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It doesn't take long for people to crowd the little grocery store in, There are four large badgers standing together each one wearing riot gear. The largest of the group is a male with only a sweet shirt and jogging pants on. "Alright, Everyone this is the grocery store and we really like it here so try not to blow the roof off the place. I am the leader of the Rapid Advance Positioning Ecounter Unit." The male chuckles, " We are hosting a small battle to show my rookies that there are better way of dealing with anger. There will be a grand prize of 10000 cred and a special gift." He wink, "We are glad to have such strong looking challengers, now the rules are simple, weapons are allowed and any fighting techinque to win is all right EXCEPT you may not kill your opponent. I want these brat to see what it take to survive not die against elite members of the big three. If you want to fight please sign up on this clip board and I'll pair you off. Say your name when you come up so I can have you added to the roster."

A lanky mall rat approaches the clipboard and signs it. "Aescher," he murmurs. He quietly wanders off to the side and starts to make his preperations.

an overly endowed herm pegasus signs next by taking a pen in hir mouth and using it to write. Herma here

Arimia had entered the store just planning to sell a few trinkets and the like. At the announcement and all, however, she decides to stick around. When the clipboard is shown she slithers over and signs onto the clipboard, saying, "Arimia."

A small being of metal lands on the clipboard, everything below it's head was made of a rather tough looking ebon-black metal, with a pair of glowing energy wings on the back to allow flight. Taking the pen, he scribbles his name down with a surgeon's finesse. "Daniel, fairy cyborg, reporting for duty!"

Several more badger look over the group as the area fill with powerful looking mutants and humans. Each of them dressed in everything from tee shirts to a living cloud of nanites hissing angryly. "Alright Alright. Good we have eight guys and gals lining up. Mixing up the line up. one person to one of my badgers. First up lets have this Daniel fella take on Melissa." At the sound of her name a very large and exteremly buff female badger covered in football gear with a steel pipe walk to the center. "I hope I don't knock your Eye sockets out. Tiny.." She says with a grin that tells of nothing but violence. Meanwhile some of the humans are taking bets on how fast the fairy will go down.

Daniel sits lazily in the back, a cigarette clenched between his natural upper, and robotic lower lips. He grimaces a bit as he hears he's the first to be called, and flies up to his opponent. He snuffs out the cigarette against himself, no need to fear pain due to his cold, metalic exterior. "Hey..." He begins, looking up at the rather cocky badger. "Big things come in small packages, so don't be surprised if you get your ass handed to you." And with that, he takes a fighting stance, a visor of energy forming in front of his eyes, acting as a little HUD.

The lamia moves to a clear section and coils her tail about, so she can settle into a comfortable, seated position. She turns her attention toward the fighters as she removes her coat, folding it carefully. The removal reveals an exosuit-like exterior on Arimia, keeping her modest, even if it does seem a bit form-fitting. She sets her coat to the side, then secures the belt and sheathe for her sword back around her waist. That done she gives the fighters her full attention.

Herma giggled and pulled off hir panties, and then took off hir water flask. instead equiping a Sword made by a friend of hirs that sie made notable improvements to.

Wearing nothing but his fatigues, Aescher squeezes into a spot in the front row, looking uncomfortable amongs the jostling crowd. The rat sets a shiny disk-shaped shield at his feet and crosses his arms as the fight begins, twitching ever so slightly. An onlooker whispers something into one of his dishy ears and a cocky grin flashes across his muzzle for just a second before it vanishes.

Herma whistled as sie watched a fight end in seconds.

Melissa groans and is sent tumbling away, her eyes read with bloodlust she stands up anf growls like a demon. "Heh. Your alright fairy. I'll train harder and next time I'll knock you to the -" A quick bop on the head from the male quiets her, "If your strong enogh to talk then run laps." The males looks over the roster, "Next up is herman, er.. Herma and Gary." A large male badger with massive tits smiles at Herma, "Er um..." He presses his fingers together, "Oh I gotta, THE DYYYYYNAMIC GARY IS GOING TO DO A SMACKDOWN ON THIS WEENIE." He says like a cheesy wrestler but people just laugh at him as he sighs, "It sounded cool in my head...." He whimper and clang his claws together, "I'LL FUCK YOU ALL UP AND YOU WON'T LAUGH AT ME AGAIN!!!!" He growls waiting on the go from the older male badger. Outside everyone can hear the clangs of Melissa running laps very slowly around the building, her steps are almost like drum beats to a deadly competition. Everyone is getting pumped at the sound, "Go! Go! Goooo!"

Daniel flashes a thumbs up to the badger. He admits, he shouldn't have used the cheap trick that is opening his combustion chamber and singing her fur, but hey, whatever you can do to win. "Best of luck with your laps, I look forward to fighting with you again!" He calls off to her, returning to his idle position with the rest of the waiting contestants, lighting up another cigarette and collapsing his visor.

Arimia starts to reach for a pocket, only to remember she isn't wearing her coat. She then reaches over to fish about in her pockets, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and a matchbook. She takes out a smoke and raises it to her lips. She then tears off a match and strikes it, preparing to light the cigarette. Before she does, however, she glances toward the fairy and says, "Good job. That was fast."

Herma gIggled and licked hir lips as shi looked as Gary "How about we make a little bet Gary. If you win, make a weapon for you that will drive fear into the hearts of either the innocent or the wicked... your choice. But if you lose, I infect you and you join my herd. Deal?" Herma smirked and stomped a foreleg on the ground

Aescher remains as stoic as ever, apparently unmoved by Daniel's victory. He scratches idly at his chest ruff.

Herma gloriously neighs, "Stay down!!"

The breasted male crashed down on his back. The group goes wild then the sound of sniffling occurs, "Did you have to hit so hard? My tits hurt." He start to tear up and the older male sighs, "Really...Gary, Run some laps with melissa, if I catch you slacking I'll defur you both with a spoon." He cries a bit as her runs out of the area and the male sighs, "Rookies.... Any way Next up is Army er... Arimia.... get in there with Runt." A very large and timid looking badger looks up at her, "T-This is my first fight... Don't kill me."

Daniel looks up to Arimia and tips an imaginary hat, "Many thanks to you, miss." He says with a friendly smile, taking a hit of his own cigarette as he watches the fight. Longer than his, but the outcome was the same, the people he arrived behind seemed pretty damn likely to win the preliminaries. He congratulates Herma with a friendly smile and a thumbs up, "Good job, you fought well out there." He says before he hears Arimia's name called. He turns to the lamia and nods, "Best of luck."

Arimia uncoils and slithers over to prepare to fight. She takes her cigarette out of her mouth and holds it up beside her head, saying, "Hold." One of the serpents that makes up her hair moves to comply, snapping onto it. Another serpent moves to snap at her finger, though she easily shakes it off. As she looks at the timid badger she says calmly, "I will not kill you. I will just make you bleed."

Herma nods at Daniel and then sighs "I still thing that guy would make a nice stallion for me... oh well"

The Runt does down on one need giggling, "That hurt so much hehe." He groans and giggles and the old male smiles, "Alright atleast your anger is under control, go back to hospital and do one thousand push up while attending to the injured, if they say you slacked on even one I'll make you restart." He says and run smiles looking at Arimia with a blush. "I-If you get I-i-i-ijured, I would like to heal you." He blush and limped out weakly as the last opponent walks out. A very fat badger groans and wobble to the front, she give her belly a pat, "I'm fighting the rat huh? Should be easy... but I won't hold back." Her body shimmers with heat, "I'm ready whenever you are, Rat..." She growls and grits her teeth so hard that blood runs down her muzzle. "I'll break you and use the remains to season some food...bitch-rat."

Daniel quirked his brow at 'Runt', chuckling just a bit. "Reminds me of when I first started off. Only he doesn't have big, bulky robo-limbs slowing him down." He looks at his new body, how he's slimmed and sleekened it over the years. "o/` Meeeemoriessssss~ o/`" He sings to himself before the next contestant comes out, giving a firm not to Arimia before eyeing who the rat would be up against. Not a pretty sight that's for sure. "Oh god Aescher, she ate your competitor!" He jokingly shouts.

Arimia raises a hand to take her cigarette from her snake hair, earning a few more nips in the process. "Barring a broken bone that wouldn't set right I will likely pass. My body will heal given time." She turns and moves over to her previous position, coiling up again, and takes a drag off her cigarette.

"So Daniel," Herma asked with honest curiosity "Could you clue me in on some of the finer points of your armor? I'm always interested in equipment, For example I've hidden a few poisons in pouches on my armor, if it gets ripped the powder spills out." Herma smirked while padding hir barrel.

Aescher gets into the ring area with a grim look on his face. He looks the fat female badger up and down, trying to decide on the best way to take her, being as small as he is. "We'll see who breaks who." With that he gives a bow of respect and gets into a fighting position, a wry grin spreading across his features as he hears Daniel's jeer.

The badger grunts and groans looking for a opening but everytime she get a head the mouse heals back just a fast. "Dammit.... FALL!" She wobbles around and sighs before a well place punch sends Aescher sliding away. "Hahah Hahah I won." She giggles then slumps over breathing heavily and passing out. "Um....What." The old male look around and sighed, "Well she did win so Lardess will advance." The fat badger groans and opens an eyes, "Naw, I proved I'm better than the others. I don't want to get beat up if I can't show off I..." She passes back out. "Well Next match will be Arimia versus Daniel. Will the contestants please step to the center."

Daniel smiles, it wasn't often someone was interested in his work, and was prepared to nerd out. "Well you see, it's not entirely armor." He opens his chest, showing off a few complex looking mechanisms inside of himself. "You see, I have the advantage of being a cyborg." Putting a finger in his mouth, he withdraws it and points up. "The only thing organic on me is here up." He pats his chest, "Though when it comes to the finer points, it's made out of a durable titanium mesh layered under a few sheets of aircraft grade aluminum. It's hardy stuff, it can certainly take quite the beating, which is good for someone my size. And on the inside..." He says, pointing to a particular chamber which seems to be glowing white hot. "... Is my combustion chamber, used primarilly as an alcohol burner for energy, but has been fashioned into a makeshift weapon due to how hot it gets, and how combustable alcohol in itself is." He smiles a bit, "While not possible on a normal organic being, I 'could' augment you to be compatable, provided you wouldn't mind a little internal rearranging." He hears the crunch of a blow landing and turns to see the rat falling. He gives a sympathetic hiss and shakes his head. "I'll have some med-work to do today..." And when he hears the next contestants, he gulps a bit, "... Provied I survive this... heh." He chuckles a bit as he flies out into the ring, giving a bit of a nod to the lamia. "I'll be sure to give you a fair fight, no dirty robot tricks from me, just me and my skills and weapons." He says with a smile, the visor returning over his eyes so he can size up his opponent. Oh boy, this was gonna be tough.

Arimia uncoils and slithers toward the ring, grinding her cigarette out in a hand as she moves. She looks toward the fairy and says, "It is a fight. Not a play. Use what it takes to win. Dirty or not. If you can win." She shifts and readies her blade, going still after, simply staring at the fairy, studying him. After a couple moments she says, "I do hope you have some way to resist the electrical current around me. Especially once it is augmented with nanomagic. Would be a pity for you to short out before even getting close."

"Nanomagic?" Herma was so confused wasn't everyone magic when they could turn into robots and stuff like that?

Aescher lays on the floor for a few minutes in a daze, nose bleeding profusely, covered in little nicks from his ears down to his navel. Squeaking in pain he stands, a bit shakey at first, Aescher limps over to the fat badger and shakes her hand. "That was awesome. I haven't had a fight like that in... forever. How about you and me sit back and put a little something in roation after this?" The rat spits a bit of blood on the floor and smiles brightly at the badger. Nothing like a bit of recreational violence to give a person some catharsis.

The fat badger smiles and grunts, "I am happy to not get a fat joke..." She blushed and scratched her belly. "I wouldn't mind..." She blushed at his friendliness. The old male smiles at the two. "Show us the extent of what my men and this city need to work toward to be as secure as your own factions. BEGIN!" He moves away as the whole crowd give them plenty of space.

Daniel gives the lamia a grin, nodding before the blade in one arm comes out with a deft *CLK*, where as the other folds back and turns into a heavy calibur machine gun. "Then a fight I shall give you, and no need to worry about me." He says with a pat of his chest, "All the important circuits and mechanisms are guarded with a thick layer of rubber for that very reason." He wasn't sure if nanomagic augmented electricity would penetrate it or not, but it's certainly gonna be an interesting experiment to find out! In his mind, the sound of a bell dings as the announcer shouts for them to begin. His wings flare out, the jets under them igniting before sending him speeding towards the lamia's skull, shoulder at the ready to bash into her!

Arimia slips aside as Daniel charges at her, the fairy's form darting past. Her serpentine hair snaps at the air as the fairy passes, though the small mouths catch nothing but air. She stops breathing, not that she had been much, then lashes out with one of her hands to try and strike what she thinks would be a pressure point on the mostly mechanical being.

Herma looks at the old beaver that sie gave the mental nickname of coach. Smirking sie walked up to him "now about those 3 disapointments, You wouldn't mind if I shared some of my nanites with them? would you?"

The older badger growls, "Hell no. They are what they are. I don't want them to take the easy way. TRAINING! Is what I, Lucious the Red, had to do and I'll be damned if anyone else takes the short way." Lucious chuckles, "I'm sure there two didn't take the short way to their skills."

Daniel goes off his mark, flying passed the lamia's head, feeling the snakes chomping where he was just nanoseconds ago. Spinning a few times, the jet boosters on his back die down, and he shakes his head, quite dizzy as a result. When his attention comes back to, he feels a strike against his back send him flying a few more feet. Well that was annoying, and mildly distracting! He growls just a bit, readying the arm-mounted blade, which begins to vibrate fiercely before he dashes at her again, blade primed for a series of slashes!

Arimia frowns at the lack of real effect her blow had, the attack leaving her looking a bit more tired than previously. When the fairy launches himself at her she does her best to avoid the slashes, but it isn't successful, leaving her cut and bleeding, wounded. Though her blood isn't red, but rather black, like oil or similar. Maybe the exosuit isn't an outfit, but part of her? She narrows her eyes slightly and one of her hands darts out to the small figure, the serpents atop her head coiling and preparing to strike and bite, and drink from it when the woman pulls it into range.

Herma Looked a bit nervious... already thinking of a stratagy for Arimia... but Daniel... well herma was a bit slow in hir movements. And with armor so think like his, sie'd have to 'forget' about refrianing from lethal force because... well... his armor did have a titanium mesh in it anyway.

Daniel grins a bit as a little black substance drips from his blade, but finds himself baffled by it, a robo-lamia? He'd heard of some pretty odd things, hell he /is/ a pretty odd thing but... oh right the battle. He looks in time to see a hand snatch him from the air, causing him to let out a little cry as he's drawn in, looking up at that snake hair nervously. Oh god they were going to swallow him, he just knew it! When he sees a snake's maw flashing towards him, he closes his eyes tightly, but is honestly relieved to feel the dull pain of the snake's fangs sinking into him through his pain inhibitors. He feels faint, and he's stuck in Arimia's hand... there's not much he can do besides his little trump card. He closes his eyes and focuses, building up an electrical current in his circuits and prepares to unleash it...! ... Only to scramble himself by storing up too much. He sits there dazed, a complete sitting duck.

Arimia lets her serpents feed, not noticing the building current in the fairy. As they bite and feed from the small creature her own wounds mend and stop leaking 'blood', the transfer of lifeforce letting her nanites work faster to heal her. With the robotic fae trapped in her grasp the blade on her arm quickly extends, then retracts, then extends again, over and over in a rapid flurry, trying to strike and disable the being. After a few seconds of this the flurry dies down, though she keeps a hold of the fairy, waiting to see if he is going to try anything else.

Herma Gulped and started to re think her stratagy... oh gods it sucks when you have to chose between two different equipments.

The battling does the much damage to the area, "Good match but I've been told that we need to take it outside. For the final I want you wall to gather tomorrow outside of this place. With the cred we are rakeing in this could become a regular thing." Lucious chuckles and shakes his head, "I need to do my real job and patrol the city. Remember if you need help look for any of the guys with a badge." He step out as the group cheers and keeps a wide distants from the fights but giving them both praise for the combat. What will tomorrow bring at this impromptu fight club? Only time will tell....