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A list of all the badges in the game! Eventually, that is. Add [[Category:Badges]] to the end of any page to add it to this category, and therefore this listing!

Possibly. This might be spoilery.


Badges are earned by accomplishing certain feats. For example, Total Skunk Girl is gained by having all your parts infected with Skunk Girl, then getting hit one more time by a skunk girl mutation. You will be given a level-scaling reward of Freecreds and the ability to use it as your title in channel chat.

'+badge' displays your earned badges. '+badge 9' displays the text for your ninth badge. '+badge/sort' sorts your badge list alphabetically. '+badge/title #' to use badge # as your title.

'+badge nuku' displays Nuku's badges. '+badge nuku=9' shows Nuku's 9th badge.

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