Clockwork Fox Girl

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Clockwork Fox Girl

Arms: Gouging Claws
Head: Stunning Logic
Skin: Metal Hide, Conductive
Torso: Solid Frame


Some monsters try to make copies of themselves. Others try to make victims compatible with themselves. The Clockwork Fox Girl is one of the latter - turning victims into Clockwork Fox Guys.

This Clockwork Fox is size 5 and fully female. Looking at her you see: Her body is covered in lush, brass wire fur. Her head is drawn forwards into a vulpine muzzle with pointed ears at the top for a very foxy look. Her body is feminely curved and muscled. The figure is a bit too sculpted, as if cast from a mold or otherwise synthetic. She has 2 average breasts. Her arms are lean and vulpine, leading down to small clawed paws. Her digits have very distinctive articulation. Her legs are femininely sculpted, digitigrade legs with articulated joints leading down to a pair of foxy paws. The sounds of metal cords and grinding gears emit when in motion, and her claws sport a synthetic luster. Tight and compact, her ass lies beneath a long plumed tail that seems to be made from extremely soft fur-like, brass wire that resembles a fox tail.