Automated Multiplayer Updates/2021 February

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Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "The Survivalist Leader has dropped their old and boring passives for a few new and shiny abilities. They now share their awesomeness in the form of Martial Acumen, and have gotten so gud that they can easily Call the Shot."

Dog Song says, "Updated some monsters' power spread and added missing form powers to them where applicable. Surviving Human now has Technical Aptitude. Brown Bear Shemale now has Hose Down. Bunny Boy/Bunny Girl now have Lapine Persuasion. Fire Newt now has Ni!. Fluffy Kitten Girl's Deep Healing was swapped with Reinforcing Nectar, matching the form powers. Honey Bee has been given Plated Hide, matching the form powers. Masked Angel has been given Wind Buffet, matching the form powers. Sparkle Skunk now has Glitter Bomb. Tarragon now has Quadrupedal Stance, and its Large Frame / Solid Frame powers have been exchanged for Juggernaut / Muscle Mass, matching the form powers."

Dog Song says, "Fixed broken string parsing for Chubby/Thin support in the Code Monkey ass and torso descriptions. Fixed broken string parsing for mentioning tail markings in the Diabolic Dragon skin description (and added variantion for multi-tail). Fixed broken string parsing for Chubby support in the Heroic Humanoid arms, ass, and torso descriptions. Fixed broken string parsing for mentioning tail markings in the Planar Panther skin description. Fixed broken String Parsing for accounting for beaks in the Egyptian Mau Victory and oVictory messages."

Dog Song says, "Rephrased the Cosm skin transformation and description text to read more smoothly."

Dog Song says, "Fixed a taur-specific line in the Nymphera torso description never appearing due to malformed string parsing."

Dog Song says, "Fixed awkward phrasing in the Aquafeline and Arborlope short skin descriptions. Fixed the Fire Elemental long skin description missing Color Chooser support (an update overwrote the short skin desc, which has now been trimmed)."

Dog Song says, "Added Color Chooser support to the Yucca Moth form."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Added some room storage commands to +gear #help."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the "Socialize a bit" option in Sandra's caretaker quest not progressing turns due to an oversight."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Very slightly changed the way dialogue options are displayed."

Dog Song says, "Fixed Flyboy Chuck and the Marsh Town NPCs appearing highlighted in the "Things" list when viewing the room. Removed all instances of Swarm of Rats and Force of Nature - Electricity for whatever reason storing copies of themselves on some player objects."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Minor changes to the way Collars and Nanite Tattoos are displayed in descriptions."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "Minor update to how milking machines are displayed in rooms for consistency with other items, no mechanical changes. milk cock is now also an alias for cmilk."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "Fixed an apparently long standing oversight in +xp #level that meant it lied about how many freecred you needed to level. My bad."

Dog Song says, "The Wild Tongue description has been updated to better reflect how it works."

Dog Song says, "Fixed Street Samurai's Tranquil Acumen passive power having the type "Passive Buff" instead of "Passive Auto Self". Aso added the missing "NoAoE" target property to it, matching other similar class passives."

Dog Song says, "Changed one of the Coyote's short cock description adjectives from "pointed" to "tapered". Pointed was a bit silly-sounding."

Dog Song says, "Updated the Man-o-War form. The form's writing has been cleaned up, the Victory and oVictory messages now use pronoun substitution code, and the form has received Color Chooser support for primary, secondary, and tertiary colors."

Dog Song says, "Updated the Ribbed Frog form. Cleaned up the form's writing and added basic Color Chooser support to it."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Small Building recipe sold in the Library being stored as "Small Building ", resulting in it appearing as an unknown recipe but being unmasterable."

Dog Song says, "Changed the monster bounty target "latent dedication point" to "malicious intent". The former was often interpreted as a bug in the code."

Dog Song says, "For the grammar sticklers, instances of the ambiguous "can not" have been changed to "cannot" where appropriate."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Knockout Mouse ass transformation appearing completely mangled due to malformed Leg Splitter string parsing."

New Year, Same Inutt squeakily meows, "Power/Item use code updated to allow targeting rooms via use <x> on here. Please be aware that Zephyr's property management department does not endorse the use of combat related powers in a domestic setting."

Dog Song says, "Added pronoun substitution code to the Victory scenes of Damonisch Kin, Dweller, and Ursa Major. Fixed pronoun substitution omissions in the Victory scenes of Anaconda, Bird of Paradise, Cyber Devil, Deer Herm, Dreidel, and Unholy Candicorn. Fixed typos in the Busty Labrador Victory scenes."

Dog Song says, "Updated the Catfish and Vespid victory scenes to use pronoun substitution code instead of he/she. They will now use the right pronouns for intersex losers."

Just a Tinkering Critter dives down from atop his perch, and holds up a sign reading: "Concentrated Tank" is a thing now. Why? Well, it was asked for and greenlit. Hopefully we'll see some focused guardians out there now. Enjoy!

New Year, Same Inutt says, "Fixed a typo in custom sayverb handling that prevented them working. Mako purchased custom sayverbs should now work again."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "Previous typo fix reverted - there is indeed a typo, but not in that code :-S"

Dog Song says, "Fixed incorrect pronoun substitution code in the following messages: Fertile Pheasant oVictory, Flying Fox Defeat, Herm Caracal Defeat, Mouthy oVictory, Peacock Spider oVictory, Thirsty Badger Defeat, and Unholy Candycorn oVictory. Fixed some text being merged together due to malformed String Parsing in the Peacock Spider Victory message. Optimized the Cativa Victory message's String Parsing and fixed it targeting the victor instead of the loser for some genital checks. Also added some missing pronoun substitution code in the following messages: Alpha Husky Victory and oVictory, Aquafeline oVictory, Cativa Victory, Cerberus Herm Victory, Champagne Bottle oVictory, Chubby Dragon Victory and oVictory, Dark Elf Female Victory and oVictory, Dark Elf Male Victory and oVictory, Ember Breeder oVictory, and Female Husky Victory and oVictory. Rather than relying only on genitals to print he/she, affected portions now check the target for any custom pronoun merits, then secondary sexual characteristics, then genitals."

Dog Song says, "Added some missing pronoun substitution code in the following messages: Dark Wolf Victory and oVictory, Deer Herm oVictory, Flame Leopard Victory, Furie Victory and oVictory, Keagle Victory and oVictory, Komodo Dragon Victory and oVictory, Tribal Succubus Victory and oVictory, and Uber Fox Victory and oVictory."

Dog Song says, "Alice the Gun Bunny now has a plethora of dialogue about other NPCs you've met throughout the world."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Controlled Bleed had somehow lost all its properties. They have been restored."

Dog Song says, "Updated the description of the Concentrated combat skills to be clearer."

Dog Song says, "Fixed a bunch of typos in kink descriptions."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "Fixed a minor oversight that may in certain circumstances have caused inventory corruption."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "New command +womb/evict <player> now available. It can be used to un-bind someone's home spawn point from your womb should the need arise."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "Also joining the new command is +womb/bindlist that will show a list of players with their home currently bound to your womb."

Dog Song says, "Fixed one of the Lucky Charm's possible status effects being "PhsycialDamageReturn" instead of "PhysicalDamageReturn"."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Brother's Keeper has been reworked at a core level and given some thematic powers that lean less on being a paramedic and more on being the mysical medic that the class was original intended to represent. The new loadout has also been designed to be a representative opposite to the mischievous Tukupar Itar, while at the same time being the dodgy tank's living dream support. At the same time however, the Brother's Keeper remains any tank or party's very well rounded and powerful dedicated support now that it bolsters its new skillset. Soothing Presence in particular may be of great interest to those looking to pick the class up. I hope to see some more Keepers out there, your brothers need you!"

New Year, Same Inutt says, "Updated birth control item descriptions to more accurately reflect how long they affect you for."

New Year, Same Inutt says, "Summoned children with colour lstats should now use them correctly if the summoner has a color chooser item when summoning them. (+lsetchild to set local stats on children)"

New Year, Same Inutt says, "+mut(ations) comand given a new coat of paint and some new capabilities - it now lists templates and their base forms and with a sufficiently high xeno skill, lets you see through 'looks native' and 'looks human'!"

Chinthliss says, "Fixed an issue with temporary rooms trying to a clean a non-existent log."

I Code, Inutt says, "+mut fixed to display template base forms when you don't have 'looks native'/'looks human', and slightly tweaked formatting."

I Code, Inutt says, "shift save/load updated to store and recall templated forms better[*], but you will need to re-save your forms to fill in the missing data. [*] well, probably better anyway"

I Code, Inutt says, "Altered description of the Udderly Fantastic mako toy to reflect its actual* effect. [*] in size.beta"

Avatar says, "Item (1614125176) placed onto the poll board by Inutt, called 'Hetrogenous genitals. +poll/view Hetrogenous genitals to look at and vote in this poll."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Holy Light now grants Positive Damage Immunity correctly, and also penalizes Negative Damage Immunity correctly."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Dreadnaut nerfed as it was making the Arcane Horror way too tanky for its own good. The class was designed to be a durable debuffer, but a 3/3/3 on resists was a bit much. Instead I opted for some thematic elemental DIs as well as the Growing binary to best reflect the rampaging regenerating Eldritch Horror that the power suggests it turns the user into. Apologies to those who were using the class and relying on those resists, and thank you for understanding."

I Code Inutt says, "The +mut(ations) command now has a #togglecondensed option, to condense the output closer to the previous version of the command while retaining all the same information as the standard output."

I Code Inutt says, "An odd tingling sensation occurs in all those infected with nanites, followed by a great rumbling as vast quantities of materials are shifted around by the nanite cloud. Or to put it another way, size.beta has graduated from beta status and has now replaced the size command! The old command remains available for now as size.old since there will inevitably be things that need adjusting. Lots of stuff has changed, so there's a page that might help explain what happened at - feel free to suggest things to add to the FAQ."

Code Detective Inutt says, "Fixed a typo that affected cum production numbers with certain perks active. Thanks to a certain shadowy fenrir for spoting that!"

Code Detective Inutt says, "Simplified milk calculations a little, this will have increased yields in some cases."