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The nanite adept climbs down from the mountain with Shirai as they both reach her childerns little tribe in the forest. Vex is sitting on a rock and gently bandaging up a tousky child with snake lower half. "Mom?" The fox girl looks at the part as they walk up and start blushing. "I didnt' expect you to bring her so soon." Vex blushes more and shout out behind her, "Mom's Back." Growls, chirps and various other sounds come from the forest as various creatures start to walk into view.

Shirai waves across to Vex. "Well, we're not busy at the moment, so why not?" She chuckles, offering the vixen a hug. "If there's any help I can give to your siblings, let me know." the wolfess smiles.

Vex looks at Shirai and smiles, relaxing in the hug, "We are doing fine, would you like to come to my den?" She asked while Kilsa seems to distract herself for a moment by placing a treat on the nose of a feral grandchild and making him wait before letting him eat it. "Awww I think I should come along before Vex attempted to keep you locked up." Vex sticks her tongue out at Kilsa. "I'm not my siblings, Mom." She says in a huff.

Shirai smiles warmly. "I'm glad to hear. And I would like to visit your den, since you've offered. And hey - Kilsa, you're implying they could keep me here." She chuckles. "Certainly not a challenge against you, Vex, but I'm willing to trust you with at least that."

Vex blushes and leads Shirai to a large burrow, "This is my little part of the tribe." She blushes and reveals a little lamp connected to a small generator with a few tools around it and a stack of books most of them are manga and comicbook with a few books of Psycology. "I like reading.." She blushes while something pink seems to be hidding behind a stack of books.

Shirai chuckles quietly and nods. "You've made a nice place of it, Vex." She smiles, taking a peek at the pink object under the guise of examining the book titles. "You know,, if you'd like I can probably dig up some other titles. There are even a few documentary tapes back at the K