Female Alley Cat

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Female Alley Cat

Arms: Gouging Claws
Legs: Feline Agility, Raking Claws
Skin: Furry Hide
Torso: Nurse


Much more rare than their male counterparts, but slightly better fed as well.

The Female Alley Cat's body is covered in slightly silky furred feline flesh. Her head is narrow and feline with perky triangular ears and slitted feline pupils. Her body is shapely but slightly starved-looking. Her ribs just barely show through the skin, indicating that she doesn't eat well but that she does get more food than the male version of this strain. She has 4 starting at petite breasts. The breasts under the first top pair are smaller. Row 2 is flat breasts. Her arms are slender and sleek, capable of rapid and repeated strikes. Her legs are shapely, alluring and built for speed, with all the practice and grace of a professional athlete. Her rump is below average. It can be groped even if there isn't much body fat on it and it's a little bony if squeezed too hard. It also sports a knee length feline tail that extends from the spine above the hip, swaying with her mood. A private peek would reveal that: Her groin resembles that of a female alley cat. She has a standard needily plump vagina.




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