Cow Girl

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Cow Girl

Arms: Heavy Smash
Head: Headbutt, Moo
Legs: Foot Stomp
Torso: Breast Smash, Milk Chug, Nurse


Big heals, big blows. Try to avoid moo-ving in on these gals' turf, or they'll smash you one.

The Cowgirl's body is covered in blotched, but otherwise human skin. Her head is mostly human, retaining all the familiar features, except for two small nubs of horns poking out from the sides, along with large, pointed bovine ears. Her body is heavily built, even so nicely rounded, giving out a very buxom appearance. Her low-slung breasts appear to be heavily swollen. She has 2 average breasts. Her arms are largely human-like, with a hint of roundness. Her legs are well developed and muscular, yet beautifully rounded and feminine, softly bulging as she walks, her feet being perfectly human. She has a pair of deliciously plush, large buttocks, coupled with pronounced, wide hips, a narrow bovine tail swinging about. A private peek would reveal that: Her groin resembles that of a cow girl. She has a prominent pink clit. She has an elbow-deep motley-skinned vagina.