Automated Multiplayer Updates/2022 February

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eWrecked Glitch florally chitters, "All badges and rewards have been given out for the Mako Pool: Birth Your Way. A new item is available in the Token Shop, the Rainchute. With it, you can pop babies out of it, the birthing process proving easier overall than if you had a small cunt. With the entire set of Rain-items, you can give babies with one, get babies with another, and chute babies with the last, all different spots! Want to shoot cum up your nose with a tentacle to produce a baby from your mouth? The entire set can allow that!"

Dog Song says, "Updated the Anubis Servant dedication rpinfo description to state that active dedicants gain a 2x freecred multiplier when trashing items."

eWrecked Glitch florally chitters, "Small error in the fill function fixed."

Dog Song says, "Updated the Driven combat skill rpinfo description with information about the Driven status, which has slightly different effects."

eWrecked Glitch florally chitters, "The room option has been added to smell so that you can smell the room without everything else within it being listed."

Dog Song says, "Added a much more obvious warning to the Discarded Diary object."

Dog Song says, "Fixed broken parsing in the Male Rex clit description (yes, you read that right)."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "Put a burner to a faulty prop to Blade Parry. Clarified desc a little bit."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "Updated helpfile on crafting regarding the acquisition of builder nanites."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "Lay On Paws given a much needed nerf. Cooldown raised to 10,000 to prevent it being spammable. Charge raised from -400 to 250 to make sure it at least gobbles a turn to use. Considering it's a 60 base heal on a tanking class... this was quite warranted for a long time now."

eWrecked Glitch florally chitters, "Due to an error, a private recipe in a personal shop was accidentally made available. The two recipes involved have been removed from all players who are not specifically given access to it. Namely, Wedding Band and Leaking have been removed from most players who'd acquired them, as they're not available in any other way. The access should be hidden, as was intended."

eWrecked Glitch florally chitters, "Tags now function as intended with multiple tags."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "Aberrant Body had this strange bug where if you upgrade its DI once, it didn't register the upgrade. The stat has been changed to DamageResist and the bug has been resolved."

eWrecked Glitch florally chitters, "VJay-Jay and Twiddle Fiddle have been removed as references to the vagina and clit respectively."

Dog Song says, "Fixed typos and phrasing in the blueballs messages. Fixed typos in the milky messages. Added gender pronoun parsing to blueball and vibrator messages."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "The Gauntlet was given a workover. Its cooldown was raised from 1000 to 2500, it was given a 10% status chance boon and a 10% status duration penalty. Its DOT Damage was increased from 2 to 3. Hopefully it becomes less of a spammy item and one more interesting to use, since in its prior state it was essentially a Light Melee without being true instant."

Codeberker Inutt says, "Milky Jugs perk description and code updated to clarify its purpose - it now increases milk production by 25%, not breast density."

Codeberker Inutt says, "Minor update to rut calculations to prevent your rut level going negative. No more being so un-horny you break reality!"

Avatar says, "Updated infection Sabertoothed Liger to Saber-toothed Liger"

Dog Song says, "Slightly adjusted the description of the Lay Master perk."

Nuku hisses, "The amount of monthly income given to not-me(to the staff of the game) is now 50% (was 30%)"

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Lick #off will now truly block all lick messages."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Rooms created by +suit and +vore are now distinct from womb rooms in name, description, and custom settings. The help file has been updated to reflect these changes. Also, wooc has been enabled for those outside of the room wanting to OOC talk to those within their room. All in +womb #help."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Womb OOC updated to show as <WOOC>"

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "The Poisoned modifier's active ally statuses have been changed to Healgain for the sake of consistency."

Dog Song says, "Renamed the helpfile Getting Started/Shifting to Getting Started/Nanite Adept and Shifting. Why? Typing "help nanite adept" now includes this helpfile in the returned results, making it easier to learn more about its function and add-ons."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Shank Bomb's status is now corrrectly placed on the item to function in combat."

Dog Song says, "Adjusted the phrasing of the "duty professional" description under the "duty" command to make it clearer that typing it again will disable professional dutying."

Codeberker Inutt says, "Since the recursion dedication is often considered as adept-lite, recurse-ing into a form now costs standard energy instead of mako battery to bring it into line with the adept's shift ability."

Codeberker Inutt says, "Updated UI for +lotto and +mlotto commands for better legibility, and fixed an edge case where they could show your chance of winning as 'NaN'."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "The Hooked modifier was given Pierce Damage Varience. If you're gonna be making a weapon hooked, may as well let it poke holes in things. Hopefully this makes the modifier more desirable than simply "I want a better fishing pole." fodder."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "Piercing Design given the Pierce damage variance. I really need to explain why?"

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "Baneful Allure has been given a thorough wrenching to better conform to the new state of the game. With upgrades in play, the aura was either fodder, or granted the entire enemy team a healthy chunk of attack status. This has been thoroughly axed, all its statuses were rejiggered to maintain its state. Description has been updated to reflect this as well."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "After a lengthy deal of consideration regarding the Energy Recovery items, the Ultraquench has been given a utility niche, granting a self-buff of substantial Regen and Healgain as well as a good deal of EnergyMod in the hopes of providing a good alternative to the Power Gator that hybridizes between Survivability and Energy Management. Now comes in RAWBERRY flava."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Womb Room naming bug fixed."

Codeberker Inutt says, "The licker has been adjusted to remove a couple of misdirected messages, and has also had a few more body parts added to the available targets."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Few bugfixes in size/+groin and lib/bodyparts."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "Rabbit Pill given the NoAoE tag to prevent abuse. Come on guys, you are better than this."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter rubs the sides of his head, "Undid the previous correction due to popular... ahem, demand. I also kindly request that those who intend to use it as AoE do so privately, rather than permitting it to splash onto people who don't wish to be splashed."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "Jumbo Pack now affects Rabbit Pills. Rabbit Pills now introduced to the NoAoE targeting modifier once again. Hopefully this satisfies both sides of the argument."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Through ardor and turmoil, I have fixed a bug in Monster Maker's breasts display when there are multiple tittehs. And, no longer breaks +groin, too!"

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Minor typos fixed in autodesc."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Short fucks works, now."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Long-standing _recipe bug slain."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "A new helpfile has been made: +help Monsters/Reviewing"

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "New Helpfile: +help monsters/soft code covers some common string parsing softcoding that goes into monster making."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Bug with directing auto on party members resolved."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "New Mako Item: Job Placement placed in Elite Shop! (+help to see details)"

Dog Song says, "Polished up the Giant form. Fixed several typos and stringparsing errors. The shoving-the-loser-up-your-pussy-to-use-as-a-sex-toy defeat and victory messages now only trigger when at least 3x the victim's size. Added gender pronoun support and better flag checking for hybrid forms."

Avatar says, "Item (1644705335) placed onto the poll board by Glitch, called 'Heals or no Heals?. +poll/view Heals or no Heals? to look at and vote in this poll."

Avatar says, "Item 1644705335 taken off the polling board."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Now available in the Elite Shop is the CAT5, a device for combat nursing in the field. Check it out with info CAT5 for details."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Lurking within the depths of the Latex Toy Factory, some squeaky denizens have made themselves known. It's the Inflatable Latex Sex Toy! Buahahah-ha-ha-...wait.. they're not scary. They're smexy! The dedication is finally available, all coded and ready except for powers pending (those'll be done tomorrow by our combat staff)."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "Fixed a faulty statsprop for Bloodthirst"

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "Insatiable Urges and Bloodthirst hit with the nerf bat considering that fully upgraded they provide more vampiric than anyone should ever have access to from passives alone. YIKES!"

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "Oh boy. Hang onto your pants folks. Some entry discrepancies were found. I'll be hammering them out as I find them. For starters, Soul Burn's upgrades are now once again functional."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Small bug in 'pauto' smooshed."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "ILST's form has all the proper flags, tags, and template setup applied to it, along with a couple powers for the template. It's also available as it should be for dedicants in the Vial Extractor and such."

Nuku hisses, "A damned soul set free from their accursed prison. The world had to be destroyed twice to do it, but it was done."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "ILST sayverbs added."

Dog Song says, "Fuck messages updated - again. The lexicon of words for 'cunt' and 'cock' has been narrowed down, removing several joke words that de-sexified scenes. Some passages have been cleaned up to reduce sloppy, squelching, comical language while otherwise keeping the messages intact."

Dog Song says, "Made the Medusa dedication point very slightly easier to find."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "When set Short, you'll also only see others' interplay as short messages, too."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Recent updates' bugs have been squished. No more [blank] issues."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Sex removed as an alias for the Naughty channel, replaced with Xxx due to a player's confusion."

eWrecked Glitch demurely courts, "Thanks to Stretch Goals, a new monster has been made in teh spirit of the holidays. The Love Bug can be found seasonally in the month of February within the Creepy Forest and the adjoining Crawly Creek."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Fixed a bug in +mut where neuters couldn't see their own groin infections."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Minor bugs in +womb fixed when setting name or desc. Streamlined the process."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Support code has been updated, adding in the Scent option to see if forms have Scents set."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Updated Fex to have a #help and also have a couple more specific entries."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Bork bork, error in Fex fixed."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Verbose dice rolling will now differentiate failures and successes with coloration."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "And ++ signs around successes for non-color indicator."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "When you RPInfo jobs, they'll show you the associated Social Actions."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "Defunct Gear Repair Help files have been cast into the void as the old item repair system has long since been placed into the halls of FS history."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "After some consideration, Dreadnaut given a rework, turned into an active buff such that it is easier to manage and integrate into one's AI, statuses both beneficial and punishing both increased to make it more impactful rather than a mere stumbling block to hop over by means of powers and equipment, cooldown and casting time adjusted for its new state. Feedback appreciated!"

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "The Crossbow has received its long overdue retuning, lowered Loadout and Upkeep, granted increased status chance. I've been staring at this poor deprecated weapon for a long time wondering how to do it justice since the Heavy Melee exists, hopefully this helps."

Nuku hisses, "Trying to talk while mute will not work via say command."

Dog Song says, "Fixed broken Color Chooser support in the Rubber Cow Toy head description. Made several fixes to the Desert Dwarf form."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "The +bounty command has been updated with the #craft function to enable turning in craft bounties. Tested for functionality prior to update. If any errors occur, let us know with a +request!"

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Make command updated to resolve capitalization issues with Modifiers."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Bug in the setGender function fixed, and Female Herms should now show as that and not just Female."

Avatar says, "Item (1645586484) placed onto the poll board by Glitch, called 'Dickgirls and Cuntboys. +poll/view Dickgirls and Cuntboys to look at and vote in this poll."

Nuku hisses, "Somewhere here, or there, or somewhere else, a door opens that was likely best left closed. Too late now. Hope nothing bad happens..."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "Perfect Cut damage type changed to Slash. I seriously need to explain why?"

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Thanks to the donations towards the Noodle Appendages mako pool, those who have permanently dedicated to Eldritch Spawn (have the badge) can also use the +tent command to summon tentacles, not just the actively dedicated or those who have the requisite nanomagics. Additionally, a copyrighted item was made, the Cursed Artifact, as a dedication toy that allows owners to break their Tentacle maximum and gain boosts to their numbers."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Thanks to stretch goals, a new Precious Item was made available: Complex Instruments. If you were interested in trolling fairgrounds with a Hurdy Gurdy or setting up a portable Pipe Organ for your own production of Phantom of the Opera in the park, these are for you! Found where instrument sales are normally made, these high-maintenance additions can really add some 'classic' pinashe to your place."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "+tent command updated, check out +tent #help for additions. Can now checks others' current tentacles, cull messages now show to the room, and you can enable/disable visibility of others' tentacle messages."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "The tags command has gotten a little update. Tags for individual infections will now tell you if you've got that infection Mastered or not, and colorless support has been given to the tags list, showing a * in front of infections you do not have mastered, yet."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "A previously private form has made its public debut. Within the frigidness of the Ice Caves, the Snow Cat can be spotted. Heh-heh, spotted."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Don't forget to lstats snow cat for lstats usage."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Snow Cat should be commendable."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "The suck now has #on and #off function to control whether or not you see others' messages."

Avatar says, "Poll 'Dickgirls and Cuntboys' has ended. +poll/cview Dickgirls and Cuntboys to see the results."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Impregchance code's been updated, fixing several errors, including issues with male contraceptives, sterility patches, condoms and more. The fathering issue with balls should also be fixed, now, and the variety of fathers from ball fucking shoudl be all good. And, impregnation shouldn't fill ALL your slots with eggs anymore, just as many as you'd produce for children normally. Lotta fixes."

eWrecked Glitch glances a a switch in the code. Squints at it... flicks, "Breeding can commence as normal."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Issue where licking one's bladder/urethra to clean out the cum now fixed."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "The Otherworldly Affairs duty introduced. Skill requirements set to Theology + Legends + Xeno to reflect the general skill requirements for dealing with things not yet understood by science. Remember to Throw a Coin to your Witcher."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Some bugs in Social Action vials given to players and a couple other code involving the replacement of old names have been fixed, but a number of old vials have been deleted from NISD entries if they're not currently an infection. Apologies for those vials lost."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Fucking yourself now only shows 'you' when you see the message of yourself. It won't show you your own name and will use you/your/yourself pronouns fully."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Thanks to stretch goals, the Muscle Hulk has been given Color Chooser and Kemonomimi support as well as some subtle Feminine touches."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "You can now lstats Muscle Hulk for details on how the colors affect it."