Church of Promethea

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Points of interest

The church of promethea hosts multiple points of interest, including NPCs, bosses and rewards

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Odd Looking Skunk

The odd-looking skunk, located west, north, up, west from the entrance (rtrace Balcony landing) is a quest giver NPC that will expect people interacting with her to deal with the 3 bosses encounter present in the church. To do so, you need to obtain 3 special items from strong encounters in the church. To unlock those encounters, you need to talk to this character and answer "yes" to her question "You wish to test yourself here then?". You will then be able to find "Candles", "Dark bibles" and "Hymn books" from those.

Defeating one of the bosses and talking to the skunk again will lead to some reward rolls (up to 5 per boss). You can get those rewards once every 24 hours per boss, for a maximum of 15 rolls per day. These rewards include:

It is to note that the talk script associated with the skunk is programmed weirdly and killing bosses always reward kill credit even if you're still on cooldown for the quest, but the Skunk will only accept the turn in after the cooldown is over. In practice, this means that you can kill all bosses, talk to the skunk for a reward, immediately kill all bosses again and wait 24 hours to turn in the quest again (you don't have to wait the 24 hours before killing bosses again, only to talk to the skunk)


The Bema (rtrace bema) branches to three scripted room in which you can fight one of the bosses of the church, respectively north west, west, and south west of it. You need respectively an hymn book and a candle, an hymn book, a candle and a dark bible, and a dark bible and an hymn book to access the rooms. Only the leader needs to provide those items for the whole party. The encounter of each room can then be spawned with the command "spawn". Beware though: starting an encounter this way doesn't refill your health, energy nor cooldowns, so make sure you're refreshed before doing so (using renew for a patrol point if need be)!


The Choir is the north boss of the Church of promethea. In this encounter, you fight 4 enemies that grow stronger after each of them you defeat. Ideally you want to kill them all at the same time, but beware as they have the ability to full heal if you take too long

Deranged priest

The priest is the west boss of the church of promethea. In this encounter, you fight a single priest that you need to nuke down as fast as possible. If you don't, he will periodically summon more regular enemies found in the church of promethea until you get completely overwhelmed by number


The Organist is the south boss of the church of promethea. In this encounter, you fight an Organist and his Organ. Destroying the much lower health Organ will send the Organist into enrage, however they are both very easy to nuke with a decent group

Extra Notes

  • Having your mercenary kill the bosses does give kill credit. You would still need to go and check the odd-looking skunk to turn in yourself though