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Ela, mute, friendly, dangerous. A slightly disturbed individual her current state more stable then it has been in the past, however, this simply means the actions she takes are being knowingly chosen. This alone causes some worry among those that work for her, a delusional sadist, with strong illusion nanomagic, as well as decent medical abilities and nanomagic to back them up. Lately however, she has been, attempting, to curve her appetites, to some success. Thou, she has a terrible temper, let her "coat" be the proof of this. Rather then true leather, it seems as if someone might be missing quite a bit of skin...

Her future aspirations involve no grandeur or power seeking, nor any truly evil schemes. She simply wants to eventually expand her library, making a larger living area and hopefully gather new members at some point.

Overall, Ela can be violent, nice, kind, or downright evil, and, she does it all with a happy little grin, not seeming to realize her facial features don't match the emotion she is supposed to be showing. One can find her at Zephyr of her store, Ela's Book Store, and almost always in the company of her chain sword, Poke.

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Zephyr- Zephyr? Huh, well, they are a business. Trusted only as long as one has the funds to pay for such things. Yes I work for them, but trust them? Only so long as I have cash they happen to want at the moment.

RSX- Shortsighted, foolish and hopeful. Some can be rather biased towards people just on how they look, how strange given that how someone looks is so, ephemeral, these days.

Promethean- Even more foolish then RSX, I have nothing to say about toys that band together for some greater good.

Ferals- You do of course mean the toys outside yes? So excellent to have such play things wandering about. They can sing quite well you know.

Agents - Some are toys, some are just so much meat, and some, a few, are actually worth knowing.

Anubis - A god I served some time back, I'll not speak of it.

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Aqua - The first person Ela met after joining Zephyr, they have been fast friends, and lovers, for years now, though Ela's absence has caused her to lose track of Aqua's where abouts.

Caris - A current, rather close friend, and currently one of the only people, besides Aqua, that has inspired Ela to heal rather then harm.

Smokie - A Coyote friend of Ela's that she hasn't seen in quite some time.

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RP Hooks

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A short, young woman, her eyes are disturbingly dark, and her smile is much to wide. Oh, she's attractive enough to those who find such things attractive. Her skin seems pale with a slight, barely noticeable olive tone to it, faint, indistinguishable markings along parts of her skin, faded beyond recognition. There does seem to be some light to it, a ghost of a flame just below the skin. She has a waspish waist and a lightly muscled form, and long, dark hair falls to the middle of her back in a thick braid. Her nose is small, though her face is a bit thin, with prominent cheek bones and plump lips. Her teeth though, are a bit too sharp for a regular human, looking like a mouth full of small needles rather then normal teeth. Her body has several ash smears and bits of dried blood, though it doesn't seem to be hers, the smell of it lies just under her scent, a charnel house hidden by something sweet. Though, that sweetness, whatever innocence she may hold is off set by the bloody chain sword at her hip. Well used, and well maintained despite the old blood in the chains, it is well made despite the crude POKE carved into the metal. She also has a note pad, and marker with her, tucked away into a small pouch at her side. 

Her outfit is rather, simple. A ragged, patched leather jacket, pale white in color and roughly stitched together. forming one large jacket that, despite it's rough appearance, is rather well fitted to her. The leather seems rather raggedly cured, though well made, and rather supple as well. The jacket ties shut around her waist, rather like a corset really, tying beneath her bust. The neck is a deep plunge collar, the bottom of V the start of the corset, and due to this the top part is fitted to be quite tight,  drawing her breasts tight together, and creating no small amount of cleavage. Below the corset the jacket spreads out, opening in the front while it has something a dove tailed look to it.  She wears similar pale, leather, leggings, laced up the sides with a blackish red thread. The leggings are fitting rather well but don't quite tie right, the pale skin of her legs revealed from where the leggings tie at. Her feet are shod in black leather boots, the only thing obviously not something she made herself.  They have a spike heel, about five inches, and buckle shut along the side.

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  • Eye Color : Black
  • Hair Color : Black
  • Height : Four Foot Eleven
  • Weight : Fifty pounds
  • Breasts : Two, average.
  • Cunts : 1, impossibly elastic.

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No logs found.

Know Dedication
  • Nanite Adept CURRENT
  • Namidian
  • Anubis Servant
  • Mall Rat
  • Kitsune

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