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The KS Solutions leader waited in the all black room for the equine member of her new crew to arrive. She was dress in normal attire with a wide grin on her face and a strange gleam in her eye, "I wonder will the little Beta Mare appear?"

The sound of hooves approaching along the hallway signals that the mare is indeed about to appear. Tiya appears around the corner, still basically nude. She nods towards her mistress when she spots her, entering the room and bowing towards Kilsa. "Mistress," she greets the adept.

Kilsa look at Horse and smiles, "Good girl." She takes a seat on the couch and smiles, "Come hear lay your head on my lap and lets have a little talk before we begin with your training." She picks up a paddle from the couch and smile sweetly.

Tiya frowns a little, eyeing the paddle. "Training? I'm already your submissive, mistress." the large horse says, stepping over to the couch and putting her head on Kilsa's lap all the same, licking her lips with nerves, her knots of muscle tensing.

"You are. Which will make this easier." She gently begins to rubs the mares head, "Now an RSX member walk into our soon to be built place of business what do you do or say?" She asked while gently scratch the equine jawline.

Tiya frowns at that question, letting her mistress rub and tend to her, her ears flicking in happiness, tail swishing before she answers. "Welcome him, tell him to see you?" she tries, eyes nervously on that paddle, knowing full well what it's for.

Kilsa nods, "Good girl." She reaches into her pocket and takes out a small sugar cube. "Here its soaked in stawberry juice." She waits for the mare to finish, "Now next question my precious little mare, I am hosting a promethean Dignitary in the guest room. How will you dress when servicing them?"

Tiya crunches the sugar lump happily, tail swishing at the praise, making it seem she isn't just faking being feral. "The... group uniform?" the mare answers, uncertainly, frowning again at the question, plainly not sure.

Kilsa smiles and pets her face a little, "Alright what would you were special to please that factions members?" She smiles, "You'll get a special treat if you get this right." She smiles as she shifts into a fluffy Fox."

Tiya frowns still, her ears flattening against her head, considering deeply. It's clear she doesn't trust these questions, but the offer of a special treat really does tempt her. The mare keeps her head still on the shifting adept's lap, licking her lips before replying "Nothing?"

"Awww I thought you would have got it. The prommies like to wear jewel to show that they haven't given into the madness." She pats the horse while standing up. "Turn around and bend over so that I can give you the first punishment." She shake her head.

Tiya snorts, tossing her head as she stands up. "Yes mistress," the horse says, grumpily, turning arounding and bending over to expose her denim-clad rump at the nanite, her hands on her knees and muscles tensing in readiness. "Noted, mistress," the shemale says, her ears flicking, wondering how she was meant to know that.

Kilsa smiles as she drops the paddle and rears back her hand and give a hard smack the the Equines ass. "Now as the Beta I want you to find out about our contacts." Kilsa hand gently rubs over the large ass and plays her fringers along the crack just beneath the tail. "I mean what kind of proud feral would let her knowledge slip, I want you to look like a shinning example of what every feral can be and not just in the bed room." She trails her fingers though the mares tail fur.

Tiya groans at the spank, gritting her teeth and inwardly marvelling at the strength of the adept dominating her. She grinds her teeth together, her tail raising itself in response to the fingers in her crack, a natural reaction to reveal herself, were it not for the scraps of her jeans still clinging to her. "Of course mistress. I'm sorry mistress," the mare says with another snort, her tail flicking in irritation. "Although why I'd wear a jewel to prove I'm not a feral," she mutters to herself, audibly.

Kilsa smiles, "Good question. Now here is the answer, Promethean see themselves as a new breed and humans as the old breed. They help rehab ferals, seeing a feral like you would truly fill them with pride and help with relation with our small group to their large faction. You might even get a funny hat out of it." She laughed before giving the horse a little rub where she hit her. "Next question, An RSX member is horny and wants to try himself a little mare tushy, what is the first thing you want to warn him on? The better answer the better reward." She grinned.

Tiya keeps herself still presenting her rump, tossing her head in instinctive indigation however, plainly not pleased at the question suggestion she'll be little more than a live in whore, submitting to any old person who wanders in. "Warn him that I might infect him?" she tries, frowning, ears flat back against her head and nostrils flaring.

Kilsa shakes her head, "No warn him how many ribs you can break with your fist." She chuckles, "While I can the group can Beta you. You are still a person feral or not, let them fuck a skunk girl." She grinned, "Now....If you want to fuck them that would be nice to let them but they should understand, K

"You can serve me by telling what a little dirty whore your going to be for me." She leaned in and gave Tiya a play bite on her shoulder while playing with her cock with both hands. "Your going to get that chip off your shoulder and face your position like a proud warrior that been humbled and not a spoiled child." Kilsa large feline cock starts to press between Tiya asscheeks as she feels aroused. "Now be a good girl and I might just use lube." She teased.

Tiya groans, her large shaft fully erect, whickering angrily, her ears flicking still. "Sorry mistress. Please use me as a dirty whore," she says flicking her main angrily, grinding her teeth before she finally gives in, heaving a long sigh. "Mistress," she says, turning her head to look Kilsa in the eye, the wildness still here. "I am a proud warrior and that means that while I'll obey your orders, I don't actually need to like it."

The adept smiles, "Then I guess we will have to take off the kid gloves. . You aren't a proud warrior, I don't see proudness here. I see an angry mare that lost a fight and is now subjecting herself through the proper feral methods but the wrong way. Had you beat me and taken me on as a Alpha, I would not be growling and moaning. I would make you moan and I would train until I had my dignity back. On your hand and knees." Kilsa goes to the chest and pulls a horse bit and jams the thing in her mouth. "Now it about my pleasure." She pick up the paddle while holding the reins, "Raise your tail. NOW!" She smack the Horses ass with the paddle at full strength.

Tiya groans as she falls to the ground obediently, yelling and saying something muffled through her tack, getting onto her hands and knees. The equine raises her tail the moment she's ordered to, clearing her ass with it's puckered black hole to view before she throws her head back, moaning at the brutal paddling, a bruise swiftly forming and healing itself, her large breasts heaving and erect shaft leaking pre, perhaps hinting why she was so stubborn.

"Now your brattly little horse, I glad you can regenerate because what I'm about to do to you would send a normal human to the hospital." Kilsa shifts into a seperate feline form shorter but with a large cock that is covered in backward facing barbs. She presses the cock to the shemales puckered donut and spits just a little on her tip before vicious forcing her cock in to the hilt and tugging hard on the reins. "You are weak so this is what you deserve, Beta."

Tiya groans in reaction to the shaft being shoved into her, gritting the bit between her teeth as her head is forced backwards. Luckily, given the size difference between her and the dominant Kilsa, she takes the shaft easily, her ears flicked back in the position they go when she's happy, even as she tosses her mane, putting on a show of being angry at being treated this way, breasts swaying under her.

"You think you get off easy but this is the gentle part, You weakling." Kilsa grins as she can feel Tiya asshole tight around her rapidly swelling cock as her size shifts from a tiny kitten to towering over the Mare. "Now give me a good scream, Weakling." She pull the dick out fast and viciously as possible allowing the barb to scratch at her inner walls. She waits until she thinks the shemale is healed before she slams back in and begins to rut with the smaller horse.

Tiya yells in pain at the sudden swelling of Kilsa, and particularly the nanite adept's cock inside her, her asshole is damaged by vicious barbs, barely having time to heal before the shaft slams back in. The mare tosses her head in pain, more pre leaking from her shaft, breasts swaying under her and moaning in the back of her throat, overjoyed at the reassurance of Kilsa's dominance. The flared head of her shaft presses into the carpet, her tongue hanging out of her mouth, more and more pain showing through from her asshole, regeneration unable to keep up with the pace.

In the heat of the moment Kilsa tosses and paddle to the side and grabs Tiya's sizable asscheck with her hands without bothering to sheath her claws as she digs thin lines into the girls tender flesh as her cock pounds the girl harder and harder. "I want you to gap you ungrateful Prey." She grunts out before getting close and pulling on the rein hard as she can as her balls tighten up.

Tiya yells in pain and pleasure as her asshole is raped, bright red blood springing up from the wounds, her chest heaving in pain. Her balls clench, moving in time with her heartbeat for a moment before her cock starts to twitch, spraying thick seed far over the room, splashing onto the underside of her breasts and carrying on spraying, the equines eyes rolling back in her head.

Kilsa finish up with a roar as she pull her bloodly cock from the asshole of her Beta and lets her seed spray over the ass and back of the equine, several long lines of white clash with the red before Kilsa take a seat on the couch her dick hard as a rock and still throbbing as cum drools from the tip. "Prey. Get up and clean me before I decide to make you into a sock puppet with at gaping asshole of your. NOW UP!" She yells in a booming voice.

Tiya's head is jerked back painfully by the reins as her mistress cums, groaning in pleasure to feel the warm layer of seed coating her back, bloody asshole gaping in the sudden cold air. The equine turns, her orgasm finally slowing to a stop, moving her head to face the adept and kneel up before her mistress. The mare pokes her tongue out as best she can around the tack, starting to lick the length of the bloody shaft, catching and cutting her tongue on the barbs as she works, that seeming to only drive her to more intense tending of the shaft, the wildness still in her eyes, but dimmed as she looks up at Kilsa.

Kilsa look down at Tiya and gently pull her cock away before slapping her viciously, "You will look at me with the respect I deserve. I won't take your shit any more." She shove her cock into the horse mouth. "Now suck it clean."

Tiya winces at the slap, her eyes dulling a little further, accepting the adept truely as a dominant. The mare sucks hard on the shaft, tongue rubbing against it, her eyes fixed on her mistress, bobbing her head back and forth on the length, trying to please the cruel adept, tail swishing behind her.

The adept grins as she feels the large and thick equine tounge around her cock, "This is your place now. Anything I will do will be a blessing to you. Good or bad. I want you to understand that I will break you in and often, I am your Alpha and you...are less than nothing." She look at Tiya with her eyes shimmering, "What are you?" She grabbed the girl by her hair and pull her off the cock. ""

Tiya flicks her ears as she sucks on the cock, rubbing her tongue into the barbs on the shaft. The equine doesn't answer right away, so focused on cleaning her blood off the cock before she's pulled back off the shaft, the wildness gone from her eyes, submissiveness in it's place, her tongue hanging out before she swallows and replies. "I'm... less than nothing, mistress. I'm your bitch, mistress," the equine pants, her chest heaving, breasts swaying under her.

"That right now I have my first rule for you. The moment I step into a room that you in I want you to stop whatever you are doing and kiss my feet. The only exception is doctors orders." She pushes the female backward and puts her foot between her boobs. "You aren't my equal. This is your place now this floor is covered with cum and blood lick it up." She says before removing her foot and heading to the door. "And don't wipe of that cum on you till its dry. I want other to know who claims you." She said before leaving the equine alone.

Tiya nods her head slowly, broken in now, kissing and running her tongue over Kilsa's foot, rubbing her muzzle against the foot before turning her eyes to the floor. "Yes mistress," the mare says, getting back onto her knees, front and back covered in cum, starting to lick at the signs of sex, watching the adept leave from the corner of her eye as she laps away.