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Path to the mountain: This path is filled with junk here and there, it seems like in the distance is what was once a junkyard, but now seems to be a mountain made from all the junk! The vegetation thins out as you move along, giving way to the massive amounts of useless old electronics and broken objects.

Section A: A somewhat open clearing with junk on either side ranging from, toaster ovens, to bicycle parts, to refrigerators. Some of these items appear in better condition than others, though upon closer inspection, it's obvious for the reason they were thrown out. Every now and then you notice out of the corner of your eye, that a piece of junk may shift or completely vanish into the pile, no doubt being used by one of the locals.

Quests & Points of Interest:

  • Sector A: Archie
  • Sector C: Ivan
  • Sector E: Kari
  • Sector E: Mysterious Gate
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