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Arms: Raking Claws
Tail: Tail Smash
Head: Poison Breath
Legs: Lunge
Skin: Furry Hide,Hard as Scale
Torso: Feline Agility

A Dweller is normally female and is naturally size 5. Her body is covered in lush, long fur that lies over fine scales. The overlying fur is a rich tan color with striped bands of red. The scales beneath are a highly lustered red, too. Her head is fox-like with a long, tapered muzzle and a pad nose. Large, fennec-like ears rise into tuft-tipped points. Black sclera surround luminous irises in high contrast. Dark markings silhouette the eyes, and line the crinkles of her muzzle to give a tribal visage. Her body is lean and vaguely lizard-like and feline-like both with its litheness and flexibility. The fur that covers her body creates a tufty mane at the base of her neck and dips down over her chest like a collar or stoal. The thick stripes of alternate fur color follow her spine and V over her hips and along her ribs. Her arms are slender but powerful with reptilian digits capped in curved claws. Fur tufts against the shoulders and flows smoothly down the arms before forming downy, draping cuffs at the wrists. Her scaled hands are bare of fur. Her legs are firm with lean muscle and perfect for springing. Her feet are spread and reptilian with fine talons at the ends of her toes. Her lush fur coats along her legs until forming thick cuffs around her ankles that leave her feet bare of fur, covered in scale. She bare a lengthy, prehensile taper of lizard-like tail over her well-toned, round buns. The entire length is coated in that lush, long fur, gloving close against its taper. The end of it is capped in a tufty splay of fur. She has 2 average breasts.