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This is an example of what would be better as a landing page and/or something to better guide new players to the MU part of the game (aka the game proper)

Ideally, the very first link on the left menu (Navigation) should be "Starting out", either above or right below Game subsection

Starting out

Welcome to the game! You're probably wondering what you can do, or what you should do. The most important thing for you to know is that the game proper takes place in a MU environment, that is, a bunch of lines of text. If your browser can't play flash for whatever reason, you can download one of these clients to connect to the game:

  • MUSHClient (Windows) - Requires installation
  • PotatoMU (Windows, Linux, Mac) - No installation needed
  • Mudlet (Windows, Linux, Mac) - Requires installation
  • Blowtorch (Android) - Somewhat unstable
  • Lensdroid (Android) - Very stable, terrible scrolling
  • MUDRammer (iOS)

To connect, you can create a new world/connection in any of those clients providing the address: flexiblesurvival.com , port 2000 (2222 also works).

Why should you do it?

This game is supposed to be an actual Role Playing Game. That is, while connected directly, you are free to interact and roleplay however you wish with other players. That is where your character actually matters, its looks, its skills, its description, everything.

Also, the web site lacks the actual exploration and interaction with the places and things that are available, like having sex with any of the NPCs.

This sounds really confusing

Worry not, it can take a while to get used to the MU controls. Luckily, there is also the game wiki to help you. You can start either at the Quick Newbie FAQ or at the more complete Newbie Guide 2017.