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  • When using the command <home> to quickly return to Zephyr (or any other area), remember that using it twice in a short amount of time will cost freecreds, with the cost scaled to your level. Low-level players may be tempted to spend the few creds to teleport, but those creds add up very quickly. Using the overworld map is safe, fast, and free. While the helicopter pilots charge for their services, they will take you safely to your destination.
  • Try to level up before getting a lot of the easier badges; the creds you get for badges increase with each level.
  • Mission credits you earn for completing a web mission do not increase with your level. Missions also scale difficulty for your level, so consider those missions a good way to earn credits fast, assuming you can handle the combat.
  • When using the web shop, use the control F (find) command to find the cheapest deal. Sometimes people overprice items.
  • Do not buy items from the mako shop without first asking pub for a cheaper deal. People are often willing to sell mako items for a bit less than their store costs.