Dark Wolf

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Dark Wolf

Powers FSMonsterStub.png Organ Sizes
Arms: Jelly Whip Height: 5 100% :Mass
Tail: - Breasts: 2 0 :Breast Size
Groin: Overpenetrate Clits: ? ? :Clit Length
Head: Bleeding Bite Cocks: 1 13 :Cock Length
Legs: Lunge Balls: 2 12 :Ball Size
Skin: Furry Hide Cunts: ? ? :Cunt Length
Torso: Vine Torrent, Vitality Gender: Male SayVerb: woof(s)
Flags: Aberrant,Anthro,Bipedal,Canid,Lupine,Male Supports: Supports Arm Divider Supports Tail Divider Supports Leg Splitter Supports Kemonomimi
Forms: ?
Description: ?

Dark Wolf Thematic Details

The Dark Wolf is a canine with a rather unexpected twist, from this particular canine sprout four main tentacles, one from the inside of each wrist and one from beneath each shoulder on their inner back, fairly the same position where one would have wings. The tentacles this canine exhibits are more solid in nature than the average goo tentacles one normally encounters, these dark smoked out appendages have a tactile feel to them, similar to skin. Each appendage inherently has a small tube like tunnel inside, these wolves are known for subduing their enemies and pumping them full of hot wolf spunk, each tentacle capable of doing so.

While each tentacle has a single tube inside, they are capable of altering shape to an extent such as sharpening to a point, becoming more blunt, and even generating a ribbed like surface. The two from their wrist are capable of more finite motion and can even divide once, though the tube inside them cannot and would have to remain with one of the divided tentacles, while the tentacles on the back are less finite in motion but much stronger due to positioning and nature of their placement. Per the nature of the two types, the tentacles on the wrists are more sensitive to tactile input and sensation, while the ones on the back are less sensitive. The two appendages on the back are capable of twice the output in the same time span as the tentacles on the wrists, in terms of preseminal and seminal fluids.

As with all mutations and powers, these tentacles function perfectly well inside a bubble, however while outside a bubble it would behoove one to manipulate and extend these appendages for long periods of time. The loss of the nanites higher functions to assist with assembly and extension, would put more stress on the host and their own energy and mass. It is not viable for one to leave the bubble with their tentacles sheathed inside their form and then extend them to a short length for long periods of time, and even less viable to do so and extend them to excessive lengths. Leaving the bubble with them already extended does remove the stress of adding to their mass once outside, however once outside the bubble with them, the host would begin to feel wear almost immediately depending on length and amount of manipulation. Tentacles at rest, as in secured around ones form and allowed to hang limply, would not use energy until manipulated.

Lastly in terms of strength, inside a bubble the Dark Wolf's tentacles are quite strong, easily capable of picking up others bigger than itself by two to three times, easily capable of subduing larger targets by wrapping and locking themselves around limbs. Though inside the bubble they are quite a strength, outside the bubble these appendages become much weaker, the effort to lift someone of their size would not only put strain on their own form, but on the tentacles as well. This would quickly drain the host of their energy, and could possibly result in injury or death outside a bubble. Even so, the tentacles are still useful as they would be best described as extra limbs, just taking more from the user than a normal limb would to manipulate. Outside a bubble, it would be impossible for a host to pick up someone bigger or heavier than themselves.