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Basic Information

Name: Unknown

Called: Calypso

Age: Unknown, Assumed to have been revived February 2009

Nationality: Unknown, Assumed Brittish

Allegance: Zephyr Inc.

Occupation: Unknown, assumed to have been a Sailor.

Dominant form: Humanoid

Favorite Weapon: Anything she can get her hands on.


Calypso originally would refer to the zombies where she was discovered as her mates. She is horrible at keeping secrets and seems to show amazing resiliance considering her state of being. However, her personality and Can Do attitude can be what get her into the deepest level of trouble. She seems to have good reflexes... even if her innate perception is a little off.

Just don't try anything funny when out on the battlefield.

General Appearance

Calypso scavanges whatever clothes that can be found. At the moment, there seems to be no preferences as to what is worn. One thing that can be easily seen is the strange marking that covers most of her leg. A tattoo that reads HMS Calypso. Beyond that, Calypso looks like an average haggrid survivor in the post-virus world.


Unlike most people alive post release of the promethean virus, Calypso was never born. When the virus reached outbreak levels near Crete, a sunken sailing vessel ended up getting infected with zombie nanites from a sailor trapped within it. As the other sailors started getting infected with the zombie nanites, the ship they were in started to change into a humanoid form. The nanites replicated in the sunken sailing vessel the partially rotted brain matter of the original sailor it was infected with. As the ship started to come back to the surface, It was effected again by a new set of nanites that brought Heraclean power to her. The change to Genetically superior human nanites from the zombie nanites started to revitalize the lifesigns of the ship-turned-humanoid.

Calypso at that point crawled up on to the shores of Crete, naked, and bearing the mark of who she was on her leg. Soon after comming to the shore, She was spotted by a research team trying to save survivors from the outbreak. The researchers communicated with other research stations from Crete to the United States, offering to ship her to the next base over, if they would examine her and find out what and who she is. Many researchers speculated that she may have been a ship that was infected with nanites, and then infected again... But as they kept handing her off to the next research team, it became evident that the original form that Calypso may have had.. is lost forever. Going from nanite bubble to nanite bubble ruined what she was first infected with.

Soon, a team shipped her to a RSX facility in America. After various levels of testing and attempts at revival, RSX finally decided to release Calypso's body to Zephyr for testing and analysis.

After arrival at Zepher... Calypso woke up.

Recent Events

Calypso has recently started to adapt to the life of "the future" as she sees it. With memories from a long dead sailor, Calypso tries to make heads or tails of what is going on in modern life...

She still doesn't know that her memories are not her own.