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Arms: Flamethrower, Heavy Smash
Head: Biting Wit
Legs: Pounce
Skin: Conductive
Torso: Muscle Mass, Vitality


This is the evil, red kind, not the good, blue, Robin Williams kind.

The Djinn's body is covered in dark red flesh. His head is bald and dark red skinned with a single black topknot ponytail. His eyes glow golden. His body is thick muscled and smooth like a body builder, with seamless golden rings in both nipples. His arms are dark red, thick muscled, and with a golden band around each wrist. His legs are heavily muscled and dark red, covered in poofy golden pants. He also wears curly pointed shoes on his feet. His ass is tight, muscled, and dark red. A private peek would reveal that: He has a leg sized dark red penis. He has fist sized balls.