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-[ Help on: chores ]---------------------------------------------------------- Want to earn some Mako? Can't say I blame you, you can get a lot of neat stuff with it! (See help Mako) Here are the ways you can earn Mako:

Tutor a new player on how to get the most out of the game! (See help Tutoring) Submit missions for the game. See the forum link for details: http://web.flexiblesurvival. com/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=371 Submit a new monster for the game, by logging in the Flexible Survival website and click the "MONSTER ENTRY" button or use the following link: Submit sex scenes to be incorporated into the game.

Not feeling that creative or helpful? No problem! You can also get Mako by becoming a paid subscriber or buying a one time amount of Mako directly by logging into your registered account at the following url: Then click the "BUY MAKO" button to Buy or Subscribe via PayPal. To view a topic or index, type +help chores/<topic or index>

[ Alynna's HELP system v1.0 ]-