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A message goes out to many radio channels, "Hello? Please help, I don't know how to use this thing. My name is Canis, I'm in a bunker near Fair haven park." The message soon jumps channels and continues to play but none of it is recorded. The last message on the channel is just the sound of soft crying, the message is easy enough to follow to the source. A simple hatch is in the middle of a field outside of Fairhaven Park.

The signal was definitely picked up, and the message was received. Angus was already on hir way to the park ready to offer any aid that the coyote could offer. Shi grumbled, ears twitching as shi looked around for the possible entrance to the hatch, and grinned when shi finally found it.

Tau comes upon the hatch carrying hir rifle, and wearing a bandolier and not much else. Sie typically wouldn't bother with such a message, figuring someone else would take care of it. This time however, perhaps on a whim, sie came out. Sie catches sight of Angus and approaches. "Hey there. You here to "help" too?"

Rsp lurks in the foliage near the hatch for some time after the two dangerous-looking people arrive, his mirrored eyes glinting in the dim light under the bush that he's hiding in. Hearing them speak he finally decides to emerge, cringing on four paws as he creeps forward with his ears laid back. "I h-heard crying on a box... it sounded s-sad." he offers softly.

Tiya pouts a little as she comes across the hatch, utterly nude and on display, not wanting to dirty her maid's dress. The mare approaches the bunker entrance, not too happy at the nature of her task, but sure to make a good job of it all the same. She spots the other three and snorts, not armed but porbably looking just as dangerous to Rsp with her powerful muscles. "You lot here for that guy?" the feral asks simply, her head on the side. "Seemed wimpy."

From inside the Bunker Canis large ears pick up on talking outside as he moves to the large door and opens it. "I'm so glad your here!" He says with his eyes shimmering in sadness, "I didn't think anyone would. I've been trying to figure out the radio for days. My Master was taken by the bee's in the park, I tried to fight them off I tried but there we so many and they were so strong." He looks at Tiya and Tau's states of undress and avert his eyes. "S-s-sorry I didn't mean to stare. My master is to the west of the bunker, The bee's took him away, I'm not sure what they have been doing to him, I can never get close without being attack." He sniffles again but his gaze stays locked to the floor, "I miss him and I don't want him hurt but if the worse has happened I atleast want to bury him." The wolf boy whimpers pitifully.

Angus might look dangerous, but out of everyone there it seems that shi was the only one wearing any clothing, if you call a pair of faded jeans and a bright yellow all weather jacket actual clothing. "yup, I'm here to help." Shi responded to Tau, giving the others a slight nod in greeting. When the wolf boy comes out shi just smiles, but that smile turns cold when shi hears him speak of a master. Shi put hir hammer down and started to lean on it as shi listened to his tale, staring at his collar in annoyance, and when he started to sniffle shi sighed. "So...anyone up for some bug squashing then?"

Tau shrugs in response to the stare. "It's fine. If I minded you looking, I'd cover up. Clothes suck with fur, anyway." Sie was slightly uncomfortable. While sie did bring hir rifle, it was for more of a last resort type thing. Sie'd grown to detest killing, even of ferals. "Um...this sounds like something I can't help with. Sorry." Sie looks to the others and says "Good luck." and then walks away.

"Fighting a wh-whole hive isn't smart." Rsp tells Angus before remembering himself and cowering back from the coyote. "I-I mean... hundereds against th-three... If you want to I guess." He looks sadly at the lupine pet and frowns. "Maybe diversion? Bugs hate smoke."

Tiya puts her head on the side as she looks at the lupine, turning her head to look down at herself with a frown. "Something wrong with me?" the mare asks, scratching at one of her breasts idly. "You could just come and serve my mistress, she's better than any old person who can get beaten up by the bees," the feral says, moving past Rsp, brushing against him before squatting down in front of Canis, her nostrils flaring, trying to decide whether this is actually worth it.

The wolf panted sadly at Tiya, "My master isn't strong, He just treated me nicely ever since I got infected so I want to be good to him." He points to the west and there are a few bee girls hovering over the tree. "We've been getting along peacefully with most of the creatures but this just came out of no where while were savaging for food. I'm so greatful that your willing to help me." His eyes drift to the cleavage of mare and he turned away again. P-p-please help him, I'm g-g-going to work the radio to see if I can call for more breast Sorry!" He drops back down into the bunker his tail wagging like mad.

Angus blinks as Rsp cowers away from hir, and all the anger and annoyance shi was feeling was gone. Turning to him shi drops on one knee, and puts a hand on his shoulder. "Three against hundreds...your right, I don't like those odds....they should of brought more." Shi jokes, flashing him a grin of reassurance. "Smoking them out sounds like a good idea actually." Standing back up shi shoulders hir hammer again. "I could create a fire, lure them away and give you both a chance to nab his master..anyone disagree?"

Rsp sidles away from Tiya as she brushes past him, watching her for a moment before shifting his attention to Canis and Angus. "They were peaceful before? Maybe when w-we sneak in we can f-find out what changed." He lifts his muzzle to the air for a moment to test the breeze and sniff, looking back to Angus. "Green wood smokes most. If we b-build a big fire west of hive the wind will c-carry it. No one will get hurt, e-either."

Tiya puts her head on the side as she watches the boy run back inside, standing up and poking at her breast before shrugging. "They seem fine... Doesn't he see enough boobs? The poor boy," the mare says, showing a strange bit of compassion, going back towards the other two, sighing. "So that's the plan? Bet you they just attack us to put the fire out," the mare says, cracking her knuckles loudly. "And... did he mention a reward or what?" the shemale horse says, looking back over her shoulder at the entry to the bunker.r

The hive is easy to find but unlike a normal bee hive this hive seems to be made of concrete with many bee taking turns expanding the hive with concrete and plaster, the is a large bee girl in a blue hat. "Alright girls, put a little more concrete to this side then if you can make sure to keep the room sort of rounded, Ergonomically or whatever. Alright. Take five for now." The bees stop working for a while and start to pass around little bottles and can salvaged from who knows where."

Angus turns to Tiya, and hir grin widens as shi shoulder hir hammer. "If they attack just leave it to me, I'll make sure you have a distraction no matter what. You just make sure nothing happens to the master, or him." Shi comments, pointing to Rsp as shi talks. When they get close enough to see the hive shi ducks down into the brush, and trys to remain hidden. "Okay, so are we all set?"

Rsp frowns a little at the mention of apparent protection, one of his ears flicking. He chooses not to protest though and instead moves along with you both toward the hive. On the way he asks Tiya. "What d-did you mean about reward? He is all a-alone in that place... no one should be alone." Once at the hive he crouches down in front of Angus in the dirt and weeds, watching the insectile girls doing their work. "I'm ready, they'll never catch."

Tiya sighs at Rsp's apparent charity, snout moving up and down as she takes in the male's form with a slow stare. "If you say so," the horse states, simply, squatting down behind the bush for a moment to take in the view. "You two start the fire, I go in, okay? Get working and I'll distract them," the horse decides, standing up without waiting for the others. She strides confidently over towards the bees, waving her arm extravagantly above her head. "Hey, I'm looking for a foxgirl, have you seen one?" she asks. Plan? Flawless!

The bee's see Tiya and shriek, "MAMA!! MAMA!!" The ones that can't run fast enough fly to the roof and starts to arm themselves with Grenade launchers, sniper rifles, a super short bee with fur and a fennec tail is holding a boomerang of all thing. The sound of a loud helicopter decending is reveal to be a very very large Honey bee holding and eletrified chainsword, She looks to the smaller bee around her and spits on the ground, "Mama is busy, grow a fucking spine." The large female pick up a cinder block and tosses it at the bee with a boomerange. Taking her head off with the force, "That just for being stupid. So what the hell you want bitch, This ain't no pony show so go away." The Chain sword buzzing threateningly.

Angus frowns as Tiya walks by him, and when the bees arm themselves and the large once speaks shi turns to Rsp. "Time for plan B, build the fire. I'll help Tiya and make sure they are distracted." Standing up shi walks out of the brush and into clear view of everyone standing there. "You sure about that." Shi comments, looking around as hir eyes started to glow softly. "Because I would hate to have brought my bridle for nothing then." Turning back to the large bee as hir grin turns sharp.

Rsp sighs and shakes his head a little from under the bush, looking around for a moment to see what is available to burn. Singling out a nearby tree as a likely candidate the scarred little critter slinks from cover to cover until he's close enough to work, and in short order the foxes' efforts result in the beech bursting into flames.

Tiya frowns at the reaction of the bees, not seemingly all that concerned with the show of force. At the entry of the huge bee, she raises her eyebrow, weighing the incest up and down carefully. "I-" the mare starts before she's interrupted by Angus, putting her head on the side towards the hermaphrodite. "You have a bridle? Thanks but I have a mistress." the mare states before looking back to the queen, pointing to her. "I was going to say I was looking for a friend... but you're a bitch, so I'm allowed to do this," the large pony says, flexing her muscles. "Gonna beat you up," the horse yells, charging at the queen. Ferals don't have good plans.

The bee smiles and revs her chain saw, "Your not a match for me. BIIIIITCH." She swing her sword hard enough made the large tool whistle before charging. The sparking of the tool is incredibly bright distracting al l the would be snipers.

The battle is long and hard for both parties, By the end of that the large bee female is gasping and leaning on her chainsword. "Wheeeeew. My goodness that scratched itches that I didn't even know I had." She looks in pure extacy while looking at the bees around them. "You bitches. These two are mine. Don't any one touch them, I want them to get up and fighting let me know if they cause trouble I'm going to rest up for another match." She tries to fly but a torn wing does little to lift her off the ground as the bees around her return with "Yes Miss Rosalin" She cannot fly with her current injuries. "Dammit I'm just going to rest out here." She promptly collapses. Meanwhile Rsp has decended into hive and uncovers a large nest full of eggs there is sleeping bee almost three times the size of Rosalin, There is a human that is covered in thick honey up to her neck, she is currently slowly becoming a Honey bee. She look at Rsp in a pitiful gaze guesture with her eyes at the sleeping bee. Some of the eggs are quivering as if ready to hatch at any moment.

Angus had followed Tiya into the fight, so definitely wasn't really suprised when it came down to it. Bullet flew, claws and fangs flashed, the hammer came down.....And now shi was lying on the ground after the bitch of bees handed their asses to them. So really, it was no suprise that shi would start laughing when she tried to fly off. "Whats wrong, did fatty get a booboo?" Shi coughed, already trying to get back up as shi knew shi had to buy Rsp some time. "Whats wrong, can't finish us off now? My claws are still sharp if you still have that damn Itch Bitch, and I would be happy to oblige." Even after all that crap, hir grin stayed exactly where it was, sharp and mocking just for the Bee.

Rsp slinks in to the room on quiet little paws, belly low to the ground. He finds his way into the room and sees the transforming human, ears perking a little as he slinks over. "Here to help." He mouths silently, circling around the trapped victim. He ponders her predicament before whispering. "I... think best way to get out, make like me." He sits on his haunches and smiles a little sadly. "Very... infectious, you choose though." He glances over to the slumbering queen for a moment as well, perhaps considering the idea of sharing the gift of fluffiness with her as well.

Tiya snorts and shakes her head as she tries to regain her senses sitting up at the spot she was knocked by the frenzy of combat. The mare rubs at a woman on her warm, smearing the blood over her fur, watching the healing process set in. "I'm glad I've got a mistress, you know," the shemale says, seemingly idly, not seeming to notice that her shaft is erect from it's sheath, or rather patently ignoring it. "Otherwise I'd have to submit to that bitch," she says, nodding at the collapsed bee, starting to lick at a cut on the back of her wrist.

The honey coated human look at Rsp and nods, she thinks for a bit and mouths out.. "Female?" She asks hoping to retain her gender at least. The large bee in the room yawns and wiggles her antenne before falling deeper into her dream. Outside Rosalin is still on the ground, "Your a tough pair of bitches, I'll give you that. I'm not allowed to kill outside the hive otherwise I would have already hacked you to bits. If Mama wasn't such a damn pacifist..." She starts to heal a bit more and stands up shakely, "I did enjoy that fighting though, Last horse I fought didn't last a second and I never fought whatever you are." She points to Angus and chuckles as a small bee walks to bandage her wounds only to recieve a hard smack to the face, "Don't touch me weakling." The bee lays on the ground sobbing for a moment before walks back into the hive as the others look on from their vantage point.

Angus finally manages to get to hir feet after hir wounds heal a little bit more. "Oh really? You've never seen anything like me? I'm a little disappointed actually." Picking back up hir hammer from where it fell shi starts to lean on it, that faint glow in hir eyes growing as shi smiles. "Call me a trickster if you want, but either way I'm one hundred percent coyote. And I would be more then happy to show you what I can do."

Rsp closes his eyes and nods, giving the trapped girl a soft smile. He lowers the front of his body and sticks his butt in the air, taking air and pouncing lightly up onto her head. once there he leans down and kisses the changing human on the lips, his own black-lipped muzzle unnaturally warm as his nanites flood into her bloodstream. He flicks an ear thoughfully as he kisses her, hoping that she sheds her forming carapace rather than it softening back into skin, as it would make her a bit easier to extract. As he continues the kiss he glances over at the giant bee lady, smiling a little as she waves her antennae in her sleep. "It must be nice to have a big family all around" he thinks to himself. "It's too bad she probably doesn't like not-bee people."

Tiya stands up and sighs, wobbling a little, before she regains her balance, rubbing her head and pulling it back sticky. "Eh, you're tough but I wouldn't touch you. Don't pick on the little ones," the horse says with a snort, watching the abused bee run away. "You know you can beat them, why prove it," the mare complains, looking back towards the exit of the park. "Shouldn't we be getting home?" the mare asks, poking at the 'yote.

The now fox girl wedges her way out of the caccoon with her smaller soft body. "Yess!" She hisses in joy causing the large bee to snort and giggle in her sleep, "Yeah you like that don't you.....pass the butter." The bee mumble in her sleep. The fox girl grabs Rsp by the hand and waits to be lead out, she is sliently thanking her hero while look at the larger bee in fear. Meanwhile Rosalin look at Angus, "Rather not just because I've never seen a Coyote doesn't mean rumors don't fly. I would rather not see whatever it is you have planned for me." She look at Tiya and smiles, "I don't hit them because I am the only thing standing between them and the ferals they will serve me to death. I could easily ask them to cut off an arm for me they would, I could force them to kill each other they would. They rely on me to survive, I rely on them for nothing, I am only loyal to mother these punk are only good for cleaning my weapons and bringing men in for mother to mate with otherwise they are worthless than dog shit." To prove her point she walk up to a red headed bee girl with an extra set of arms. "Rip out your antenne and give it to me." The girl shivers and put a hand around each antenne and pull hard before screaming in utter agony as they come out. "Here miss rosalin..." She hands them over as rosalin just drops them to the floor. "Get out my face.." She snarls causes the bee girl to run away.

Angus just stares as Rosalin forces one of the bees to mutilate herself, and then hir eyes narrow as that grin finally fades. Joking time was over. "Don't you worry about a thing, I'll make sure you get to see exactly what I have planned for you." Shi twitched when Tiya started to poke hir, and shi turned to the horse and sighed. "Alright then, lets get going." Turning back to Rosalin Shi gives her a hard stare, hir voice rather dry and business like. "I hope you've heard more then just the average rumor....I'll be seeing you later Bitch."

Rsp leads the girl out by his tail, slinking on all fours as he takes a last look back at the giant bee and her offspring before smiling and leaving the chamber. He and the vixen sneak out of the hive under an innocent-looking cardboard box that says "Just a box" on the side, and once clear he leads the fox girl back to her pet before returning. "Alright, all clear" He says as he pads out to meet Angus and Tiya, looking at the battlefield with his ears laid down. "Why are there antennas on the ground twitching?" He asks, looking up at the angry bee. "Oh, uh... I thought they m-maybe won." He says softly, cowering. "Um, hi bee lady."

Tiya watches the mutliation with a snort of annoyance, shaking her head and turning back towards the exit. "Kill me next time, because I will tear your fucking head off if you don't," the mare threatens, snorting and making her way out of the park, pulling Angus with her if neccessary until she reaches an alley near the exit, where she punches a wall. "I hate that type... I'm going home," she says, simply, plainly upset. "You'll deal with the rest, right?"

As the group heads back to the fox girl on the way home, Canis is blushing heavily but smiles to the group. "She is my master but they made her into a girl." The fox girl peers out from under the bunk door with a griend, "Canis. Are those the heros that you called." She climbs out the bunker with a smile and shake everyones hand, "I don't know how to thank you all but you really did me a sold. Come by anytime, I.... I really wanted to thank you personally." She says as her eyes fixed on Rsp, "I've always wanted to look this good." She giggles, and admired her form she is now wearing a collar similar to Canis, "I've got a few things that might help you each. I hope you can use them."

Angus didn't need to be dragged as shi came willingly, happy to be away from the Bee before shi tried to tear into her again. "You and me both." Shi mutters in response to Tiya, a slight smile forming as they are greeted by the fox girl. "Your welcome, we were glad to help." At the sight of the collars again shi sighs, and just shakes hir head. Pretty much keeping quiet until they were ready to leave.

"Oh it's alright miss master, I'm really glad that I could help!." Rsp says happily, sitting on his haunches and smiling. "Do please be careful though, those bee people might be awfully upset by you leaving." He looks up at Angus and Tiya, giving them an ingratiating smile as he dips his head a little. "It was nice to meet you strong people, I bet that mean bee was too afraid to even fight, just bad talking the whole time huh?"

Tiya simply walks past the group towards Canis, acknowledging the little fox must be the target. She pats the lupine on top of the head, bending down to look him in the eye. "Don't lose her again," she says, simply, before standing up and walking away, back to her home where there's only mad firey shifters to hurt her and not bees.

Canis blushes heavily as he is petted by his Master, "Please Please, Call me Amy now. I think it fits. You don't have to worry about the bees I kinda screwed up by not realizing their queen gets a little kidnap happy when it comes to non infected males, My form now should keep me safe." She look at Canis and smiles, "Plus I want to test out what this body can do." Canis blushes, "Um... Um... Um..." He looks at little confused as the pair bed fair well to the party Amy can be heard screaming, "What do you mean your gay?!" An Odd but successful mission.