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Virginia is sitting on the futon, hir clothes no longer fitting hir. Over the past few hours, sie'd shrunk by a foot. Though proportionately sie was clearly an adult, sie was the size of someone in their young teens. Sie looks perturbed, and it waiting for Meniatz to show so sie could get hir to normal size, or at the very least, adjust hir clothes.

Meniatz walks into hir apartment, smelling faintly of ash and sex. Sie smiles as sie sits down next to hir little sister-mate, who is looking a bit smaller than usual. "Hi, Ginnie! What's up?" Sie says with a warm smile.

Cupnoodle sat next to Virginia off the side of the futon, his eyes glancing up at hir with a bit of a quirked brow. *... Never thought I'd be taller than Ginny, what an odd turn of fate.* He thinks to himself. He scoots back a bit, allowing himself to recline against the wall "I know a friend that can make nanite-infused clothes that shift with your size." He says, tugging on the waist of his pants. He gives Meniatz a bit of a wave when sie walks in, still glancing at her tail with a strange envy.

Virginia looks up and says "Jeez, I've been waiting for you. I got all small from sucking off Daniel, and now I'm all short." Sie glances to him and says "Oh, really? Give me a name, I'll look into it. Don't wanna have Meni keep having to fix things." Sie turns back to hir and says "So...think you can make me normal size again? If not, just fix the clothes, I gotta keep holding onto my pants anytime I go anywhere."

Meniatz smiles and pats Virginia on the head. "I don't usually do size alteration...except for when I turn into a larger type of creature, but I could certainly make you a more form-fitting outfit. I think I have some..." Sie trails off as sie walks into hir room and pulls out a box of hydras, which sie begins molding into a black dress with gold trim. "You'll look really pretty in this, Ginnie, and it should adapt to fit you if you change size again."

The fae takes out a piece of paper, scribbling down a name and handing it to hir. "She's one of my co-workers, a spider chick named 'Spade'. The clothes she makes are insanely comfy, and they shift no ma-" He arches his brow at the dress Meni makes, raising a finger as he speaks. "A... dress made out of hydras...?" Is really all he can question.

Virginia looks over the dress and says "Well...I'm not really a "dress" person." After Cup's question, sie says "Hydras?"

Meniatz nods to Cup. "Indeed. I can make many useful things from hydras and other nanite-based materials. Would you like me to make you anything? A nice scarf, or a hat, perhaps? I could even give you a make-over--alter your body." Sie offers as sie massages the fae's wings. Sie nods to Virginia "Hydras are a highly-malleable nanite-based organism that I invented. They can be adapted for a multitude of purposes. These have been adapted into clothing." Sie then softly whispers, "...but I usually use them to make living sex-toys. They feel /amazing/!"

Cupnoodle rubs his chin a bit at the offer, looking back at his rather bare and boring butt. "I wanna tail like you and Ginny have! Mouth, personality and all!" He grins widely, hoping his request can be done. "And a scarf actually sounds nice, it gets cold up there in the sky." He shivers a bit as he listens to the mini-lesson, quirking a brow. "I thought they were JUST sex toys..."

Virginia says "oh...Well that's cool." Sie reaches out to take the thing. It feels kinda squishy. "But does it gotta be a dress? I haven't worn a dress since I was a kid." Sie wasn't called ginnie since sie was a kid either, but people seemed to have been doing that lately, and sie hasn't bothered correcting.

Meniatz gives Cup a kiss and massages the small of his back until a spaded succubus tail sprouts from the end of his spine, its fleshy maw opening as it swishes playfully behind the fae for the first time. "Well, Ginnie, I could make you a skirt and a tank-top, if that would be better. I'm not quite sure what kind of style you prefer...although I /do/ think you'd look cute in a dress every now and then." Sie says with a warm smile as sie begins to craft some hydras into a scarf for Cup.

The more demonic looking fae grins at his new tail, which 'looks' at him as well. He grabs it to give it the same rubbing he'd given Virginia's earlier, only to have it whip out of his grasp and spit a clear fluid at him like an angered squid. It turns away from him in a seemingly annoyed manner until he gently rubs his fingers against it, causing it to lean against him. "Geez, are they always this much of a hassle at first?"

Natake nudges the door open moving quadrapedaly. He walks in and slips his pack off his back "Hey everyone" he says hopping up and onto two legs instead of four.

Virginia thinks about it. Putting hir cock into consideration, a dress would be more comfortable. "Um...Tube top and skirt, I guess." Sie starts pulling off hir old clothes, kinda feeling bad sie doesn't fit hir band shirts anymore. Sie'd put them in storage. Admire them once in a while. Sie looks at cup's trouble and laughs a little bit.

the groop can hear a rattling of keys in the lock to the apartment before it clicks unlocked. Soon after Antiman opens the door and walks in, closing the door behind hir with hir tail, "Hello, loves." Sie sees the change in Cupcake and seems to smirk at Meni, "I see you corrupted another one, dear." Sie walks over to Virginia, and Meni and hugs them both. Sie crouches down to Natake and preens and gently nibbles his ears.

Meniatz giggles as sie wraps hir tail around Cup's, "Yeah, but they become much more obedient once you learn how to use them." Sie waves to Natake, "Hello, brother-mate!" Sie looks at Virginia's band shirt and puts it on. "Okay, Ginnie." Sie says as sie shapes and molds a knee-length black and gold skirt around Virginia's waist. "You have a very nice figure, love." Sie molds and stretches more hydras around Ginnie's torso to form a tube-top around it, taking great care to fit it perfectly to hir form. "There you go, sis. All ready!" Sie makes one final adjustment, as a flaming lips logo appears on the front. "That's more your style, right?"

Cupnoodle smirks up at Virginia, glancing a bit at hir tail. "Hey, maybe our tails could be friends or something." He says with a chuckle, though saying this causes his tail to perk up and peek behind Virginia. Or try to at least, until Meni's tail wraps around his, causing it to struggle a bit. "Let's hope that's soon, seems to be quite the trouble maker right now."

Meniatz smiles and gives Anti a kiss. "I was just giving Cup a cute tail like he wanted." Sie gives his tail a kiss with hir tail. "As Cup says, we hope our tails can become friends. Mine certainly likes playing with his~"

Virginia hugs Anti back, gives a wave to Natake, and laughs a little at the lips design. "Actually...can you do words? I was thinking something along the lines of "Big Mother is watching you." The hydra top and skirt start squirming and massaging hir body. "Woah-hey what the fuck!"

Natake takes his helmet off and throws it over to his pack "Hey Anti" he says droping back to his quadrapedal stance and sitting down on the floor. He looks up when Antiman nibbles on his ears "Oi those are my ears" he says jokingly.

In response to the kiss, Cup's tail kinda tenses up before falling limp. "... This is like some kinda... straight shota bullshit... but with tails." He smirks a bit and rubs his nose, trying to hold back his laughter. He glances at Virginia as she freaks out, looking at hir clothes as they squirm and rub against hir, he fails to hold that laugh. "The hydras strike again, though they usually only do that when they're programed as sex toys. Meni, I think you forgot something."

Antiman looks up at hir little sister-mate, "Hydra's tend to do that dear. They want your milk." Sie reaches under hir skirt with hir tail and uses the feather duster end to tease hir pussy lips. Sie rubs hir brother-mate's back, and preen behind his ears.

Meniatz touches Virginia's top and the words begin to form in gold lettering on the back, giggling as the hydras squirm around on hir little sister-mate. "Oh! that's just the hydras getting antsy. Just let them drink some of your cum, and they should calm down."

Virginia replies to Anti "I don't *have* milk, what're they, stupid!?" After Meniatz gives hir suggestion, sie replies "What? no! I was gonna ask you to help me get rid of it after fixing my height." Despite hir protests, the clothes were beginning to arouse hir, hir tail staring to wave around and leak at the tip, hir cock starting to wake up. Sie certainly didn't want that, so sie started pulling off the skirt.

Cupnoodle rolls his eyes, resting his hand against his face as his tail was still molested by his mother's. "Or y'know, it could be that." He shrugs. "I didn't make 'em, I don't know shit about 'em." He laughs a bit, watching Ginny try to pry hir clothes off. "It's actually kinda cute, your clothes are like your tail, just with you instead of me."

Meniatz frowns. "Oh...I thought you'd like it. They feel really nice around my cocks and inside my pussies. It's like having a thousand tiny tongues tickling and teasing them." Sie sighs and starts to help Virginia remove hir skirt. "It's fine, though. I'll just make you a new skirt from cloth, if you aren't comfortable with this."

Natake tilts his head to the side at the preening and lays down. His tail moves back and fourth as Antiman rubs his back. He looks at Virginia "Clothes that want to fuck. Oh thats funny to me" he says chucling after.

Meniatz turns to Natake. "Would you like a hydra skirt?"

Virginia's tail starts moving towards cupnoodle at his mention of it. *You called?* it seems to say. Sie looks concerned at Meniatz's clear disappointment. "Well...I mean, it sounds nice, but if I gotta use my cock to get them to stop, I dont want it. I don't *want* the cock. If you can get it to go away, then maybe..."

Antiman uses one hand to rubb hir borther-mates belly while the other hand stroaks further down his back. Sie looks to Virginia, "They are probably one of the best sex toys out there, love. A bit too good really. I need to be careful with them or I would be fucked feral all the time." Sie stage wispers in Natake's ear, "Just imagine what it would be like when you're female, love."

Meniatz smiles and gives Virginia a kiss. "I understand, love, but, you can feed them with your pussy, too. They like feminine juices just as much as masculine ones." Sie then strokes Virginia's cock tenderly. "It's a real shame you don't want this exquisite pleasure tool, though. We could have had so much fun with it..."

Antiman uses hir tail under Ginny's skirt to tickle hir balls.

Natake is too distracted by the rubbing and stroaking to say anything. He keeps moving his tail from side to side, pretty happy he is wearing pants right now.

Meniatz feels hir tail tease and engulf Virginia's cock, suckling it tenderly as Meni shudders with pleasure. "I'm sorry, Ginnie...*gasp* my tail just acted on hir own." Sie tries to pull it off, but it's suction holds it fast around Virginia's cock as it tries to pump the demoness' seed into Meni's womb.

Antiman reaches the waste of hir brother-mates pants with the hand rubbing his belly. The arousal sie smells from him causes hir sheath to twitch and hir cock to peek out, and causes hir heat damp pussy to become even wetter. Hir hand dips underneath the waste of hir brother-mate's pants, the hand finding his erect cock. Sie begins to stroak the tip underneath his pants, "I've been waiting for this for so long love." Sie speeks softly in his ear, "I want you in me. I want you to impregnate me so I can bear your kits."

Virginia says "Oh." to Meni's first statement, and flinches as hir sheath gets rubbed by Meni, the thing swelling a bit as the end poked out. "S-stop." sie says, backing away a little. "It's just too weird to me, you know?" Suddenly sie tenses as Anti's tail starts stroking over hir scrotum and balls. "Ah!" sie cries, moving back towards Meni to get away from the tail.

The fairy smirks a bit, reaching out and grabbing Ginny's tail by the spade shaped bulb. He tickles it slightly before giving it a little kiss. "Hey there, it's good to see you again." He remains oblivious to the almost hellish sexual scenario going on around him right now, currently just playing with the girl's tail with a little giggle. Meanwhile, his own tail whips around as it 'regains consciousness', free from Meni's tail it starts to thump against hir's, trying to get it off of the poor girl.

Antiman looks up from Natake, "Just imangine what it was like for us to gain Vaginia's, love. I may have been feral at the time I got mine, but I was still in the back of my own head horrified for the first few weeks, before I got used to it."

Virginia's tail enjoyed the attention, but then pulled away to work to keep cup's tail at bay. seemed hir body knew what it wanted. Sie yelps as Meni's tail starts sucking, drawing hir cock out of the sheath. Sie tried to pull it away as Meni had, but only caused the suction to increase. "Haaah~" sie moans as hir cock quickly gets to half strength, and with the tube top still on hir chest sucking on hir nipples for milk sie couldn't give, sie was soon at full arousal, fluids leaking down hir thighs. Sie pants a bit, and leans against Meniatz as sie again tries to pull it away, only increasing hir pleasure.

Natake grins feeling Antiman stroaking his cock "Oh I can not wait ether love" he quickly slips his pants off kicking them as far away as he can "I just can't wait to be inside you instead of the other way around"

Meniatz blushes, "Well, you seem to be...enjoying yourself. I wouldn't want to deny you the pleasure that you seem to be experiencing..." Sie pauses for a moment before embracing Virginia. "Are you absolutely certain you don't want your cock, love? I'm sure that if you give your new male parts a chance like Anti and I did with our feminine features, you will grow to love your penis." Sie gives hir junior succubus a deep kiss on the lips, hir tongue writing playfully around hir own. "I could teach you how to use it. It's easy and feels absolutely amazing~."

The fairy can only stare as the three tails wrap themselves up in what seems to be a war for Virginia's genitals with Meni currently in the lead. At least that's what it looked like to him, causing him to shrug. "Huh, looks like that new package of yours is quite the popular one, eh Ginny?" He chuckles a little, his own tail turning and bopping him in the head. "Well it's true, isn't it? ... What? ... Oh THAT'S what's going on... Huh." He shrugs a bit, him and his tail watching the scene playing before them.

Antiman removes hir weapons belt and places it next to an end table, "I imangine so, but I want to get your belly full of gryphon babies sometime, love." Hir cock erects to full rampentness, and hir pussy now so saturated it drips down hir thighs. Sie pulls hir tail away from hir sister-mates neathers as sie turns around in front of Natake on all fours with hir tail raised. Sie coyly looks behind hir, "Ready when you are, brother-mate."

Virginia didn't know what to do here. Sie didn't *want* the foriegn organ, but hir mutation strain was especially lusty, and great Mother did it feel good. "I...I don't know, I-" Sie grunts a bit and grimaces, thrusting a little into the tail and against Meniatz. "Oh Goddess! Nnnn~" and suddenly sie'spulled into a steamy kiss. Sie pulls away after, hir eyes half lidded and lusty as sie pants, and can only nod to what Meni said. It was like hir clit, but spread out and duller. It had a tenseness to it sie couldn't put into words.

Cup continues to watch until he looks to his tail with a quirked brow, "Mine? It's like icing, why?" His tail seems to back away slightly, two of the flaps lowering in a kinda look of disgust. "Don't like sweet things? Hey, your loss, Ginny and hir tail loved it." He chuckles a bit, patting it on the bulb.

Meniatz grips the base of Virginia's cock between hir thumb and forefinger. "You have pleasured our cocks so well. Wouldn't it be nice to let me return the favor?" Sie fondles Virginia's breasts as sie nuzzles up against hir. "I can make your little friend even harder and feel even better than you can imagine." Sie lazily grabs Cup's tail and holds it up against one of hir cocks. "Cup, I could feed you through your cock, if you'd like. Sometimes, our tails get a bit fussy if they don't get cum in them regularly." Sie smiles. "Like mine is right now...of course, if Ginnie prefers, I could pleasure hir cock with my pussy~.

Natake sits up and moves over to Antiman mounting hir he starts teasing hir pussy with his cock "One thing at a time, love" he slowly enters hir. Once it gets in he starts moving his hips back and forth thrusting into hir.

Antiman chirp moans as hir brother-mate's skunk beast length enters hir, "Show me that you can last longer than the feral ones love." Sie pushes back into Natake's thrusts as hir pussy slowly squeases his member as it withdraws, trying to keep it in longer.

Virginia's cock twitches inside hir tail at the grab, and began to completely lose all reasoning power while hir breasts were groped at the same time. Hir offers sounded wonderful. Something inside hir heart warned hir that if sie went and had sex as a male in a female organ, sie could never really consider hirself *female* anymore. Hir balls seemed to hum, encouraging hir to do it. Sie leaned hir head into one of Meni's soft breasts while reaching down with a hand to grab hold of the cock through the tail, squeezing it. "Please..."

The tail wasn't one to argue, quickly opening it's maw and taking the whole cock inside. Cup arches his brow however, "... I should probably shift for this, I don't even want to know where the stuff will go if I don't have a womb." He gives his wristpad a few taps before shifting into a herm. "Whew... that's better. ... Tastes funny." Sie comments, looking at hir busy tail with a little smirk.

Meniatz strokes Virginia's hair and gives hir a kiss on the forehead as hir tail slowly releases hir sister-mate's cock. Sie guides the male organ into hir slit and applies gentle pressure to Virginia's shaft. "You are a beautiful herm. Now, slowly slide your cock in and out. It will get harder and fuller as I please it." Sie pats Cup on the head while the fae's tail fills itself with Meni's love. "You will grow to enjoy it, Cupcake. Trust me~"

Natake picks up the pace of his thrusts a bit "You feel good love" he says while reaching for and grabbing hold of one of hir breasts with and fondling around with it trying to make it as pleasurable as possible for hir.

Virginia finds that Meni's insides were a lot warmer than the tail had been. Sie pulls back, and then pushes in with a sigh. Oh wow, this felt totally different. The texture, the temperature. Sie wraps hir arms around Meni, under a pair of breasts while hir head rested between them. Sie started thrusting, giving light grunts and sighs from time to time. Sie could feel a tension building inside hir, inside and behind hir cock and balls.

Antiman chirp moans louder as hir breast was fondled, "I feel great. Harder love, and play with my cock a little." Sie can feel hir orgasim get closer, but still very far away.

Cupcake can't help but blush a little bit, hir thighs grinding slightly as she feels hirself starting to get aroused, hir cock starting to stand up and harden. "Darn it all, this is getting me horny..." Sie murmurs, and honestly it was hard not to, there were 4 people fucking in front of hir while sie stood there watching.

Meniatz caresses Virginia's balls in hir hand, massaging them gently as sie holds Virginia against hir soft, warm body. "You're doing great, love." Sie whispers softly. "Soon all that pressure building up inside you will be released, and you will be able to bask in the afterglow of our love." Sie says in a hushed, musical tone. Meanwhile, Meni's tail, sensing a cock in need of sucking, engulf's Cupcake's erection and lightly massage's it within its length.

Natake thrusts become harder and hit deeper. He uses his other hand to gently stroak Antiman's cock "How does this feel love?" he says while he switches which breast his other hand is playing with and thrusting a bit faster than before.

Antiman squaks and chirp moans in pleasure in answer to hir brother mate. Sie then gives a short skree as sie experiances a mini orgasim hir pussy walls rippleing a little bit faster befor returning to it's normal pace. Sie thrusts back harder and faster trying to get hir brother-mates bestial cock in deeper. Hir cock twitches flinging off a strand of preseed onto the floor as hir knot expands.

Virginia started thrusting harder, moving faster. At one point, sie slipped out of hir in hir haste and gave a cry of frustration as sie quickly moved to put it back in. It took hir a little effort and time, but sie got back to where sie was, and moving with intensity sie worked toward a feeling that was at once familiar and strange. Sie grips into meni's back with hir claws as makes a high pitched cry that was actually pretty cute from an outside perspective, cumming inside Meniatz. The orgasm hit hir like a lighting bold that lasted a few seconds, and then faded leaving hir in afterglow. Hir pussy orgasms moved in alternating hills and valleys, The male orgasm felt like a slow ascent, followed by a sharp mountain top, before coming down the other side. Sie panted as hir male genitals felt strange, All of them growing in size.

The herm fairy cries out as hir cock is suddenly engulfed, actually falling back onto hir ass with hir legs spread. "Oh god~" Sie moans, one of hir hands drifting below hir sack to tease hir sensitive lips, craving to be filled as well. Meanwhile hir tail continues to greedily suckle on hir mother's cock, desperate for it's first ever load of cum.

Meniatz reaches hir own orgasm as Virginia's cock triggers hir pleasure button. As hir little sister-mate finishes hir climax, Meni pets Virginia and nuzzles up against hir. "It's kind of like a rollercoaster, isn't it? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to please your sister-mates like this all the time?" Sie pumps a steady stream of cum into Cup's tail as it milks hir. "Your tail feels almost as fantastic as your cum tastes, Cupcake!" Sie embraces Virginia and Cup as sie wraps them up in hir wings. "I'm so proud of my little succubi." Sie says, giving each of them a peck on the cheek."

Natake moans his pleasure while adjusting his speed to match Antiman's moving at the right moments to get his cock in as far as it can go and hitting harder than before. His hand on hir cock moves a bit faster with its stroaking of hir cock. His other hand switches breast again him still trying to make it as pleasurable as possible.

The fairy still hadn't reached hir orgasm... but that changed rather quickly as sie felt Meni cumming into hir tail. Wrapping hir arms around Meniatz and Virginia, sie pulls them close to hir before giving them both a big kiss on the lips, and with a cry sie manages to squeel "Ha-happy Valentine's Daaaaaay~!" before hir orgasm hits hir, pumping several thick spurts of icing into the tail that milked hir. Huh, chocolate flavor this time... how fitting.

Antiman chirp moans then skrees in sudden orgasim, hir pussy rythmicly rippling to extract the cum from hir brother-mate's cock. Ropes of cum splash on the floor as hir cock spasms in not quite sympathetic orgasim. Hir wings spread out in a mantling like behavior.

Virginia reluctantly pulls out of hir, and dimly sees that hir cock is definitely bigger. Yup...and sie bet sie'd be waking up to more changes tomorrow. Sie wondered when it would end. Sie was surprised by cupcake planting a kiss on hir mouth, and started laughing at his holiday wishes. Sie'd completely forgotten about that. Sie hugs Meniatz and Cupcake, thinking on how lucky sie was. "I love you all so much." Sie says, tears starting to come to hir eyes.

Meniatz nuzzles Virginia and Cup. "Happy Valentine's Day." Sie responds softly, "I love you, too."

Natake reaches his own orgasm shooting his seed inside hir pussy. He lets go of Antiman's breast and cock "That was good" he says pulling his cock out slowly when getting out he reaches for and grabs his pants.

Antiman turns hir head and licks hir brother-mate's cheek before he pulls out, "Happy Valentine's day, love." Sie sighs.

:deep kiss the Tribal succubus giving her nipples a little tweak before winking. "Any time you want some sweet come to the Wet Bitch and I'll show you 272 styles of pleasure." Kilsa grins before walk out with her tail raised.

Natake kisses Antiman's beak "Same to you love" He says slipping his pants back on.

Antiman stands up and skrithces behind hir brother-mates ears, "You know, you still look better without the pants."

Natake chuckles "I like the look when I got pants" he grabs his helmet and throws it on getting his normal attire on again.

Antiman shrugs, "To each their own, love." Sie reaches down and picks hir weapons belt back up and puts it on.