Cursed Lover/Extra Notes

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Somewhere along the way, you picked up a bit of something... strange. You can bring with your embrace or your bite a strange sensation, an odd feeling, or perhaps, something worse. There also seems to always be something strange happening to you...



Passive Statuses

InHeat 100% chance at 1 power for 10 rounds.
StatusBoost 100% chance at 1 power for 10 rounds.
XPBonus 100% chance at -2 power for 10 rounds.

Powers by Level

15 Baneful Allure
25 Strange Aura
35 Cursed Embrace
45 Primal Call

Class Combat Skills

Accuracy 1
Back Row 1
Bewitched 1
Controlled Burst 1
Enduring Malice 1
Fast Loading 1
Opportunity 1
Scavenger 1
Speed 1
Tactician 1