and there is books and tools everywhere, "I am the one who sent the signal and I am the one who would like her people back. We are missing Dr. Stross and her assistant Regina Stross."

Eri slowly turned a doorknob and simply let the door creak it's way open as the nude margay set her first massive fuzzy paw into the building and looked around, quietly. Remaining out the way and to herself to figure out where she was and what was going on.

Alkain nods to Monique and hmms, "I see, that sucks... Do you have any idea why they'd be taken?" he looks around the room and tilts his head, "Hmm, doesn't look like a struggle... What's that?" he points to some black goo around the windowsil

It doesn't take long for the raccoon to arrive, but his arrival appears to have lagged behind nonetherless, as when Maxwell approaches the main doors, the one organizing things didn't appear to be around. "What's going on? Who's in charge?", he asks, seemingly directed at one of the girls scrambling about trying to set things up. A quick glance certainly seems to reveal no small amount of panic, but that much was clear from the piercing signal that had drawn him here in the first place.

"Very well, ma'am. Let's take a look at this room" Dio follows the skunk and the others until he eventually ends up in the room in question. "Hmmm..." he murmurs as he puts a paw to his chin while analyzing the immediate surroundings. Dio nods to Alkain and adds onto his observation. "Indeed, I believe this oil or goo is typically found on those of the liquid pantheres mutation. Also, I see some skunk hairs on the floor." Dio looks towards the new racoons arrival and gives him a friendly wave. "So, does the theory of liquid panthresses kidnapping your people bring any ideas to mind, ma'am? Perhaps they were researching something they would want?"

The group is lead bat to Maxwell who is getting put up them to speed, A small Chibi skunk chuckles loudly. "Hey I'm Matilda, I'm be going with you just to make sure if things get hectic." She giggles and pulls out a set of tonfa's. "I'm a monster at ring." Behind her Monique shakes her head, "And I'm the best at sneaking into places." Monique still shakes her head as the small skunk joins the group.

Alkain looks at Dio and waves with a nod, "That's interesting. Wonder why they took them?" he looks to the others as he is taken to them and hmms, "Hey." he looks at the chibi skunk and blinks, "I can believe it..." he hmms as he looks at Monique, "Are there any Liquid Pantheress lairs around?"

Eri simply sits near the door she came in and watches the ongoings quietly.

As he converses with the skunks, Maxwell catches another group coming from one of the rooms, lead by another skunk, although this once appeared more like a higher up than anything else. "Alright, thank you for your help.", he bids to the girl catching him up, before offering a small wave and a departure. As he steps over, he notices the set preparing to leave already... Talking about how some 'liquid tigers' must have done it. It felt as though they were setting up a small warband, even... "Excuse me a minute, but before you all head out, could I take a look around myself?", comes the raccoon's voice, a paw gesturing to the doors they had just left.

Dio once more follows behind the skunk and Alkain until they end up back into the lobby, giving both him and Maxwell a friendly wave. Looking down at the tiny and cute skunk, the lion lets out a chuckle and grows a smile despite the current situation. "Lovely to meet you, ma'am. My name's Dio. I look forward to working with you. As Mr..." Dio looks at Alkain and cocks his head. "I believe we haven't met before sir. But anyways, as he said, do you know anything about liquid panthreses and why they'd be troubling your group?" The lion nods to Maxwell and says, "Sure, please tell us if you find anything."

The group is looked at by Monique and she growls loudly, "THAT BITCH!!!" She thinks for a second, "Yeah we had a liquid pantheress here not to long ago looking for a doctor that wanted to take her off the place. We didn't like her vibe and we told her that if she needed help to go to Zypher, I think she is a feral with a little more brains, I think she hangs out outside of La maision or near that place." She mention usering them out.

Alkain blinks at Dio and ohs, "It's Alkain, nice to meet you." he chuckles before he blinks at Monique at her loud statement, ears twitching from it as he nods, "Alright... Lets look there then?" he looks to the others curiously as they are ushered out

Eri remains a distance away but simply follows long behind Alkain and Dio. Though in plain sight she does try to not draw any attention and stays silent.

Even as he starts to step toward the door, a growling roar stops him dead, his gaze whipping about to the voice's owner. As she seems to enter a hurry, trying to usher people out on what seemed more and more fuelled by anger, he made sure to take a step back. "I'll catch up... See you at the Maison, I think." His words said, he turns toward the door, catching a feline out of the corner of his eye. As he observes her, he gives a small bow, before stepping into the room that the group had departed from just before. He didn't like how readily the skunk blamed everything on this panther like this... Although understandable, he couldn't help but wonder as he began a small search of his own...

"Alkain is it? Quite an interesting name. If you didn't hear me before, I'm Dio." Being previously occupied with casual chatter, his attention is suddenly caught by a loud shouting skunk. The lion had a few more questions to ask, but it would seem he'd been rushed out of the building in a hurry. He'll just learn things as he goes along. "Well then..." Dio murmurs as he straightens out his suit. "I suppose we'll be off to the Maison then?"

It doesn't take long before the group reaches the La Maison, there is a pool of black ooze in the front of the hotel and the sounds of growling coming from the inside. The pools doens't look very safe as they bubble with with strange fluid. Standing on the other side in the door way is powerful looking Pather-creature dipping with the same black fluid. "The Masion is closed..." It rumbles.

Alkain chuckles at Dio and shrugs at the comment about his name, "Yeah it was a screen name I used..." he nods as he follows the others to the Masion, since he doesn't really know the way himself. He blinks at the 'fluid' and shakes his head before looking at the panther, "Any chance we could get you to open it?" he asks hopefully, but doesn't really expect it to happen

Eri stops where she stood the moment the panther spoke and she simply stood where she was, a good distance away from Alkain and Dio, quietly.

Maxwell pulls a laptop from his pack, setting it down on the desk. With a button pressed, the device slowly comes to life, the raccoon leaving it to examine the room as it booted. The window quickly came to his attention, swung ajar, and as he opens it more fully, the splatters down the wall were plain to see. Well, at least the point of entry was obvious. It was right before he was about to examine the window itself more closely that the computer emitted a rather loud, piercing sound, causing him to sheel about, rushing back to the screen. He knew that particular sound, and it only meant one thing... His, no, their home was in danger. But why hadn't any of the guard contacted him? Perhaps they were in combat right this moment... Folding up the laptop, he quickly tucks it back into his bag, before hauling it over his shoulders again, rushing out of the room, out of the library itself and onto the streets. Almost sprinting, the raccoon was on his way toward the Maison... Confusion and panic clouding his mind.

Approaching the Maison, the rather large quantities of black goo is the first thing that manages to catch Dio's attention. Taking a closer look at the bubbling, it would seem like there's something under there, but the lion decided that he probably wouldn't be able to get very far with that for the time being. Dio lets out a short cough and seems to take on a strange expression. A large and cocky grin grows on his muzzle, yet stern eyes contrast the picture. "Yo," he says in a much stranger sounding voice and approaching the guard, "I believe the Maison is open for those with business, and we got business with the doctors Stross. We were given an order to report here after the job. Guarding and..." Dio stops as his grin grows larger, "Interrogation methods if needed."

The guard look at dio and nods, "I guess you could go if you wouldn't mind me chatting up your beautiful friend right there." She points to the Margay, "Would you mind a little time with a Pathress. I promise to be..... Nice." she smiles and looks pointedly at Eri. "Just a little time, I've always admired the form." She says with a blush as the puddle rumbles and a few more pathress pop out of the gops and move away. "Everyone but the Margay can go, The room are off limits to us and you but the party is in the black room."

Alkain manages not to blink at Dio in confusion and looks at him instead, "Uh, yeah..." he hmms? at the request and looks at the Margaytaur, "Well, you up for it?" he tilts his head curiously

Eri blinks once or twice peering between Alkain and this patheress. Though she simply lays her rear legs on their side and her upper legs lay upon the ground in a fashion that was not unlike a golden lion or a dog laying down. Though she simply sits their allowing Alkain and Dio to go on without her. And a cautious gaze befalls the panther.

As Maxwell walks down what remains of the paved driveway, his muzzle curls into a snarl, a low growl leaving him. Scanning about, he soon notices that feline again, and another one made of what looked to be similar goop to the one coating the entire garden... Probably choking the plants, as well. "You!", he calls toward the panther made of ooze, stepping between Eri and the panther with a flame of rage burning in the backs of his eyes. "What the fuck have you done to /my/ establishment!? I want an explanation, right now!"

"Sure sure, that's fine. We all have our interests after all," Dio says with a smile as he looks towards Eri. The lion lets out another cough and combs his dense silver mane with a large paw. "I believe we'll join the party then." Hearing the familiar raccoon blow his lid, and it would seem rightfully so, Dio decides to avoid the situation and use it as a distraction. With a paw, the lion ushers the chibi skunk over that's been following them, crouches down. and whispers, "Think you can search around using your talents and find the doctors?"

The large panthress looks at Eri and looks her over before bowing to her, "I find you so beautiful, I've never been able to get infected by your kind. When I was first brought here I got this infection before getting the Inoculation." The Panthress doesn't look up but instead bows lower and looks at Maxwell with a growls before regaining her composure. "We decided to throw a party in for a friend, I was under the assumption that non-ferals were welcomed here. You aren't exactly human yourself we didn't want any interruptions." She rear to her full height and towers over Maxwell as other panthress join, a total of seven liquid Panthresses are standing around Maxwell as thier skins bubbles in warning.. Inside of the Black room there is a pole with a Large horse male laying on his back with his hard cock nearly touching the ceiling as a Valkryire does a strip tease using his cock of as the stripper pole. THere are dozens of liquid Panthress in the group cheering and tossing fake money at the group.

Alkain blinks at Maxwell and tilts his head curiously, "You own this place?" he winces at the fury in his eyes and shakes his head, "Hey, try to stay calm..." as he tries to placate the mostly raccoon, he looks into the building curiously from where he stands but doesn't move yet

Eri blinks and lifts herself from the ground. She almost seems to roll herself to her feel with some magical grace. The margay slowly wandering herself to stand behind Maxwell and drap her massive golden furry arms around his shoulders and leans her lips close to his ear and whispers gentle subtle words into his ear as the massive fluffy feline loosely holds him to her.

doesn't seem to balk as more of the panthers start to surround him, his posture holding strong, eyes locked to the original panther's own. "And your 'party' includes leaving the garden in this state, does it? The plants choked with goop, the lawn a bubbling mess... And believe you me, you do not want to threaten me in my own home." What he doesn't seem to expect, however, is another set of paws on his shoulder, a voice leaving words in his ear... Trying to reassure him. Soon, he sighs, an ember still smoldering behind a steeled stare even as the distilled rage seems to leave him. "Yes, the public is normally welcome here, but they are not entitled to leave the building in such a mess. I want this garden cleaned up. Right now."

Dio pats the chibi skunk on the head and gives her a short nod before stepping into the main area of the Maison. It's been quite awhile since the lion has stepped foot in the area. Now that he thought about it, it's only the second time. With a shrug, Dio decided he'd wait for Matilda to return by seeing what bits of information he could gather inside the black room. Quite a party indeed, and rather... impressive in a strange way. Searching about the room, Dio attempts to find a pantheress further in the back and talk to her. "Hello ma'am," the lion says with a sharp grin. "Mind if a scruffy lion like myself has the pleasure of speaking to a beautiful lady like yourself?"

The little skunk runs around like a mad woman grabbing the ankles of the nearest Panthress and growling, "Where is the DOCTOR!!" The person questioned look down and smiles, "I don't know are you sick? I think Zyhper has a doctor but if you need love, I could be your doctor any night of the week." She flirts as the skunk wipes off the slime on her hands and growls, "This little skunk is strickly dickly, I don't want that dirty snatch you call a rot-hole to fish up my life." She move on to the next one with similar success. Outside the panthress look at Eri in sheer reverence and sighs, "Please do not make this a blood bath, My friends are celebrating and we would like them to enjoy their night undisturbed and return to work." She nods at the states of the lawn and sighes, "Sorry 'bout that we just guard things like that." He looks over the yard that is yellowed from the pool that revealed the panthresses. Inside The pantheress that dio is talking to blushes and look at him, "Aren't you a little over dressed to want to talk to a muck monster like me?" She says weakly.

Satisfied that the raccoon is not going to cause bloodshed, Alkain smiles and looks around the black room curiously. He blushes a bit at the horse stud and chuckles as he watches a little before looking around as he remembers what they are there for, seeming at a loss as to what to do for the moment

Eri eventually releases the raccoon and sits down where she was and falls silent once more, and perhaps looks around for something that may be a clue leaving everyone else to socialize.

"Get it cleaned up.", Maxwell repeats, eyes narrowing as it becomes clear that the anger wasn't dead, merely restrained. "If you leave my building in the state you found it in, we won't have any problems. Now, about you 'guarding' the place... We have our own guard. Where are they?" In all honesty, he was unlikely to cause 'bloodshed'. Not really. He would certainly have fought them if it came to blows, but he wasn't the type to use such violence as to leave the place splattered in blood and gore. It just wasn't his method, if he could get away with not having to use it.

"Muck monster? Where?!" Dio puts a paw to his forehead and pretends like he's scanning the room. "Hmm, I only see a lovely pantheress, and I boast that I have wonderful vision. Perhaps we should get to know each other before getting... under-dressed," the lion says as his toothy grin returns. "Seems like you guys are having a fun time. What's the occasion? I like to pop in here quite often and was a bit surprised to see such a large party here all of a sudden. Not that I mind of course."

The Valkryire causes the horse to cum showering the rest of the crowd in spunk but causing no mutations. The skunk is having much difficulty making any progress and is currently screaming about being covered in cum being closest to the explosion. The pantheress giggles at Dio, "Ooooh a seducer. Well we are celebrating the birth of one of our dear friends, they can't be here because they are too big but they had around five beautiful childern that are of mixed birth but have more human traits than ours." She blushed and smiled wider, "She managed to get one of those mutated soldier boys all hot and heavy and turn a gun fight into an orgy." Outside the panthresses sigh and look around, "We'll fix it up if not you can bill us. We told your guys to take time off and hit up New Ireland for drinks while we take over the shifts." Back inside the pathress had loose lips. "We are a unit working with and for new dawn." She took a drink of a strong smell beer and giggles more. "We are the Puddle Sisters. Stupid name but the old one was Muck Fucks." She groans in embarressment.

Alkain eeps as he is splattered with cum and shakes his head, "That'll take a bit to come out..." he wipes most of it off with a chuckle before looking to Dio and the pantheress curiously, "New Dawn you say? What for if I may ask?" as he wanders over

Eri gives an off look at the sudden mess being made inside causing her to bite her lip as she worried about how Maxwell would react. Though she simply remains silent, and out of the way.

Maxwell seems to only repeat himself. "I don't want it cleaned up later, I want it cleaned up now. Do you understand me? Whatever fallout is inside we can deal with once its over, but I want this garden cleaned now, before this gunk kills any of the plantlife. Do you understand me?" That said, he finally starts to walk, stepping past the panthers toward the main doors. "If you need cleaning equipment, then I will provide it, but I want it done, and done now. And when your party is over, we'll talk about inside."

Upon being sprayed by genetic information, Dio didn't react. At least, he didn't /look/ like he reacted on the outside. For a moment, the lion's face was that of pure neutrality. Internally however, was a boiling pot of anger begging to come out. With a few deep breaths, Dio manages to cool himself and shake off the rage for the time being. "Birth you say," he says while attempting to grow back his grin, "That's quite interesting." Dio chuckles at the silly names for their squad. "I think Puddle Sisters has a bit of charm to it. I've met a few individuals from New Dawn and had a good experience. What kind of work do you guys do if you don't mind me asking? Also..." The lion slowly sneaks an arm around the pantheress' back and drapes it over her shoulder in an attempt to get a bit more intimate. "Also, I heard rumors there were some new doctors or something added to the ranks? Must be workin' on some cool stuff!"

The moment Maxwell is deep inside the group growls, "Maaaan fuck that dude. I ain't cleanin' shit." The rest of the group nods, "Those fuckers inside can protect themselves." She growls and they removed their puddled leaving the yellow grass, as a final act of annoyance the last one tosses a slime ball high on the wall of the building with a wet smack as it slowly rolls down causing a long slime line that is eroding the wall. "He can clean that up too..." The leave in a insluted huff. Inside the party seems to have started back up as two latex foxes are impaled on the twin cocks of a talakai in a strange sexual puppet show. "We need a home and new dawn offered, most of us do what we did before P-Day for them and run security when the need arises. We have a friend that is too big to leave her infection spot so we bring her stuff until we can figure out a way to get her out without collasping the whole bulding on her. "I don't know much about doctors but I heard that Tammy need a doctor to help her with the birth and check the kids over. Her friends are with her now taking care of the kids I bet and probably trying to see if they can worm their way into a new mate when they get older." She growls in dispproval before looking at dio. "I doubt I could hold on to such a stud even one as come pose as you." She leans over and begins to lick off the cum around him till he is spotless around the head and shoulders. "There much better." Meanwhile The Valkryire stands near Eri while chewing on a pill. "Hey Kitty are you part of the entertainment tonight?" She asked while looking her over, "You going to do something amazing or are you just here to watch the party? I managed to make five thousand cred in two shows, my friends are going to be sooooo jealous."