Farm Hen

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Farm Hen

Arms: Flutter
Tail: Egg Toss
Head: Peck
Legs: Raking Claws
Skin: Feathery Hide


The Female Lamia's body is covered in a smooth surface of brilliantly sparkling emerald-green scales. Her head is very serpentine, with a snake's mouth, filled with needle-like fangs. Her yellow eyes are cold and unblinking, and she can flare out a hood when she wants to impress. Her body is mostly human-like and feminine. It seems a little delicate, but toned. She has 2 flat breasts. Her arms are very human- like, until you get to the hands, which have only three fingers and a thumb, each capped with a slim, short claw. Her hips are wide and motherly. Her rump, if you can call it that, is enticingly round and shapely. Below the waist, this creature is completely serpentine. A massive lamia tail extends for some body lengths behind her, easily supporting her upper body. A private peek would reveal that: Her groin resembles that of a female lamia. She has a small wet and needy, thick-lipped pussy.