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Species: Human
Gender: Cuntboi
Location: Survivors Refuge
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Lone Survivor, Wolf Whisperer, Bunny Frat Invite, Fountain Discussion, Infernal Offer, Slaver Caravan, Slave Hunter, Trip to the Water Tower
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: no

Flag Categories

Flags: Trans

Author- Wahn


Brennan is a Caucasian twenty-something man, usually dressed in a pair of army boots, cargo pants and a sleeveless shirt clinging tightly to his muscular chest. He has got a friendly face, lightly bearded and with short brown hair. Being one of the rare un-transformed humans in the city, he kept himself from catching the nanite infection through caution and resourcefulness.


Alright now Brennan has a ton of content, so I will be labeling only his "critical points" for right now. However a more in-depth guide can be added if need be.

Outgoing Events

1. Best Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

So lets just dive in shall we? First you want to go to the outside exploration area and hunt for "Lone Survivor". Now before you continue try to keep in mind that Brennan has been made to have a more realistic personality, meaning that the things you do and say will matter and he will remember them. There are also four "Lone Survivor" events so make sure you grab them all.

2. Eggs And Bacon Sounds Like Breakfast To Me

Now for the next event to show up, it is on a timer so leave your bunker and explore. Once you return Brennan should show up with some info on a convoy surrounded by wyvern eggs, this will also open up further information on gaining an immunity booster for Brennan.

3. Nothing Beats Popping A Cherry

Now you are going to need to repeat what you did last time as this event is also placed on a timer. Upon arriving back at the bunker Brennan will show up with a reward for you. A cherry! Yeah I bet you pervs read the title and thought we were getting to the kinky stuff already... shame on you! Lol Brennan is a class act remember so that will come later.

4. Match Made In Heaven Without Tying The Knot

Back to hunting we go, now hunt for "Wolf Whisperer". Keep in mind there are four of these events, this will introduce Romulas and Remus. I mean lets be honest Brennan already has some great content and now we are bringing in faithful companions with knots? Yes people it's true it did just get even better!

5.Hide And Seek: Apocalyptic Edition

So now we have some events to go hunting for. First let us head to the college campus, you are gonna wanna hunt for "Bunny Frat Invite", "Fountain Discussion", and "Infernal Offer". Off to the outside area and to begin to hunting for a few more "Slaver Caravan" and "Slave Hunter". Now for the next event it actually has a block on it till your relationship with Brennan is at a certain point, the easiest way to increase this is of course to be nice to him and help him whenever you can.

6. Brennan Getting Wet And Wild

For this one to pop you need to be in the outside hunting area, then hunt for "Trip to the Water Tower". This is basically you both going on a mission to get the water back on, this will involve fighting some goo girls as well. If your endeavor is successful you will also be freeing the goo colossus keep that in mind as well.

Mission Events

These events are started by choosing certain conversation topics at Brennan's apartment. The first one is pretty straight foreword, so I won't get into it very much but the second one has a little bit more going on with it. BE WARNED THESE WILL HAVE A DECENT AMOUNT ON BATTLES

1. An Officer And His Trans-Man

For this series of missions you are going to want to talk to Brennan about camp bravo. This leads to you going to camp bravo to figure out what has been going on there, unless of course if you have been banned from the area. After going through the camp content you will have access to another convo with Brennan that will start the hospital part of the quest in search of "Dr. Diego Garcia".

2. My Kingdom For A Cock With A Knot

This will start after broaching the topic of sex with Brennan. He will end up confessing his secret to you concerning him being born in the wrong body, which presents you with options one of which being to help find a way to be a male. He wants to avoid nanites though so you are gonna have to find another route, lets try the magical Nermine instead. Bringing up Brennan's condition Nermine will make a deal with you concerning a potential trade, you will also get your hands on the cult flyer. Now run back to Brennan and share the good new with him, this will start the cult quest. This part of the quest will give you alot of options to grant variety to many of the scenes, but the main goal here is the idol. Make sure to save beforehand just incase you accidentally drop the idol.

After claiming your prize, meet with Brennan and together you both will take it to Nermine. She will be happy with the trade now and will take Brennan in back to show him how it works, Yay! Now you have a magic knotted cock to play with, but don't worry if you still want his pussy he can remove the cock whenever he chooses.

Wolf Events

This is super easy to get if you go by the times list below in the notes. But lets just give it a rundown shall we? I will keep this part very short and sweet to avoid any confusion. This will basically be deciding if you are down with Brennan getting it on with his wolves or not

1. Puppy Penis Power

-first wolf sex event - used to probe the player's opinion, not pre-dawn or early morning (which is when they sleep), 50% chance
-wolf sex ok, pre-dawn or early morning, 2 turn lockout, 50% chance
-wolf sex ok, Brennan awake and in the apartment, 50% chance
-wolf sex ok, pre-dawn or early morning, 2 turn lockout, 50% chance
-wolf sex ok, pre-dawn or early morning, 2 turn lockout, 50% chance
-wolf sex ok, mid-morning, 2 turn lockout, 50% chance

Now as long as you followed these choices with a positive influence then by the last event you should get a threesome between Brennan and his wolves.


  • His faithful and loyal feral wolf betas Romulas/Remus. He has many normal interactions with both of them and if the player chooses this can also lead into erotic interactions as well.
  • During his camp bravo mission he also meets and interacts with Marc Orwell.


As of yet Brennan is not infectious.


*Brennan's location by time
(midnight): sleeping in Brennan's Bedroom
(pre dawn): sleeping in Brennan's Bedroom
(early morning): sleeping in Brennan's Bedroom
(mid-morning): awake in Brennan's Bedroom
(noon): awake in Survivor Refuge
(mid afternoon): awake in Survivor Refuge
(evening): outside the apartment
(early night): outside the apartment 

Ideas of Potential Growth

To be added later