Chocolate Cow

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Chocolate Cow

Arms: Wild Swing
Head: Moo
Torso: Chock Milk, Milk Squirt, Juggernaut, Solid Frame


Chocolate Cows just want to spread their love of milk far and wide - and their tasty, foaming output is hard to resist.

The Chocolate Cow's body is covered in patchwork of milk and dark chocolate. Her head is wide overall, narrowing as it moves down toward her broad, flat nose and thick lips. She has large, round eyes. Atop her head, two long, teardrop-shaped ears made of smooth, mottled chocolate droop down to either side. Her body is tall and bulky, padded with matronly fat and a sense of warmness. She seems naturally quite approachable and caring, as if her body were begging you to come and get wrapped up in a warm, inviting hug. Were you nestled in that loving bosom, you would be presented the opportunity to taste her bountiful, chocolate-flavored milk. She has 4 starting at hand filling breasts. The breasts under the first top pair are smaller. Row 2 is average breasts. Her arms are strong and feminine. Large and gentle, each arm ends with three brown, hoof-tipped fingers. What they lack in dexterity, they make up for in their uncanny ability to give caring embraces. Her legs are bulky and cloven hooved. Her legs are rather short, but round and heavy, built to support her mighty bulk, much how a tree stump supports such a massive trunk. Her bovine rear is quite a wide load, hip bones splayed out to the sides, perfect for bearing calves. A short, ropey tail hangs down between her luscious, dark and white chocolate ass cheeks. A private peek would reveal that: Her groin resembles that of a chocolate cow. She has an impossibly elastic hot and puffy cleft.