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The distress call goes out again, "Help.. We need help!! There coming... OH GOD THER-?" The feed cuts off as several message are sent out many of the capable people around. A team is complied by the big three and each member of the team is given the information on the all those chosen, The message each to each of them is too meet up with the others inside of Zephyr building for a briefing. The com crackles dead for each of them as they are given orders.

Tyl first heard the call on his HAM radio, set up in his room back at home. He'd immediately suit up as his contacts from the Prometheans called him up and told him he could help out with the situation, packing his SMG, his hooked blade, his slingbow, and his stealth module. Unfortunately, he didn't have time to put on his full suit of armor, so his underarmor would have to do for this mission. He'd run out the door and move down the highway, headed for Zephyr HQ. Having quite the ways to go, he'd probably arrive after the rest of the group, unfortunately.

The clitter clatter of plated hide can be heard against each and every hard surface the spidier woman crosses. Her dress leaves far to be desired, almost ironic as she is carrying a sewing kit and absentmindedly working on applying dyes to something. She stops and waits outside the Zephyr building, having skimmed the dossiers, she's sure who should be here, at least, but not entirely sure about anything else. "As long as they show up this is the right spot right?" she chitters to herself.

Looking over the dossier, Arlan was less than pleased to note that most of this team would be Prometheans, at least Spade was someone he'd worked with in the field before. With nothing else to do about it, Arlan stocked up on trouble-gear and reported to the briefing.

Exiting the Zephyr building with a grimace, Aescher approaches Spade, recognizing them from the pile of dossiers he'd been handed over breakfast. The rat has an inordinate amount of gear attached to his form and a bolt-action rifle slung over his shoulder. He stops a short enough distance away that proper interaction is made difficult.

Eri poked her head out of a nearby allyway looking up and down the street and scanning over the building's windows before she took her first step into the light. She was a leapord tauric woman no less then 8 feet tall dressed in a long black leather trench coat, with blood red leather trim that cut down the center of it's back where her tauric body would meet where the leather's flow down her body, the jacket be like a surcoat beyond that point. And inside the unzipped coat was a set of body armor with combat webbing. Her tauric half however was covered in what seemed to be modified combat webbing as well something fittings for a taur and custom made, of course, though it made her seem like a pack animal for weapons with holsters and satchels all over her. She also had a set of red tinted tea-shades over her eyes, as well as a massive holstered revolver on her hip outside of the jacket. In her hands was the biggest, black metal thompson submachine gun that could fit in a soldier's arms. A potent looking weapon none the less and didn't look like any ordinary Tommy-gun.

As the group arrives a male human with large bunny ears growing out of his head, "Ah you've arrived." He looks over his own dossier to confirm the identies of the group. "Well I'm going to be frank with each of you. We have a very time sensitive mission. About three hours ago we sent in a team to answer a distress call thats been broadcasting over and over." He motions for the group to follow him, "Wait... Ones missing." He notices Tyl in the distance and leans his head to the side. "Alright. We are going to talk and walks follow me." He starts to walking with a sigh, "Alright we sent Team Squeaky Duck in to find out who was stuck in there and bring them back so we could innoculate them and get them in the swing of things. Now one hour in they were fine, then suddenly they mentioned a fog and their coms all went dead at once. We haven't had contact with them since. They traced the signal to A Business Complex just north of here called FES Systems. We want you to save them and find out what is going o our there because they were an ill-prepared scouting team. None of you should have the same problem." The bunny-eared man spoke simply, "Any questions?"

Tyl caught up with the rest of the group and tried to fill himself in with what he missed. Wasn't hard, thankfully, due to the rabbit-man's repetition of the plan. Scouting team went missing, they were being sent in as backup to try to get them, and those who released the distress signal, out. He had no questions about the mission, but he didn't know much about his teammates. Noticing the files the others had, Tyl would request his own set to go over before they left, so that he may read over them on the way there.

Spade cracks a smile as 'squeaky duck' is mentioned, following the large bunny to wherever they wish to bring them. "Not really, just go see whats wrong and bring people back if we can right?" she chitters. Her hands continue to work at her needle-work, her body producing threads for it's use. "When should we leave, is a better question, it's a time sensitive mission right? Is there transport?"

"Are we being issued chemical warfare gear? Because shifting shape into a killer whale isn't full protection for CBW attacks you know."

"Are we being issued chemical warfare gear? Because shifting shape into a killer whale isn't full protection for CBW attacks you know," Arlan stated with slight disbelief.

Aescher keeps silent as he trails a small distance behind the group, listening to their questions attentively and offering none of his own. He takes the time he has seperate from the group to examine his rifle and move some of his smaller pieces of gear around for better access.

Eri silently swung the heavy tompson machinegun over her shoulder and wandered out from the allyway and slowly followed after the group, pausing for a moment to beckon Aescher to follow along with a wave and a smile.

"There will be Transports but considering we don't know exactly what happen to the agents we will have you dropped off before you reach visual range. No chemical warfare will be used not my call but those money grubbers above my paygrade don't see a reason you would need it." The speaker continued to walk as the group came up to a large military transport vehicle. "Now this part comes from me, If things get hairy and you can't save them, cut and run. Information that you may learn may help us to finally figure out what the hell is going on." He says as each of the group is helped into the tranport. "Come back soon." He finishes as the vehical starts up and slowly pulls off, northbound to FES. The Radio on the Transport cackles to life, "Help.. We need help!! There coming... OH GOD THER-?" Just as quickly as it came the signal dies again.

Tyl listens carefully and grabs his dossiers, flipping the first one open and quickly scanning over it. Head would be raised only so he could step into the transport without falling flat onto his face. "Will do." he'd assure the rabit-man with a nod, before heading back into the dossiers and reading over them. He would make sure to hold onto Eri's at the end of this. Ear would flicker back and forth when the radio signal came in once more. Same as before, exactly the same. Prerecorded message? But that would mean someone had to set it up to repeat it...

Spade frowns at the radio, chittering in annoyance as she puts away her kit and shakes her head, pulling out a gun and a small moai statue which she gives a few rubs to. "That sounds so odd." she finally says.

"So, what do you folks think, we intentionally being lured into a trap or is this just one of these freaky, so-far-beyond-feral things we have to deal with today?" Arlan considers out loud. "My money is on it being a trap."

Aescher looks uncomfortable in his seat as the vehicle rolls to the drop off point. He squirms in his seat and looks a little sick as the vehicle hits repeatedly hits bumps and potholes in the road, though his ears angle towards Arlan when he mentions a possible trap. "Probably," he murmurs. A rat of few words, clearly.

Eri didn't say anything, and didn't opt to not take this bunny eared man's help inside. But rather simply gets a running start before gracefully jumping up on top of the transport on her own. The feline quietly curling up her tauric half while her upper body sat up and alert. And as the transport left and was on it's way, throughout the ride the loud machine gun would be heard. From outside as she fired at what occasional ferals she spotted for target practice.

The drive is pretty mellow most of the skunk girls and raccoon guys seem to pay little mind to the Transport as they continue on north. One of the drivers give a chuckle at Arlan's comment, "That is how I got my first mutation. I was starving from not rationing my MREs well enough and there was a cleaned out candy store. I walked into it after seeing a large delicious bar just sitting on the ground in the shape of a finger. I didn't care I walked up and bent over to pick it up. THere was half a dozen chocolate bunny that wanted to feed me. To this day I can't even eat candy without crying.." The chocolate bunny driver said as the sounds of machine gun fire reach his ears. "You crazy bitch. Keep it down!" The driver shouted, "We are are on a scount and rescue mission not a hunting trip." Diver slames on the breakes hard enough to rock the tranport before slamming on the gas again. An hour of driving had passed before the convoy stop just before they reached the turn to get to FES building. "Alright everyone. We will be parked here till you need us. You have eight hours till we consider you MIA or KIA." The bunny says with a serious expression. Just a few hundered feet away, The large building loomed. Its windows were cracked, the door dented in from the outside and looks like some fire damage from the outside. The only sign of life outside of the building was a few large trees.

Spade looks to Eri curiously, not quite approving of the random target practice, but not really willing to stop them. She listens to the drivers time estimate and looks around. "Well.... maybe I could fly over it and check it out?" she questions out loud to herself, not entirely sure she wants to be the first to go anywhere near the building. She looks to the others for ideas.

"Okay, who's in charge of thinking?" Arlan begins asking, "Because my thinking is that we need low-profile, exterior recon before we consider how we get in. Emphasis on the low-profile since they're probably trying to lure us into a trap or ambush. It's been long enough since the distress started and the last team got here that I really doubt rushing in quick will help anybody."

Tyl perked his ears and smiled as Arlan mentioned 'low-profile' and 'recon.' "That sounds like me, then. I'm scentless, I'm practically invisible when I need to be, I'm silent and agile as you'd expect a feline to be. Don't worry about the bright colors... they won't even see a blur." he'd brag with a chuckle. "Which, upon my approval, seems to make you in charge of thinking by default." he'd add with a nod conveying his confidence in Arlan's planning abilities.

Aescher bobs his head in agreement as Arlan speaks. The rat shoulders his weapon and moves a little away from the group to look around the area, gaze often moving right back to the building and regarding it with suspicion in his eyes. The rat makes sure his rifle is loaded and waits for somebody to make a move.

Eri was quiet displeased with the driver's skill at making her miss. Though she said nothing at all, but rather simply jumpped from the top of the transport to join the party.

As the team is planing little else happens before each of their coms fires up with the same distress call. The wind blows little else seems to be harrasing the group as an almost serene peace is over the otherwise horrible looking building.

Tyl looks around the building from where he is, his ears and eyes flickering about rapidly as they fully absorbed the area to the best of his ability. With the attention-grabbing -schling- of his hooked blade, Tyl began to point out the positions where he thought enemies may be hiding. A few spots on the first and second floors, and in the trees around them. This very much seemed like some kind of a trap, but something was very odd. It wasn't localized, what he heard. It was spread out through the entire area. "It's like... this entire area is breathing." he'd whisper to his team mates. "I'll... Go ahead, sure. But maybe being cocky isn't the smartest. Here." he'd continue, before beginning to strip out of his bright, shiny clothing, until he remained in just his skin-tight black underarmor and shoes. "Anyone got a bag for this?"

Spade grumbles and turns off her com unit, seemingly annoyed by the message. "I think I see movement over by that tree." she says pointing it out. "But... it might be the tree itself, I'm not sure." she chitters lowly, just enough that others in the group can hear. She readies herself for combat, and looks about the area for anything else of interest, keeping an eye on the location she'd seen movement warily. She also, takes a listen for whatever it is Tyl just heard. She at first ignores the offered carryables, and then opts to take them hastily with a snatch of two legs, before she stows them.

"The whole area is hot? Freaky. New plan, someone sets up to take a pot shot at one of the trees we think is either concealing, or is, hostile. The rest of us wait in ambush. Who's got HE or something good for smashing a tree, only me?" Arlan considers out loud before transforming into something far less vulnerable looking than a human.

Eri leveled her oversized Tompson on the poor tree though she merely silently wandered over to it with slow careful steps keeping an eye out for traps or mines as she quietly wandered over to her position.

Aescher listens as Arlan speaks and shakes his head. "I don't wanna attract the attention of whatever did this. I still want to get these people back if we can." Weapon raised the rat follows Eri, watching her back in case of trouble

As the group moves around the building and inspects every nook and cranny of the perimeter. There is a sound of a slowly hissing coming from somewhere inside, the sound is extremely loud at first then calms down before fully fading away. The trees no matter how hard they are glared at do not move an inch.

Tyl smiled and thanked Spade for taking his things, and then gave a nervous little expression with his ears and tail as Arlan transformed into a new form. Truth is, he couldn't stand adepts, and as their power grew he became more wary of them. Nobody deserves that much power, as was Tyl's opinion, so he silently added Arlan's dossier to the list of files he'd bring back to the Athapaskians after this was over. "I don't think taking a pot shot is a good idea. Especially since there's no chance you'll hit anything." he'd whisper. "I said the AREA seems like it's breathing. I'm not sure if there are even hostiles about." he'd continue, eyes fixated on the building in front of them, studying it so carefully he didn't notice Eri slipping over to the side. When he heard the hiss, his ears would lean back on his head, and the cat seem taken aback. Afterwards, he'd step forwards, ready to scout out the building. "Keep an eye on me, please." he'd request from his group, before crouching low and rushing towards the building on quiet feet.

Spade says "I'm almost positive those trees look like they have arms. They aren't from around california either dear." she says as she readies her body for action. "Don't be too hasty." she chitters and sighs as Tyl runs off.

Arlan takes out the death ray and then explains his plan, "Look, hostage message repeats intermittently on the radio, possibly is a recording or mimicry. First group lost radio contact after what seems to have been a gas attack. I want a threat assessment before I even consider going inside the building to rescue people that are probably already writeoffs. The safest way is to fire on a sentry from a distance and see what happens, a less safe way is to advance on the sentry and see what happens. Do you really wanna risk a gas attack to find out the mission is a waste of time? I don't."

Aescher hears the hissing from the building and goes stock still like a proper rodent. He looks around at the spreadout team and silently curses them as he backs away a bit and takes a potshot at an upper floor window and goes back even farther.

Eri suddenly began running and leapt onto the tree, rapidly climbing to a high but solid branch to peer into the second floor. With the tommy gun at the ready.

The moment Eri climbs up a branch and looks at the second floor most of her vision is filled with a small room with piping going though it. There everything seems ok Till Aeschers's shot hit the window. Something blurs across Eri's vision so quickly its hard to say what it was besides a black blur. The sound of shattering glass seems to sturn whatever the causes the hissing sound as another round of hissing occurs before stopping a little bit of time later.

Tyl was just taking a quick peak inside when he heard a gunshot ring out from behind me. "Aw great, what a team of professionals I'm working with. Things start making scary noises and they shit the bed." he'd think to himself, quickly taking his look and then backing up quickly to rejoin his group. "Nothing on the first floor but a wall lined with loads of pipes. This building is certainly not... natural? Or would the correct phrasing be 'natural' nowadays?" he'd ask, joking around mostly to help ease their nervous attitudes.

Spade sighs and tries to track whatever is hissing at them, unsure exactly what to do with the situation that's being created for her by reckless peers. "Does anyone know what this building was used for? Would have been great intel, but I didn't think about it, being time sensitive and all." She stays as alert as possible.

"I didn't notice anything in the briefing materials that tells me what the building was originally for or what it's being used for most recently. For all we know there's pneumatics, hot water pipes or steamworks inside, which is a normal way to heat buildings," Arlan explains, before turning to Aescher and saying, "Hey, fire discipline please. Now we have to circle around and try from another angle," before trudging around to another angle on the building, scanning the exterior for other entrances with his keen vision and generally surveying the surroundings.

Aescher is back peddling towards Arlan now and casting a glare in his direction. with his rifle trained on building. He occasionally shakes his head and berates himself, "Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid." He calms after a few minutes and becomes more generally sullen, going to waiting for somebody else to do something.

Eri grinned aiming after the blur, though she didn't fire. And with a soft kind voice she said without tearing her gaze from the second story window. "Well you scared something off. It was alone it seems and it was watching use. I am guessing a feral. Anyone care to climb to the second floor. Or am I on my own?" She clearly had an Asian accent to her. Though her voice was incredibly soft spoken, almost elven like.

As Eri is looking into the window. There is a goo girl that stands looking at her with a strange unblinking gaze. With a vicious giggle a tendril of goo rocket out and smacks Eri off the tree with the force of cannon ball. The goo laughs loudly leaning out the window, "Hahahahaha-" Something snatches her back inside as screams come from her body and the loud hissing starts again.

Tyl turns around immediately as he hears laughter, his SMG pointed in the direction it came from. He'd let out a few startled shots of his own, although of course he was late to the trigger and missed completely. Probably a good thing, too, as he might have hit Eri as well. "SHIT. SHIT. Did anyone see what got 'em?" he'd growl, swinging his gun around, scanning over the windows and front entryway to the building as he strafed along next to the rest of the party, towards the side of the building.

The spider sighs once more at the hurried antics of the group, watching the goo girl with a smile until they are snatched away. She decides, after consideration, to attempt to hike up the side of the building to that window, trailing thread behind her a she moves. She can't quite get all the way up there, but she manages to hit the second floor, staying as alert as possible. She attempts to force the window open if it is not already missing.

Arlan makes quick notes of what the group has seen so far over the radio for HQ, notes that the party is going through the window entrance since it's less likely that there are landmines waiting in a window, then covers the people climbing up with the death ray instead of the tesla cannon because that's more accurate.

Regardless of potential dangers, Aescher rushes towards where Eri fell and begins checking on her condition, squeaking and chittering all the way. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry... oh God." As upset as he is, the rat won't be much good until he's sure Eri is okay.

Eri stared blankly at the goo girl before getting smacked and falling for the ground, clutching her gun in her arms like it were a dear thing to her. And a thud later the leopard taur groans. "There... are several things on the second floor..." After a moment or two she rolls on her back and looks over her gun before trying to get to her feet.

As Spade make it already open window there is little left but a green trail and scorch marks in the room. The air around Spade smell of some strange musky scent. The tree that Eri feel from makes a loud yawning noise before going silent again, the branches seem to have moved slightly. Arlan attempts to call the HQ is interrupted by the distress signal. Any time he starts to use it the signal plays again, there is no way to tell if he is being heard or not.

Tyl would follow Spade up the wall, joining her on the second floor of the building and watching her back for her, pointing his SMG down the other hallway. Ear would flicker at the yawn from the trees outside, but he paid no attention to them.

Spade tries to wave off the musk, looking about for anything that had been seen. Eri had said they saw something, she had to be ready to react. Her body tense, and her weapon semi-ready she proceeds to carefully examine the nearest unsafe area, preparing to lash out at anything and everything.

Arlan calls out to the people upstairs, "Somehow that distress signal interrupts me each time I call back to base, I don't like that. I think we should go back to the APC and call back to home base for further instructions, maybe backup." He trains his eyes on the nearest 'tree' as he says this, hoping that his speech isn't enough to convince it to start being violent.

Sensing the operation starting to fall apart and not willing to tangle with whatever's in the building. Aescher makes his way back to the APC and climbs aboard.

Eri lifts herself to her feet and stares at the yawning tree. "It... yawned?" She murmured to herself before dusting herself off and wandering for Spade slowly, keeping an eye on the 'trees' and gun at the ready.

As Spade and Eri explore the upper floors there are pipe in every room. The sound of water moving through them causes a small amount of hearing ddifficulty. THe floor has what looks to be shed fur and strange fluid of a dark green coloration. As Eri pursues spade and Tyl there is a hissing sound coming from the 3rd floor. THe only entrance seem s to be a large metal door that would look more at home in a panic room. The door has claw marks all over and more of the strange green goo on it.

Tyl takes one look at the door with claw marks and green goo, and puts his ears back and his tail between his legs. "I'm not gonna be the one to open that up..." he'd grumble to the other two. "I think we should head back... We kind of left Arlan behind." he'd then add, turning around whilst standing between the two others, keeping them in his vision at all times.

Spade chitters "They're with umm... what was their name." She doesn't stop to think of the names she had so skillfully skimmed and pushed mostly aside by this point. "Whatever made those scratches was on this side when they did it, I see no reason the other side would be any less safe than here." She moves to the door, stepping over the messes and pulls the door. "Well it's locked anyhow. If you really want to go back we've seen and heard plenty."

Given new direction Arlan makes like a crested wyvern and lands on the roof, then looks for roof access and pries it open with lefty and righty.

Eri slowly wanders to the spot she was when she fell keeping an eye out for anything to cross paths with her. And begins to search for clues as toe where the goo girl went and that figure that ran past her, to see where they went. Along with looking up at the ceiling to see if there was a sub-ceiling to crawl through.

Unfortunately for Arlan, lefty and righty do little against the roof access door which was built to take a blast from something alot stronger than your regular office is used too and its locked. As Spade and Tyl speak to one another a steady knocking comes the third floor as the hissing begins again. This time there is a bright glow coming from the door little peep hole. The glow is so bright that even Arlan being outside can see it from the door he is at. While this is going on Eri notices there is a vent in the ceiling big enough to crawl through.

Tyl would turn around again as the glow started to reach his eyes. "Aww, shit, now what?" he'd ask nobody in particular, gun aimed at the door. Feline crouched down low and prepared to leap backwards if he needed to

Arlan puts the crowbars away in his duster and climbs over the edge of the roof. He then manifests some diamond drake claws to use as an improvised glass cutter to cut his way into the nearest window that looks suitable.

Eri wandered back to Tyl and motioned to have Tyl follow her. "There is a vent we could try." She whispered before walking back to the spot she was and opening the vent.

Arlan manages to cut his way through the window which leads into a small room. with another door similar to the outside door as the only exit. The room looks like it was it was a former Storage space but the only thing in it is a few pipes and a skunk girl. The creature doesn't look in good shape as it gazes at Arlan its body covered in bite mark and burn marks. She looks to injured to do much more and and struggle to get away but her legs are missing as if something melted them off very recently. The smell is horrored as she tries to give a blast of skunk spray in fear but a even that looks melted away. Again everyone can hear the hissing sound as the pipes shake. The vent is pestine on the inside as if not a lick of dust ever fell in there.

Tyl sighed, not wanting to climb into the vent. He had someone to go home to at the end of the day. He absolutely refused to go in there, and he knew that he'd have to go alone due to the others' sizes. "No. Let's just get out of here. Nobody's lives are worth our own, and the distress signal is however old, they're probably dead anyway. Let's get out." he'd say sternly, pointing to the broken window nearby.

At least he'd found A hostage it looked like to Arlan. He said, "Whoa there, calm down, I'm with Zephyr and hopefully I can get you out of here. Is there anybody else nearby?" he asks.

Eri looks around the room as the pipes shake. "We still have to at least look for something... And I doubt you can boost me in there... Do you have a better idea?" She asks looking around the hall or room for something else a door or the like.

Tyl shook his head to Eri, sighing. "I've got someone I need to go home to. I'm sorry. Nobody, nothing, is worth dying here and being unable to see them again. I'm out of here." the cat would whisper, before jumping out the window and sprinting as fast as possible to the ACP, a hand on his moth lethal weapon.

The Skunkgirl tries to scream but the only thing that comes out is a horse whine. She tries to uses her hands to drag herself away but the pain of moving is far worse than she imagined. She just gives a wheezing cry on the ground. A carefully look at the skunk reveals that she looks very malnuroished. Mean while Eri was ditched by Tyl something strange started to happen, a loud scraping sound came from behind her. Something was getting closer to her...

Disappointed that what's left of that skunkgirl is too traumatized to be talked to, Arlan climbs back up on the roof, walks over and tries cutting into a different glass window where the skunk girl isn't, looking for more clues and a decent place to go into the building where he can set up at least two retreat routes.

Eri frowns as she watches Tyl leave. The only thing she seemed to be losing her crew to is mostly fear it seems. And perhaps with good reason, the leopard wondered raising her gun to her shoulder and slowly turning around trying to remain quiet and looking over the room carefully as if she may have missed something.

The next window Arlan comes to has its inside door open, there is nothing but a fine layer of dust. As looks further in there seems to be a sand coming from the main room. There is computers lining the wall in the large secured room. Near Arlan is a security console, a few buttons to unlock the security doors or activate the defenses which has a blinking word or error on it. There is a mountain of dust in the center of the room atleast ten feet wide and about five feet high. Meanwhile Eri continues to hear a knocking in the vents around her green ooze starts to drip out of one of the pipes.

Eri grins and she shakes her head though still looking for some other exit then a window rather then opting to fight an ooze with bullets.

Arlan is disturbed by the pile of dust, not being able to think of anything natural which would cause such a thing to pile up in a security monitoring room. He gives up and continues checking the other rooms, cutting open windows as he tries to build a mental map of the layout of the building.

Eri has walked far enough to notices the large door blocking the area. This door probably could be picked with the right skills. Behind her the area is filling with slime, faces starts to appear in the slime as it slowly sperates inot someting else. Upstairs Arlan cut open another window there is a Raccoon guy with a bandana over his head and a bit of beef jerky in his hands. He looks at Arlan with a hollow expression. "Oh. You must be the rescue. I'm Bill. Squeaky Duck Recon team. You are?" The hollow expression doesn't leave his face as he speaks.

"Arlan, Zephr, the next team after you, I forget what silly name they gave us. How bad is this trap, what's your condition and the condition of your team, and how many folks can I spring before we should run?" he asks, hoping that this isn't yet another trap.

Eri simply runs for an open window with a leap and a bound before launching herself out of the goo's grasp and once more on the grounds of the building.

The leap launches Eri to the ground, as she looks around she notices that all the tree are in new positions than before. Back inside Bill give a tired sigh, "Funny thing is, Its not a trap. The damn emergency thing got hit while we were fighting off the goo to get to this room. The doors were open so when we got in we locked it down. I turned it off but then we got attacked by what is really living in hear. It keeps me and I think another locked up in here but it mainly feeds on the goos. I don't know what kinda feral it is but it is not normal. I say we book it and let some real meat heads come deal with it. Maybe a tank or too." HE says still with the hollow look on his face.

Arlan agreed with Bill's suggestion to leave, "I'm an adept, I'll step down and pick you up out of the window. I just have the sinking expectation that they're gonna pick me for the return trip because I survived the way over. But c'mon, we've got an APC waiting, let's jet." He then took off and stowed his clothes carefully, then jumped down as a pool of latex that went bounce a couple times and turned into a steel giant to fetch Bill out of the third story window.

Eri curiously watches the tree as she wanders near the over turned car to get into the second floor and pulls out her radio to simply call "Arlan... I think that is your name.. There is a goo monster on the second floor somewhere I escaped from it, and best guess is you're the only one in there so it'll be coming for you sooner or later. I didn't find anything, so we should get out of here."

Bill watched the display and just says, "Neat." Doesn't take long for them to get down. As Eri tries to radio Arlan she is hit by the distress call again. The group makes it out to the APCs without being attack. The drives look somberly as only one of the team of eight is returning. The drive home is a quiet one but the sorrow is thick in the air. Bill doesn't say a word but his belly seems a little bigger than before. There is little fanfare as they return and debrief the situation. There will be a clean up squad sent in later but today was for mourning...