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Species: Seraphim
Gender: Male
Location: Bunker
Must be found?: Yes
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy


Gabriel is tall and well-built, looking to be in his early 20s. He has an unlined, very pretty fave with azure eyes, crowned by a full head of curly brown hair that falls down to his shoulders. Being a submissive pet now, he always wears a collar, wrist-cuffs and leather anklet straps, combined with a very tight set of jeans. As he isn't allowed to go outside, he simply goes barefoot all the time too, just like he leaves his chest bare showing of his handsome sculpted abs. Two large white wings are folded together behind the angel's back, which tend to spread out a bit and move animatedly when he interacts with others.


Gabriel is exclusive to the corrupted Elijah path, after you have corrupted Elijah with the demon seed head back to the red light district and hunt for "Angel vs Demons" again. You will encounter a very upset seraphim searching for his lost brother in arms. The seraphim now may be encountered either as a random enemy or you may hunt for it to save time. When you first encounter him as an enemy you must choose how you will handle having information on Elijah. Either way will lead to combat, after you have beaten him you will have the option of taking advantage of him.

You also learn that there is something missing from him namely a cock, he believes this will put an end to your interest in him sexually, we all know better than that though. This will also begin Gabriels "training". The third time you train him you are granted an option to go inside a sex shop to "gear" up your broken angel or not. The fourth encounter should be the last that leads to you bring him back to the bunker, as you enter Elijah has some interesting opinions on your new broken angel.