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Glenstock, central in the state of Oregon, originally belonged to the Fox packmind. The Fox packmind was not content with its situation though and through contact and negotiations with RSX, The Surrogate Brotherhood, and other agents, the city slowly started to form. Now it is home to The Surrogate Brotherhood and many other mutants and humans that have come to trust the Fox packmind and live in peace with them. All is not well though despite the progress that has been made. Glenstock is the foremost city in the defense against the Wolf and Bear packminds. The Fox packmind alone defends against their encroachment till a cure or inoculation is found for non packmind mutants as if anyone is even touched by one of the enemy packminds they quickly get taken over and become yet another enemy for the Fox packmind to face. The fighting has pretty much come to a standstill for now though with neither side attacking. Still the city is for the most part peaceful, full of hope, and growing with lots of space for groups of people to move in and make a name for themselves. The Glenstock Bubble is at 50% strength, leading to less degradation of nanite edible materials, however eating, drinking, etc... are more important. Public indecency is cause for a fine, public sex and acts of a sexual nature will be prohibited in public view, any and all items usable to induce heat, rut, or to coorce sexual natures out of a fellow resident are illegal contraband and not allowed in the city. It is also illegal to use powers for the same purposes within the city. More laws are being discussed, but it was made clear that the public would need time to adjust to the laws already given before handling anything else that is new.

Important NPC Officials

As more and more visitors come to Glenstock, as well as the baby boom of late, the residents of the city had been working toward some method of governing themselves. More jobs becoming avalible, work outside of the walls and bubble, as well as some... unfortunate incidents had created cause for concern. What had started as just a small settlement of RSX and The Surrogate Brotherhood had grown quite a bit, almost into its own outside entity. Seven people had managed to come out as major aspects in this development, each with their own specialties and capabilities to create The First Council of Seven to govern Glenstock:

-A bull with a fairly imposing figure, named Jarone Hatchwuth. Chose to not maintain his familial name so that he may excel in politics without seeming to favor his family over anyone else. Glenstock's Mayor and the tiebreaker for The First Council of Seven.

-A vixentaur

-A husky

-A kangaroo

Besides The First Council of Seven there are several other Officials in the city:

-Officer Penasci a rather tall Talakai, trained up by Sasha, Glenstock Maniculpe Police


(Still needed.)

Major Locations:

Landing Zone: Flightpath to Crater Lake

Courthouse: Directly north of the Landing Pad is the city's Courthouse. A ramshackle fortress used by the Fox packmind and RSX Agents. This building can be traveled to instantly from almost anywhere in Glenstock by typing in tch. It also has job listings which can send players directly to almost all the major locations in the city. Traveling by tch and/or the job listings is free for now, but the government of Glenstock is planning to charge a small fee for the transport in the future. The Fox pack mind that governs and protects this city, though it has many "fingers" lacks certain abilities and skills. They apreciate donations of children and eggs here to add to the city's population/workforce and in return give salvage. Beneath it though...

Fox's Sanctuary: Located in a cavern below the Courthouse is the Fox dedication point. (Is the dedication different than the fox packmind? Dedication says nothing of joiining the packmind.) Fox, the Great Trickster's brother, often overshadowed and overlooked when his brother is around. Has brought Coyote back from the dead, and done many things in his own right, but the glory is almost always stolen by Coyote. Fox dedicants realize there is no greatness without balance, and are given the miraculous power to bring nearly anyone back from the dead, even a god, and have the uncanny power to awaken the wild spirit inside people.

Robin's Drink and Stink Tavern: Asking at the listings in the courthouse lobby about a place to hang out will bring you to this local tavern and inn which is a true watering hole and melting pot for this small city. The seating accommodations leave a little something to be desired, but with a little effort it isn't that big a deal, besides that the tavern is better smelling than most of the city despite its name, and there is such a diversity of forms here that there is always something cute or sexy in sight looking to get your number. The RSX agents drinking here can be measured by their demeanor as to how long they have been stationed here, stiff and rigid for freshly arrived, to reasonably comfortable amongst the mutant clientele. The rooms available for rent are much more accommodating for forms of varying sizes and are available for a reasonable price, the true draw for this place is the readily available electricity, and the fact that if a number in the bar isn't enough, there's always a bed free in the back for rent.

Barn and Farmhouse: Asking at the listings in the courthouse lobby about working as a Cowgirl or a Farmer is a quick way to be sent here. Cowgirl Job is available here Farmer jobs are available in the rooms/fields surrounding the Barn and Farmhouse

Michelle's Rest'Taur'Aunt: Asking at the listings in the courthouse lobby about bartender or storyteller jobs will bring you straight to Michelle's place. Bartender job is available here. Storyteller job is available here.

Hydro-dynamo #4: Asking at the listings in the courthouse lobby about being a job as a worker will get you sent directly here. Worker job is available here.

Glenstock City Gates: Asking at the listings in the courthouse lobby about outside patrols will get you sent directly to the City Gates. Talking to the Fox Mind Guard here will allow you to access the Great Red Forest, the only combat zone in or near Glenstock.

Group Headquarters

The Surrogate Brotherhood

Combat Areas

Great Red Forest

Important Moments In Glenstock History