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Pet Shop of Cuteness 1

A larger sign hangs over this area. On it is written "Pet Spa", and a simple depiction of a bubble bath in a small tub and a comb flank the typeface. There are several shelves with a variety of shampoos and other, similar cleaning supplies. Several pampering beds for dogs and cats alike lie in stacks framing the spa area, and there are tubs and tables prepared with harnesses to give pets the full treatment. The air is rich with the smell of dog shampoos and the scent of blow-dried fur.

Pet Shop of Cuteness 2

Beneath a painted sign that reads "Mousy Supplies" and has a white mouse profile with a long whip-like tail depicted lie shelves packed with shredded bedding packages and dust bath filler. More shelves line right after with pellets and boxed medicines, and there are several baskets with water bottles for cage-attachment. Not far after are cage accessories from exercise wheels to little ceramic domiciles. Square cages and small, plastic aquariums follow; the former ranging in sizes for the individual to massive, multi-tiered constructions. The distinct aroma of rodent pellets wafts through here.

Pet Shop of Horrors

The store entrance gives the impression of one of those old big box stores, the signage for PetCore stamped all over walls, and shelves but dulled over the years of decay since Promethean Day. The glass entrance windows have been broken, shards of glass still sticking from the frames. There are scratches in the tiles linoleum flooring betraying creatures larger than the friendly faces of domestic pets that line the false sense of friendliness that at one time was attempted to be conveyed by the very corporate chain.

Off to the east are the registers, where people were funneled to expend their monies once long ago, pictures of various charities they guilt their customers into supporting line the walls on the way, while to the north are the racks of individual pet supplies categorized by species. The exit lies south through the broken sliding doors, one completely off hinge and lying on its side.

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