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Kilsa is currently talking another trip from the Wet Bitch hotel to pick up more of her things that she left within the brotherhoods building. She looked around as she entered the room and notices Mirana cleaning the building by herself and waves, "Mira. How are you?" She asked while placing a box on the floor and going through counters looking for different vials that she stashed around in case of danger.

Miranai looks at Kilsa as she walks in and bows, holding the mop, "How are you Miss? And, why the box, umm, and the vials? What....what's going.. on?" She looks around as Kilsa starts to gather the vials. Her tail wags softly at seeing Kilsa again after not seeing her for so long. "Oh... and.. umm.. by the way Miss... Umm... Th.. there was... 25... kits f.. from you..." she blushes as she says this, proud of being able to do this for her mistresses and masters.

Kilsa drops the box in a surprise. "Oh Miranai!" She gives the fox taur, "Oh my that great, we should let them meet some of my other children in the forest." She blushes and composes hersef. "I'm glad to hear that." She give the Mira a kiss before picking up the boxs, "I'm leaving the Surrogate Brotherhood, I don't have a place here. I was hoping to have my things out quicker, I've already began working on getting what I wanted from this group on my own." She smiles at the Fox taur as she placed a dozen stuffed animals in the box.

Miranai listens and smiles about their children meeting, "Yes Miss, it would be nice to have them meet each other, though my kits tend to stay city folk." She murrs loudly at the kiss but soon looks dismayed. "L.. leaving!? But.. why!? No... you.. can't leave Miss... Kilsa.. no..." She drops the mop with a loud clag on the floor. "no...." She looks back to her pack. And then around to her bots. If she really wanted to, she could make Kilsa stay, but... she couldn't do that really. Leaving...? She looks to the floor and sways gently where she's standing. Placing her hands up against her head she looks up to Kilsa. Hack her, use the comm unit and... and.... well, just try. Her eye glows green as she sends an innocent message to Kilsa's comm. She'd need her ID and Frequency to hack her, and.... well most comms don't go beyond simple messaging, but maybe Kilsa's did. Over the comm she messages 'You can't leave Kilsa, why would you want to?' then she sets up a packet sniffer to catch her ID and Frequancy.

The Nanite Adept give a look to her comm, "Strange." She send a message back, 'I want to fulfill my purpose.' She sends back before looking at Miranai, "Tell me with without the influence of anyone else who do you want to be? I want to be someone who can put my skills to use and feel good about it. I once took a walk with Selyra and nicky and attacked a spider outside the pet shop. I know she was retreating but I have the impluse to fight and I didn't kill her, I simply gave her a warning. Just like the skunk girls if you intimidate enough ferals they don't bother you." She sighed, "So Miranai, What is your purpose, the one you desire for yourself?"

Miranai checks her recent gathered information, and there it is Kilsa's ID and Frequency. She gets to work both eyes glowing feriously as she works. User : Miranai. Password : ******** Zypher researcher access. Root Kit uploaded, admin backdoor created. Now, how deep into Kilsa's mind does her comm go? Is it the usual one? Or is it like hers? After a long pause she answers. "Well. I.. I guess.. I want to just please.. please my mistresses and masters... and.. well, I like building... and.. I.. like researching. I .. I just want to be helpful. And... children.. I .. I want lots of kits.. I love kits.. but.... Mistress Selyra is right.. I make too many kits...." She looks down a bit and would start crying if she wasn't hard at work trying to get into Kilsa.

The nanite adepts com is doesn't go much further in her mind than messaging and a list of notes in the form of saved messages. "But do you feel limited in your ability to please? I've been here for a short amount of time and from what I've seen you don't give to put that beautiful mind to work." She walks up and give Miranai a kiss on the forhead. "Your first trip to the forest was with me and what kind of person doesn't even take their friends/pets/servants, out with them? I was shocked the most by that I must admit. I feel like your being limited and I feel the same about myself that is why I cannot stay. Selyra is allowed to rule how she pleases but I'm a person that wants more than she will offer me, I want to be put to my purpose rather than told to change."

Miranai messages... more messages... MORE MESSAGES! No.. maybe she was the only one with a comm that actually linked into her brain. She starts crying as she looks though more and more messages but nothing about any of the shifter's higher functions, or anything beyond just a message system. She stops actively using her wetware and just sobs, "Don't go....." she says and when Kilsa kisses her forehead she nearly collapses. She tries to focus on the questions more then the devistation she is feeling right now, "Well... yes, I'm a bit.. limited. I mean, Mistress gives me freedom to do what I please now.. and that is good, but most of what I want is just to please her and the others. But... I don't often go for walks, and.... it is a rare day that someone asks me for something to be built or designed. And.... when I talk about being a breeder... I usually get a sharp look from Mistress..." She rubs her arm as she goes on, bumping the underside of her breasts as she does.

Kilsa look at Miranai and hugs the distraught Fox, "I'm not going forever but I want to give you an offer from the bottom of heart. I want you to be free but I want it to be your choice, I want to offer you a life where you can use your tech skills to help a group I'm forming fight our enemies. I would allow you to join on any mission we take and most of all I will personally make sure that we have a den and I will breed you as much as a half lakai can." She blushed and began to rub on the Foxes back while hugging her tightly, "I want you to let it all out, I'm here for you."

Miranai looks at the ground again and continues to cry, "But.. how could I leave Master Anbessa? Or Mistress Selyra? My family here? How could I just do that?...." and she can't help but stammer many times. It did sound wonderful.. and.. a breeding den? She wouldn't have to worry about getting stuck anymore, and... do what she wanted? Always being... helpful to many others? It was what she was hoping for as she worked her way in to the SB, after she'd managed to relise that more basic needs, like food, would never be in short supply. "I... I... love the sound of.. what you are offering Miss.. but.. I'm.. no.. not sure I.. could.." she says. She breaks the hug to walk over to her pack, digging though she pulls out a leash, with paw prints over it. She sniffles a bit and tears roll down her cheeks and muzzle, "I... I guess.. I sh.. should give this.. back then... right M..er... I guess not miss if you are leaving.. just... Kilsa..." and she breaks down and cries again.

The Adept shake her head, "Do you think I am leaving the country, dear? I will still be within the city." She then decides to be very blunt, "I know you love them and even if you left the botherhood I would never prevent you from doing whatever made you happy. If you wanted to come here every day and see and play with your friends I would personally walk you here if your pregnant and let you go on your own if you not." She closes Miranai's hand over the leash, "Distance doesn't change what I want from you. I want you to be whole and happy, Selyra has good intention for you but she is too attached to the old world, I understand the drive to breed and pleasure a mate as strongly as I undestand my drive to dominate and mother over my own brood." She lean in an Kiss Miranai on the muzzles even tasting the inside of her muzzles with her long talakai tongue. I'm not asking you to make this decision now, you can talk to all your brothers and sister here but what I want you to do is to take a hard look at them and tell me how many seem to using thier abilites for thier own purposes and dreams?" She snickers a little as her own tears start to fall, "I think you would only find two to be honest." Says with a sad expression.

Miranai sniffles and grabs hold of Kilsa tightly, her leash dangling behind the shifter. She cries there, holding Kilsa tightly in the kiss, murring softly though her tears. When the kiss stops she just looks at Kilsa. "Ok.. I'll.. I'll think.. about it Kilsa... I.. I'll miss you.. being here. And... don't.. don't forget to visit.. ok? I... I'll think about it... talk about it.. ask about it.... it... I just don't want you to go..." The kiss got a new set of emotions firing for the Taur though, and she wiggles slightly as she holds Kilsa.

Kilsa smiles as her own tears fall, "You are precious to me but I want you to be happy, if it here or if it with me. Nothing matter more than your happiness. Though I will give you my thoughts on the matter." She looks around and leans in to whispers into Mira's ear, after she finishes she gives Miranai quick lick on the tip of her ear, "You can't tell me that doesn't seem just a little unfair." She chuckled through her tear and winked, "I will still build that den so even if you don't join me you will have a place ready for you even if its just for vists."

Miranai listens closely and presses herself tight into Kilsa. She shakes her head. "Mistress... can do as she.. pleases, it .. it isn't.. m... my place to say.. what.. is fair.. or not... but.. sh.. she did.. say.. I was.. free....." and she looks down at the floor as she thinks and cries, "but... if I can't... then am I really?" she says. Pressing as tight into Kilsa as she can the shifter would be lost in a valley between her four upper breasts, only her vest and undershirt keeping her from actually making full contact. Having so recently given birth and to so many, she leaks quiet freely as well.

Kilsa sighs, "Do you feel free? Tell me does this feel the same as when you were in the forest? Or the helicopter or hell anywhere that wasn't the three places they keep you. I noticed that Nicky got to go on a walk." She trails off as she is pressed into the four breast and looks up at Miranai. "What kind of freedom is hiring a cook to cook but telling him he can only cook without heat?" She sighes, "I'm violent, a touch arrogant and sexually charged. I have working them down to managable levels. I even go see a therapist named Daniel from time to time. I still don't feel free here and I don't feel wanted. I know you are wanted but you don't seem free, if anything you have less freedom than me. I mean they could have atleast widened the doorway for you while you were pregnant and gave you a bigger door instead of leaving you trapped in your room." Kilsa growls a little at the thought.

Miranai thinks some more as Kilsa talks, "Well.. Mistress did take me on a walk eventually... out to... z.. zypher.. of all places.... I.. got to meet Aatar there at least." She thinks as she listens to Kilsa, always thinking, her left eye even glows as she uses that to try to process things a bit more. "Well... it.. isn't as limiting as that.. it is more.. more they.. are upset.. or disappointed.. but.. I.. I just feel so empty... without a kit inside me.." and she blushes very deeply. "You... you sexually charged!? Please Kilsa. When... when Karyn owned me.. I.. I was shaky and .. and a bit.. unstable if.. if I didn't breed... at least ten times a day... Master Anbessa helped me get that down to once... just once a day.." and she looks glassy eyed a bit. "Well, that.. that is why she moves me to Miora's when.. when I'm pregnate.. it was built with.. with wide taurs in mind..." she says blushing even deeper.

Kilsa nods at Miranai, "I've been like that when I first took on the Walking vagina form, "I've turned whole packs of skunk girls into my play things but that doesn't matter, You like in a place with many males why not breed?" She blushes harder, "As you can tell I have no problem keeping up with my talakai and you've even had trouble filling me before so I can take over both genders for you. I am not trying to undo the good they have done for you I'm just trying to let you know that there are ways to get everything you want and not be ashamed." She gives Miranai another deep kiss.

Miranai blushes deeply at the kisses and murrs so deeply that it seems she might get off just on that. But she breaks the kiss, "I.. know.. it.. it is just that Mistress doesn't... want us to be so... obsessed with sex... wonderful sex.... but, it.. it is strange how she.. says that but has so many mates herself.

Miranai blushes deeply at the kisses and murrs so deeply that it seems she might get off just on that. But she breaks the kiss, "I.. know.. it.. it is just that Mistress doesn't... want us to be so... obsessed with sex... wonderful sex.... but, it.. it is strange how she.. says that but has so many mates herself." she looks about the room again and finally lets go of Kilsa, "I.. I should g.. get back to work... I.. I mean. I love my.. my job here. I love pleasing Mistress.... but.. I.. would like to.. to do more..." and with that she picks up the mop and continues cleaning... "I.. I'll think about it Kilsa... and.. talk with Mistress and Master too...."