Cactus Mephitaur

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This Mephi Taur is size 8 and a herm. Hir body is covered in sleek, streamlined fur that hugs in a thick, insulating layer against hir form. Its fur has a sand and gold brindle coating banded horizontally with thick, vertical bands of sun-reflecting white running along hir back. Concealed along hir furry hide are slender needle-like leaves that protrude, glistening and green. Hir head is tapered to a slender skunk muzzle that terminates in a smooth nosepad. Hir brindle-coat runs its bands cross over the bridge of hir nose while hir skunky stripes run from nosetip back. Hir curving mephit ears stand from hir scalp, and hir keen eyes glisten acutely. Hir body is well-built with lean shoulders and a slender, feminine abdomen. Hir breasts are perky and seem to maintain a pliant firmness to them. Sie has 2 hand filling breasts. Hir arms are slender but lean-muscled and well-toned. Instead of simple legs, hir lower body is the body of a skunk as if the upper body were attached where the head would be. Sleek and springy, the mephit body is well-suited for prancing and hopping. A thick plume of lush fur extends behind hir. It's brindle-coated with sandy fur and has a thick, white striping up its length. The smooth fur's especially thick and well-insulated. Hir legs are digitigrade with the broad paws of a burrowing mammal.




These monsters occur naturally with more than the usual health and energy, having 3711 HP and 210 EP at level 29, and 4249 HP at level 31