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Zephyr: "I work for them. Really, there's not too much to say..."

RSX: "They're fine, I suppose. They're people, just like me. They simply... Work for the wrong side."

Prometheans: "Hmm? Oh, them! In actuality... These people have my respect; not many can simply overcome what's going on here with sheer willpower."

Ferals: "Actually, I used to think that they were just a bunch of mindless idiots... Perhaps they're not all that way. . ."

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Close Friends:

- 'Smith'


- Yuna

- Adalicia

- Markus


- Conrad


- Fally


- None, yet.

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RP Hooks
- Dem Ears

...Yeah. This is mainly for when she's a Fennec, though it can occur no matter what form she's in, provided it has external ears -- or any at all.

- Her Book

She's awfully attached to that book of hers. What exactly is written in it, may I wonder?

- Motives

Someone like her must have some goal in life, right?

- Science

Bringing up a discussion on anything 'science-y' is sure to catch this girl's attention.

- Writing

...As does anything literature-related, for some reason.

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Carried Items
- Recurve Bow, and a quiver

Hajime possesses a bow and quiver, the latter of which contains her supply of arrows, which she apparently makes herself. The arrows themselves have a glossy sheen to them, possibly coated in something... Most likely poisonous.

- A small dagger

Hajime keeps a dagger by her side, often sheathed in a belt holster.

- A Journal

Not strictly a "journal", though Hajime seems to tend to write in it from time to time, in some kind of foregin language. Consider her to always have it on her person, unless otherwise specified.

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-=No Portrait Available=-

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Gender: Female

Main Form(s): Kitsune, Fennec, Blue Sphinx, Small Felinoid

Nicknames: 'Kitsune', often shortened to 'Kits'. This name is almost solely used by Smith as a joke, regarding her slight mischievous side, and her own affinity for the species.

Orientation: Heterosexual

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