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The message goes out through a few open channels for any of the big three to pickup. "Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? My name is Lisa, I'm broadcasting in need of aid. We are resident of the farmhouse on the outskirts of Fairhaven, we have been overran with a mouse infestation. They are armed and very hostile, If we can get any aid we would be happy to pay generously with whatever we can supply." The com goes dead and offer is up for any of the faction to aid the residents of the farm house..

Arlan is wearing his usual duster, the pockets of which have all sorts of weird equipment, weapons and such. He wordlessly raises an eyebrow at the situation he finds himself in here, not sure he believes the surface story of an armed gangfight over a farmhouse. Despite this he's up for duty and this seems like it might at least be less boring than feral suppression duty, so he checks his directions and prepares to travel.

As with any call that goes out, the US HARD Corps. receives it and responds with whatever units are in the area. The pussy party got lucky today, the leader and his personal squad were in the area, so soon enough the shadow of a great winged serpent can be seen overhead as he circles lower, his crew ducked low in his feathers as they wait til they are low to the ground to jump free and spread out in a defensive pattern, looking for the summoner before approaching, the great serpent speaking by comm as he continues to circle overhead.

"This is Colonel Cerris Voss reporting to provide assistance, be at ease, your troubles are nearly over.


"Well, hrm. This could be interesting..." Aleph sighs as his comms pick up the message. "Right, probably a bad idea, but..." He makes a few quick taps on his PDA. "Oi, flyboy, you awake?... Good. Can you get Lily out to a farmhouse in the country? Yes I'm sure... Ugh. I'm not even... Make sure she's there please?" After turning off the comms, he shakes his head and starts off towards the signals location, hoping that this won't be as bad as he thinks it will be.

As the group arrive their is a circle of waist high sandbad with with dozen of house cats outside of it. Each of them armed with different weapons form a laser pistol to a frying pan, many of the would be seige holders are taking naps or busy shouting insults at the Mice inside of the farmhouse and the barn. As the group arrives a tall and very strong looking house cat approaches the group. "Howdy? Are you the help I've been askin for over the radio iffin you are I preciate it." She give smile and looks at the farmhouse, "They aren't letting us back in, and we can't get close without getting shot."

Arlan blinks twice and then tries asking the simple questions, "Is there anything special about either the barn, the house, or anything inside them? It seems a little odd to me that folks armed and organized to take you folks on and make tactical gains would be after some real estate in the country without a really good reason for it. Also, how many of them are there, how are they armed, and what kind of supplies do both sides have here?"

The comms crackle and then Lt. Ripley steps forward, a matronly mannered athletic female soldier that looks largely human save the odd tint of colour to her skin. "Are there any alternate ways into the building? As you can see we can fly, so if there is an attic or cellar entrance we could use to take them by surprise during a distraction, it'd be helpful to know." Seeing as Arlan has asked the rest, the soldiers wait to see how the answers will flow, while Cerris himself employs his eagle eyed vision to try and spot any weaknesses in either building that can be exploited from above.

Aleph looks back and forth between the circle of sandbags and the house after cathcing up with Lily. "Did he stick around?" he mutters to his compainion "No, he took off again, figured you only really asked me here." She repiles. "Fair enough." Aleph rubs the back of his neck, heading over to the group. "Oh boy, the military's already involved. Some backup we are."

The feline hears Arlan question and looks away, "Nothing.. but that is the home my ma was born in, That is the home where my pa was infected, I had my first ten kids in that house and my second ten kids in the barn. Oh Where are mah manners, I'm Lisa." She say with a smile, "Now we ain't go much fer weapons but we got about three guns and a lot of claws." Her eyes lock on Cerris for a moment, "I don't want no harm to my Farm house other an maybe a broken window or a door." As she speaks a highway mouse looks through a window and yells out of the window, "Scat, you buncha greedy felines!" The shrill female voice orders from the window. "Go play with some yarn somewhere else!"

Arlan extends a hand for a handshake and introduces himself, then continues with his questioning, "I'm Arlan, head of the Corrundum Engineering, pleased to meet you Lisa. So, uh, you didn't quite answer my question about supplies. Are you folks holding them under siege, are they holding you under siege, and is anybody likely to starve if this situation sat like this for a month or so? I'm trying to figure out why they think they can win, or have won here."

Cerris buzzes the window where the shouting mouse poked out of, the sheer size of his passing form and beating wings likely enough to make the house shudder as if it had been narrowly missed by a 747. The Lt., speaking for her leader, asks "If you aren't willing to burn them out...have you any household cleansers and solvennnts on hand? We could possibly smoke them out with no harm to your house with some bleach and amonia if we seal the windows after employing it...If you can offer us no greater intel, then we'll simply have to deal with the occupying force, either through negotiations or force." Once Ripley is done speaking, the great serpent that is Cerris, begins circling the barn, figuring it will be the quickest and easiest to secure, not to mention it might do to seperate the groups from each other.

Aleph hmms "Can't we just remove them ourselves? They can't be that good a shot, besides how many could there be? 10?" He suggests to the group. Lily's already standing at the front of the circle watching whatever the serpant is doing, and the mice in the house. "I smell farmhand clan wars.This won't be easy to end peacefully." She idly comments.

"Sorry I get a little carried away. We can't really hold them by the goodies because they have all our food in there and the barn. We got a water stock from the river bottled up in basement, We won't start out hear but during desperate time we will take advantage of the most commenest thing to eat in the area." She peers to the west to where a few farm hens are walking in a group. "But were all about being civilin...civileyes... decent folk. We don't have cleaners or much in the way of chemicals besides some soap but that ain't very helpful." She shakes her head, "We can negotiate but those highway vermin can't keep their word fur nuttin. Hell if they weren't trying kick us outta our home and take our stuff we wouldn't be fightin in the first place. Bunch no good ingrate vermin." She picks up a rock and tosses at the door in frustrastion before the door opens and mouse wearing a hoodie and loose shorts steps out with her hands up. She walks over to the sand bags before realizing that a snake is blocking her way for a moment her skin wobbles like jelly and she takes off her shoes walking up the to the back of the snake with her adhesive feet. "Hey! Are you mercenary. I'll pay you double to work for me and help me get whats rightfully ours. We aren't leaving till we get it and if those cats are stupid enough to attack us we will burn the farm and the barn to the group. No good milk sucking cat!"

Arlan looks at Lisa with a blank stare and says, "Something doesn't add up to me about your story Lisa, if that's all you can tell me then I have to ask the mice what their version is, and then have fun trying to figure out who is lying to me about what. An army doesn't swoop down on a farmhouse and a barn in the middle of nowhere for nothing, please don't insult my intelligence by suggesting that they would." After finishing saying this Arlan turns towards the the farmhouse, looking like he's preparing to knock on the door and talk to the mice.

Cerris isn't ordinarily one to be tread upon, but in this situation it puts the mouse in his grasp, his coils shifting in an instant to suround the goo-mousey, his massive form soon forming a pyramid prison with spaces so others can see in and speak as he looks down from above. "What is it that you feel entitled to here?" The fact that he has an almost violent fetish for molesting mice has all of his other soldiers on edge...this girl walking up on him might just set off a rather messy and sticky rampage that will end in the felines' favor, but will possibly sully the Corps' reputation further if it gets out. As such Ripley is quick to speak up "Give us your demands before this turns to violence that no one will profit from, We'll try and see to it everyone gets what they want...peacefully."

Lily shakes her head. "Nice choice, boss. Someone's going to get shot at before the day is done." She stands in the center between the cats and mice, figuring that if someone is going to be shot it might as well be her. Aleph on the other hand is attemting to get inside the house, from the side of the second story.

The Feline shrugs at Arlan dismissal, "You don't know rats, they are just evil and vindictive." As Cerris holds the mouse she just smiles, "You should let me go. Now." She doesn't bother waiting as her arms reach through the gaps in the coils and she pulls her goo like body through with the greatest of ease. "I'm Jenny, Mouse girl mutant and the Cats here have gotten something that belongs to us." The mouse looks irritated and tired, "We've been trying to unlock the door in the basement but we haven't had any luck and they won't give us the key. Let us unlock the door and we will leave peacefully no violence has to be done here." Meanwhile Aleph slips inside of the house from the second story window there is a large female mouse sleeping on the bed with two others each one has seems to be snoring lough enough to cover Aleph entrance.

Arlan does his best to not give away that he can hear what is being said between Cerris and the gooey-mouse that slipped through his coils. He walks right up to the front door of the farmhouse and knocks three times like absolutely nothing violent is happening, before fishing in his duster for one of his business cards.

Cerris struggles with wether or not to snatch up the mouse, her very resistance making his internal snake parts begin to stiffen and consider emerging into the air. Seeing his struggle, his Lt. confronts the mouse quickly to keep speach flowing, though the soldiers are already getting ready to move on the house. "Basement of the house or barn? We are security experts, so we may be able to get that door open and figure this out. Jenny, you'd be advised to remain still and Lisa, if you know what it is Jenny here is talking about, this is the last chance to speak up before we go in there. If the door opens and all there is is water, then we'll gladly clear these folks out, but if there is something more, speak up now."

Aleph tries to move quickly and quietly out of the room, trying to stay away from the bed. At the same time he scouts about the room and upper floor for anything that might give a good clue towards ending this little spitting match. Lily keeps up her post in the middle of the way, glancing toward the house and barracade for sings that anyone was going to start a fight.

The knocks on the door go unanswers for a few moments before a voice is heard, "Go away! We don't want any trouble." The sound of a few dozen cocking weapons reaches his ears. Lisa looks at Jenny and growls, "Shes ours, We found her and we've been takening better care of her." Jenny growl and shakes her head, her ample tits rocking from her frustration, "No. She is one of ours, you kindnapped her on my watch you skank." The goo mouse sighs, "Our friend is down there and we want her back, She is under the house in a locked room." In the room Aleph is in there is a card with 1000 creds on it and a note written to a female, "To my favorite girl, love Mitchell." Apperently one of the sleeping mice is his favorite girl. THere is little else in the room but half eaten food and a knife embedded in the wall and dozens of empty bottles of milk.

"What a coincidence, neither do I. I'm Arlan, from the Corrundum Engineering division of Zephyr, mind if I talk to you folks?" Arlan calls back at the yelled voice.

Cerris actually loses his lock on the mouse when he hears another has been kept captive by the cats. Just like that the massive serpent is moving toward the house, his form shrinking enough to make internal navigation feasible while the other soldiers move to follow, Ripley saying "Okay, we are going in, Jenny, tell your people to clear a path for us, we are opening that door and speaking to whomever is on the other side. As long as we meet no resistance...from either side, we wont hurt anyone and we will see to the extraction of any prisoners and their transfer to a medical facility." Cerris wont be patient and his serpentine head will come down to open the door with a dextrous tongue, barring that he will simply bash it down, clearly he has heard enough....or he might just wanna fuck the captive...who knows.

Aleph has the immense feeling that going downstairs would be a supremely bad idea, however since the upper floor seems to not be giving the information needed it might be the only thing to do. He takes his chances with all the comotion. Lily hangs back, focused more on the house now, with seemingly everyone at the front door. "I really hope people know what their doing."

The mouse sighs knowing that this group of mercenary will problem get her people killed for nothing then a few cred. "Wait." The mouse says before walking up to the door. She pushes Arlan to the sigh and knocks four times, "This is Jenny, Plan Rose is effect let the mercs in." The door latches open before everyone is allowed in, A stair gives a strange creek as Aleph steps on it. The mice looks at him before sighing, "Apperently one got in anyway Jenny." The goo mouse sighs, "Can't be helped we aren't eqiupped to take them on anyway. Let him down and do your assigned tasks." She leads the group down into the basement were there is dozens of bottles of milk and a milker sitting to the side. There is a door that looks out of place against the wall, A few mice are trying to torch it but it appears to be too thick. There is a pair of holes in the door and the sound of heavy breathing on the inside of it.

Arlan quickly sizes up the door and fingers Lefty and Righty, his trusty nano-enhanced prybars. "So, there's a prisoner in there you say, and they're not doing so hot from what I can hear. I think I should just go back out there and ask how to get in the strange door in the basement, and that you folks are willing to leave the moment the person trapped in there gets released. That sound good?"

The serpent, confronted with the door hisses which turns into a snarl as his form shifts to that of a hydra, his body working to disgorge bile and acide around the door, seeking to erode the frame holding the door as much as it's hinges and lock so the entire thing can just be pulled out of the way.

Aleph was going to study the lock on the door, but at the moment, it appears to be covered in green ooze that probably shouldn't be touched. "Glad to see we're taking into account the safety of the captive on this one. Who knows how small that room is?" He still looks for a less destructive way to get into the room.

As the acid start on the door the mice can be heard moving around on the upper floors. Jenny begins leans against the wall and jumps as the acid its the door. "Are you mad?!" She shouts as a mouse comes down and speaks into her ear and she nods while whispering back. The frame sizzles but doesn't weaken much before the vomit stops sizzling and little else. The mouse comes back, "The felines refuse to tell use how to unlock the door." Jenny sighs, "Damn Skank. The room can't be that big.. right?" She looks to Arlan, "If we can't leave with her then yes, I will take my crew and we will go back to our little slice of the highway."

"I don't know who is in there, why they're there, or where they want to go. I'm not a big fan of trading people like property, and I'm also not a big fan of allowing criminals to run free. They've already been caught out on one lie, maybe I can get the truth out of the cats this time," Arlan explains patiently before walking back up, and then shifting to a steel golem aspect as he leaves the house. He approaches the cats in the sandbags and commands, "So you've been caught out lying Lisa, apparently there is something or someone special in the farmhouse. You come with me down to the basement now, we need to release whoever is trapped down there. I guarantee your safety personally, but the fucking around and evasion stops now. The mice have assured me they will leave once whoever is down there is released, if they shouldn't be released I need to know that now."

Cerris rumbles, his multiple heads speaking in chorus as he agreessively figures "Everything burns...if not with chemicals...then with fire...but let us apply a bit of force...with our with the torches, make yourselves useful." His heads twist together to form a single one, the copious slime igniting and burning away, the shifting feral horror, pressing to the door to get a better grip with unseen suckers as claws and fangs and in truth, his whole form becomes an incendiary threat intent on igniting his own acid as fuel as well as weakening further the places the acid had already worked on. "Ah does the saying go? The burning means it's working?"

Aleph is away from the door the split second Cerris turns into a massive fire hazard. "Uh... Whoever's in there! Stay away from the Door if you can! This will get Very dangerous!" He huffs, really not liking the destructive approach.

The feline looks at Arlan and growl, "No.. I will no let them have what is mine. Now you and your useless band can stop playing mediator and start playing exterminator, I'll pay you sixty thousand creds to kill the lead rat and her crew no questions asked." Lisa's eyes narrow, "I would rather rebuild the place than lose what is mine." Back in the basement the sound inside the room turns to screams of terror, as the little space heats up for the creature inside and it start to cough. Jenny look at the Serpent like he is insane, "Are you trying to kill her?! There isn't alot of airhole for you to start burning things!?" Jenny is in a full panic and trying to pull cerris back. "Another way that doesn't cook her, Please!"

Disgusted, Arlan reaches into his duster and throws 100k freecred at Lisa then stalks back to the house, and takes out his prybars. Arriving back in the basement he takes out Lefty and Righty, gestures for Cerris to stand back and starts levering the heated door back.

Arlan spends 100000 Freecred for RP reasons.

Cerris is forced to stop for reasons of his target's health and to keep from incenerating Jenny, whom he is still considering dragging off to play stretch the goo. But a little science goes a long way as the soldier applies his learning and swaps to an avian form and rapidly cools the structure in order to use the rapid coolig effect after thermal expansion to rupture and embrittle the door and its various connections. He is gambling on it either breaking innto piece or ruining it's foundations, either way he isn't budging, so his efforts and Arlan's after he arrives will have to combine

Aleph stands back, waiting for either the pryers to give up or the door to shatter. Not intent on getting in the way of them any time soon. "This seems like the worst way to open a door."

The Feline picks up the cred with a smile watching Arlan's retreating form, "Hmmm. I wonder. The feline smiles and starts giving orders to her crew." The Door finally falls to the relentless assualt on the door inside is a scared looking cow mutant on the inside. She is unlike any sort of regular cow wandering the city she looks mostly human with four large breasts she looks at the group fearfully her hooves clatters as she attempts to scoot backward away from the imposing group. A curious glance shows that her nipples have bruises on both her human breast and the very large udder handing from her torso, "Oh what have they done to you..." Jenny looks absolutely heart broken at the strange humanoid cow with tiny little horns coming out of her head. She shivers buts seems to relax when she sees Jenny. "I've missed you, I'm so sorry I let them take you." Jenny sats walking slowly toward the bovine woman who moo's cutely at her.

With the door fallen off Arlan returns Lefty and Righty to their spots in the duster and changes back into a human. "Well now, she sure seems to be in the wrong place. Isn't she supposed to be sitting somewhere in the Promethean compound?" he asks, looking puzzled: Apparently he has heard just enough about that farm program to have an idea what he's seeing but no clue why one of the subjects would end up here.

Cerris continues hauling the door away from the smaller beings, ramming it up against a wall to prop in place as he shifts back into serpent form, intent on gauging the cow's reaction to Jenny before he decides wether or not he is going to have to...punish her. As for Lisa, if she is anywhere to be seen by the air...she is going to meet a long terrible fate as a surrogate womb in a super soldier breeding program. Ugh, just looking at the little maiden makes him thirsty and horny at the same time...too many fond memories drinking and fucking them to his heart's content. "Are you safe with this mouse, little cow?" Not that he wont insist the two of them both return to a medical facility if she says yes.

"...What. The. Fuck." Aleph adopts a rather unamused expression. "Everyone hold on a minute. Something here doesn't smell right at all. First what would Mice want with a cow, second what the fuck are the cats thinkng? What was gained from this? Anything other than unneeded trauma? I really don't care if I'm the "unenlightened human" but I'm going to say this, if this is how you treat your own, then no damn wonder the Survivalists hate you all."

The cow maiden wobbles to her feet and slowly walks over to Jenny and hugs her mooing cutely and picking up the much smaller goo like a child. "Hollie, I'm ok. I'm ok. Please put my down we need to get you out of here." The Mouse looks to the group, "We depend on jenny when things get rough out there, We don't treat her like this, we milk her and we feed her she isn't really much for fighting and we don't want her to be, we living in a small colony when we found her wandering the highway. We were going to just shoot her but she didn't seem treatening or smart enough to realize we were threating at the time she just picked me up and stuck a tit in my mouth. We've been friends ever since, She can't speak but she can write a little bit." Jenny is finally put down while look at Hollie, "Holly do you want to go back ot the high way with us?" The cow nods and points to her bruised chest and udder." Jenny smiles, "I know we are ok for now. We just wanted you back." She look at Aleph and growls, "Fuck...You and Thank you for helping us instead of whatever those skanks had planned." Jenny walks to the stairs and sighs, "Alright! We have her, Operation Flowers is canceled." The mice nod and start to stash the grenades all of them had ready for the group. "Alright we can leave six leading, ten following, do not attack unless attacked first, shoot to kill not wound." The first six step out of the door while the second ten follow, One of the mice uses a mirror to siginal the other mice in the barn. After they exit out there is a group of thirty mice starting to surround the bovine and cheer happily while the cats look on and hiss irritatedly.

Arlan comes back up to face the cats, and turns into a horrifying looking chimeric battle form that is a worrisome mixture of disgusting and threatening, then draws his two crowbars. "Excuse me Lisa, but we've gotten the mice out of your house and barn now, we'll be expecting payment in full for our services. We had to break a door in your basement to resolve this matter, but I can fix that. That's extra though. How will you be paying?"

Cerris exits the house, his form staying small for the moment, but he and his people hover behind Arlan, his troops more than aware that the ol. doesn't ike being lied to nor fucked with, so someone is going to pay in flesh for this fiasco. But none of them say a thing, they all just let Arlan play out his part, pretty much hoping he doesn't get filth everywhere before their turn.

Aleph makes his way out of the house as fast as possible, meeting back up with Lily in the process. "How did it go in there?" She enquires. "I want to forget this ever happened, brain bleach, booze, I don't care I want it out of my mind." is Aleph's rather quick reply. "You've never drank a drop in your life boss." "Well its a hell of a good time to start." He keeps a hand on his weapons, giving the cats a look of disgust.

"Alright Alright, I would rather be poor than be dead, How about a bit of salvage and creds for all of you." She begins to back up as the other cats shrugs and leave her to the mercy of the group, their loyality as fickle as the wind. The mouses have become a dots in the distance as Lisa continues to step back now alone as her fellow felines have left her at the mercy of Arlan. "We can do this peacefully right?" She says her fear evident in her face.

"Of course we can, as long as word gets out that you shouldn't lie to us or fuck with us. It helps for you to survive long enough to spread that message," Arlan says as he takes a paper pad out of his duster and starts writing up an invoice.

Cerris makes no such bagains, the serpent simply staring unblinkingly at Lisa, a quick signal sending his troops off to do their own thing for the time being, apparently dismissed. So then one might wonder why is he too not leaving? waiting for confirmation of payment perhaps? Perhaps so, though he does spend a few moments making a verbal update on the situation and mission outcome to Zephyr and Rsx, though in his report there is no mention of a cat named Lisa.

Aleph is silent, on edge and ready to emtpy his magazine into anything that makes one false move. Understandably Lily gives him a bit wider birth untill he cools down. Instead she goes off for her own little investigation of the house to find out what exactly happened.

The feline shakes hear head, "Well atleast I still can sell what milk is down there to make up for some of the damages." She walks inside of her farmhouse and comes back with a few cards, Her gaze is averted but she has alot of creds on her. "Its all I have. Theres a few scraps of metal around inside of the house. Take it all in exchange for your 'services..'. " Lisa tries poorly to mask her intense fear and displeasure with this situation.

Arlan hands over the invoice, which is a fully itemized bill. One item on the bill is, '100 000 freecred - client management.' He fully expects that Lisa can't afford to pay that back just yet, which would of course necessitate further debt repayment measures.

Cerris accepts his creds and with a likely blinding flurry of flapping wings, lifts off into the air, his form moving seemingly in pursuit of the departed rodents. Soon enough the feathered serpent is out of sight, and likely soon out of mind.

Aleph seeing everything done he turns and starts heading to leave with Lily in tow. He pays no mind to the money or stuff just wanting to get out of there before his trigger finger gets too itchy or someone does something they're going to regret.

The feline looks over the invoice and a devious smile crosses her faces as she hands over the creds with a apologetic look on her face. "I think I'll find a different avenue of business. Milking isn't worth it no matter how good that cows milk is." She give out the 100,000 to Arlan and look toward the west. "I think I'll see the mall about getting my door fixed..." She walks off leaving her farmhouse and barnyard wide open as the other felines see that she isn't dead or raped decide to slowly slink back.

Arlan returns to Zephyr, writing his report along the way.

Cerris's plus sized winged form will sweep back over the farm as everyone is departing, unbeknownst to those gathered and departing, poor little Lisa wouldn't be returning from her trip to the mall, in fact...any investigation into the matter would lead to her beongings being found near the entrance to an ashen nest.

Aleph and Lily are already halfway gone, heading back to their home.

The group has seperated and solved the conflict between the Highway Mice and the House cats, There scabble did lead to the mice figuring out that they could sell the milk to other sane groups. This lead to the Highway mice earning enough to live comfortable on the highway. All in all a successful mission.