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Sometimes -- generally when losing to a monster in Combat -- players may be subject to a sub-fight where they must escape the hold of the victor. "Bound States" Vary wildly in context, requirements, and mechanics, but always adhere to the same commands. The commands are as followed:

  • Struggle - In a bound state, a struggle bar will be displayed, proving general insight into how close they are to escape. Once the bar's requirements are met, the player is free and the encounter ends.
  • Abide/Oblige - Abide is a turn pass where the player does nothing, Oblige accelerates the encounter and any special mechanics relating to it. Oblige is only available to players if they submitted or their sanity reaches below 50.
  • Endure/Recover - Enduring decelerates the encounter, reducing its effects on your player. Performing any action may have a chance to turn Endure into Recover, which operates the same, but instead of reducing sanity loss, it provides a minor sanity increase.

When the player enters a bound state, the game "Snapshots" the player's libido and sets it as their Lust. When Lust reaches 100, the player will orgasm, losing a chunk of sanity, libido (Unless less than 25), and a point to their struggle bar (Unless they happened to be enduring*). A new snapshot is made with the adjusted libido afterwards.

Depending on the encounter, the player may receive additional infections and/or a rapid increase in hunger/thirst. In all cases, a loss of sanity is ever-present. The player cannot technically "Starve" in these situations, as encounters where this mechanic is present will amplify sanity loss the hungrier/thirstier you are. If your sanity reaches 0, the game ends and you receive a special succumb ending.

* This mechanic not yet fully implemented.

List Of Bound States

Vore-Based Bound States

Here is a list of all monsters with a voracious bound state. Choosing Less Vore at game start or with Trixie will remove these encounters, whereas More will do the opposite. All vore-based bound states have a scale restriction of 3 or lower, unless otherwise stated. They are as followed:



Orgy-Based Bound States

Here is a list of all monsters with a bound state involving multiple parners. They are as followed:

  • Pewter Consort
  • Wyvern - Male requires Touched by Madness and Mpreg. The result of repeated exposure to their non-bound state UB scene.

Bondage-Based Bound States

This entails a list of all encounters with bound states entailing the player being the subject of bondage. They are as followed:

  • Bouncy Castle - Pod Chair, Dolphin Suit, Inflatable Orca vignettes
  • Blot - Bound-state focused NPC.