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Industrial Area

As you enter into this area, a crackling speaker emits in a deep, narrative voice:
"During the duration of man and civilization, many ailments have afflicted humanity. Among

these have been the roles that industry has played in furthering the cause of those in power. Industry in and of itself was not bad in concept, but neither was communism. In practice, it proved to be a bane to the true potential of humanity."

The floors here are smoothed, polished and well-waxed tile with the walls and vaulted ceiling

comprised of plaster and darkly-stained cherry wood. This central aisle leads further eastwards towards more of the museum, and exhibits lie to the north and south. To the north, a standing sign reads: Car Industry. To the south, a standing sign reads: Railroad Industry.

Sinful Area

As you enter into this area, a crackling speaker emits in a deep, narrative voice:
"Wrath leads to violence, and violence is the divider of nations. Civil society has

deteriorated due to grudges, jihads, and other acts of long-term vengeance. The states caused by such Wrath are ripe for Corporate involvement: supplying of weapons, producing relief supplies, and production and manufacturing of resources and goods needed in the belabored areas."

The exhibits here depict various scenes including two warring factions each handing money to

the same suit-clad individual holding out guns to them, several people aghast as they look at a suicide bomber flashing them a bomb, an image of Cain and Abel with more modern garb but still in the act of the first Murder, and a postal worker going postal.


For those working on mastering all forms, '+nisd #search here' will not show most of the vials for this area. A lot of the creatures drop vials other then their names, here is a list:

  • Railroad Tycoon - Melodramatic Villain
  • Factory worker - Uber Mensch
  • Car Salesman - Robit Zombie


  • Proud - Cosm
  • Slothful -Slushman
  • Glusttony - Mouthy
  • Greedy - Jeweled Mannequin
  • Envious - Goblin Girl
  • Wrathful - Splinterer


  • Death - Skullbot
  • Famine - Skeletal Miscreant
  • Pestilence - Colony
  • War - Female Dullahan


Quests & Points of Interest:

  • Hugo (gives quests that don't appear in your journal.)
Spoiler: List of Required Items
List 1:
Reading Glasses
Car Keys
Iron Tongs
Old Hammer
Undertaker's Hat

List 2:

Raw Splinter
Remote Control
Green Eye
Gimp Hood
Jelly Star
Painted Nail
Shiny Gem

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