Fenrir Wolf (dedication)

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*sniff* *sniff sniff* NOM


Anyone can dedicate to the Fenrir Wolf for 50 Mako if they can find the clearing amidst the storm to the north.


Fenrir Wolves can tell the active dedication on other players by smelling them.

Additionally, they gain the Shred the Moon and Swallow the Sun dedication powers.

Additional Equipment

Name Description Reward Token Cost
Fenrir Sensory Training This training allows you to sniff as good as a Fenrir, even when not actively so. You must own the fenrir dedication for it to work. 250

Thematic Information

Hunters of the wolf age, swelling their numbers now it is apparent there are more gods than just the all-father to kill, the children of Loki seek their prey.

Form Profile

Fenrir Wolf (dedication)

Powers FSMonsterStub.png Organ Sizes
Arms: Raking Claws Height: ? ? :Mass
Tail: - Breasts: ? ? :Breast Size
Groin: Overpenetrate Clits: ? ? :Clit Length
Head: Bleeding Bite, Instinctual Bond Cocks: ? ? :Cock Length
Legs: - Balls: ? ? :Ball Size
Skin: Icy Hide, Thick Hide Cunts: ? ? :Cunt Length
Torso: Juggernaut, Muscle Mass, Quadrupedal Stance Gender: ? SayVerb: ?
Flags: ? Supports: Supports Arm Divider
Forms: ?
Description: The Fenrir Wolf (dedication)'s