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A list of custom stats for use in description. Stats should be placed somewhere under "public/" whenever possible. If you're depending on something to be there, make sure to check for an existing value, and set if needed. Previously, it was recommended that stats be put into a "custom/" directory, but recent security changes have locked access to all directories other than "public/."


The player's eyecolor.

  1. Stored in: public/eyecolor
  2. Expected Value: short string (bright blue, deep brown, hazel, etc)
  3. Use: They have a [eyecolor] shirt matching their [eyecolor] eyes.

The player's haircolor.

  1. Stored in: public/haircolor
  2. Expected Value: short string (dirty blond, brown, pink, etc)
  3. Use: Hir eyes are hidden by [haircolor] bangs.

Favorite color
The player's favorite color.

  1. Stored in: public/favcolor
  2. Expected Value: short string (blue, pink, hazel, etc)
  3. Use: Shi's wearing a three-piece suit with a [favcolor] tie.


Current mood of the player.

  1. Stored in: public/mood
  2. Expected Value: short string (happy, grumpy, horny, etc)
  3. Use: Shi has a [mood] look on hir face.