Ember Breeder

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Ember Breeder

Arms: Small Claws
Tail: Overpenetrate
Skin: Furry Hide
Torso: Cleansing Milk, Nurse


As the name implies, these Ember representatives seek out victims to breed with, bringing the choicest back to their Matriarch for further enjoyment, and tending the resultant children.

The Ember Breeder's body is covered in soft gray fur with darker brown ringlets that cover her oddly sensitive skin, begging to be petted and stroked. Her head is very canine, with a squared snout and a wet sniffing nose. When she smiles, sharp white canines are revealed, but many of her teeth seem omnivorous, like a human's. Her ears are floppy, drooping down halfway up over themselves. Her body is shaped like that of an oversexed human, though her front has the clear lined bump of a pouch. Her breasts leak milk, a few droplets at a time. Sie has 2 small breasts. Her arms are heavyset and powerful looking, but with relatively small claws, better suited for grabbing and holding rather than tearing apart. Her legs are shaped to accommodate large, canine paws. They curve to give her wide hips and an enticing saunter to her steps. She has a nicely curved, bubbly ass that, when spread, reveals aching flesh. A long, flexible tail that is thick with muscle drapes over it. A private peek would reveal that: She has an above average ridged, spined, knotted cock. She has tiny balls. She has a standard drooling cunt.