Gargoyle Sentinel

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Is currently negotiating rights to a Saturday morning cartoon series.

The Gargoyle Sentinel's body is covered in thick gray hide that appears to be made of abrasive stone. While his skin seems less than flexible, it no doubt provides some protection. His head is heavy-browed, with short horns sticking from his forehead. Tusks appear from his square lower jaw, and his features are angular and hard, as if carved from stone. A soft glow emanates from his eyes. His body is possessed of a chiseled look, bearing heavy, defined musculature and a sturdy frame. His shoulders are broad and masculine, leading to a thick neck. Coming out of his back is a pair of large, bat-like wings that could easily wrap about his form, and possibly another's. His arms are thick and heavily muscled, ending in large, clawed hands. On further inspection, those claws are blunted, more for intimidating show than actual use. His legs are short but thick, the smaller length giving him a more top-heavy look. His feet end in claws more suited for gripping onto things than inflicting injury. He has a thick, firm ass made of two sculpted globes of muscle. Over his rump rests a long, flexible tail, ending in a pointed spade. A private peek would reveal that: He has a forearm length smooth and stiff shaft. He has fist sized balls.