Automated Multiplayer Updates/2020 September

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Dog Song says, "Previously, the upgrades Concentrated Upgrade, Enhanced Duration, and Trained Skill would unintentionally increase the duration of repeats, causing their damage ticks to be doled out more slowly. Now, a provisional fix has been put in to match increased Status Duration with equal negative RepeatAttackDuration. Code changes pending for a more elegant fix."

Code Spelunker Inutt codes, "Roles have returned to the party command! (since I accidentally broke them when fixing merc levels recently). Role colours may need adjustment - feel free to suggest better ones."

Dog Song says, "The Heroic Outlaw class is now a touch less selfless. Alms Wide Open's NotUser limitation has been removed, allowing the user to enjoy some extra spoils and healing."

Dog Song says, "Updated the Pacifist merit description to make it clearer that you can still search in hostile areas for combat gains."

Code Spelunker Inutt says, "The shift save and shift load commands for saving and loading forms should now store your base form as well as actual form, if your actual form is a template form like latex suit. Form."

Dog Song says, "After some waffling, the Concentrated DPS role has been changed. Avoidance 1->0, Overkill 0->1. This should allow single-target DPS setups to be slightly more effective in doling out damage in harder fights, while still leaving Big Hit/Instant DPS roles as valid options for Endurance 2 and greater survivability."

Dog Song says, "Want to see more variety in the DPS meta? Want to hit hard without going full Kaiju? Want to longer! Sniper has been buffed, losing its partial 0.5 Fast Loading in favor of 1.5->2 Damage. Compare with Monster Monarch, which has similar combat skills but leans more toward durability. Since no partial Damage or Fast Loading roles exist, this should also keep Combat Skills at nice, whole numbers for clearer function and comparison."

Dog Song says, "For whatever reason, Sniper didn't have the Big Hits flag. Now it does."

Code Spelunker Inutt says, "Mako store on the web fixed so it displays correctly again. There's a *small* possibility Zephyr have lost all record of an item they used to sell there, so get in touch if you spot something missing."

Dog Song says, "Removed the legacy "Role: " section in class rpinfo descriptions. Class flags have made these redundant, many mentioned that the class is "Technical" (which no longer applies), and this helps avoid confusion with the complementary Role system."

Dog Song says, "If for whatever reason you are seeking specifically Pierce damage, the Crossbow and Bow of Mercy can now be stance-switched between Critical and Pierce."

Avatar says, "Item (1599343120) placed onto the poll board by Inutt, called 'Recursive Template Forms. +poll/view Recursive Template Forms to look at and vote in this poll."

Avatar says, "Item (1599347520) placed onto the poll board by Song, called 'NPC Stretch Goal Poll. +poll/view NPC Stretch Goal Poll to look at and vote in this poll."

Dog Song says, "Alice the Gun Bunny's arsenal of unique weapons has received a balancing pass to compensate for their inability to be improved with recipe modifiers and overall precious status. Repeat weapons included universally received 10 base damage or higher. American 180: Damage 3->10, RepeatAttack 20->10, Cooldown 16000->12000, Upkeep 15->10. C96 Schnellfeuer: Damage 8->16, RepeatAttack 15->8, RepeatAttackDuration 5->4, Upkeep 15->10. Makarov: Damage 16->20. Makarov PMM: Damage 18->22. MAS 49: Damage 34->38, Loadout 25->20, Upkeep 15->10. MP 18: Damage 8->14, RepeatAttack 10->6, RepeatAttackDuration 5->3, Upkeep 15->10. M1903 Springfield: Damage 38->42, Loadout 25->20. SKS: Damage 29->34, Loadout 20->15. The Huntress: Damage 14->16, added Pierce damage variance. Thompson Submachine Gun: Damage 6->12, RepeatAttack 15->10, Loadout 25->20, Upkeep 15->10. Vlad: Damage 10->12, Upkeep 10->5"

Dog Song says, "Commando has been slightly buffed. The class power Covering Fire had its charge reduced from 0->-1000, making it much more low-commitment for the variable payoff."

Code Spelunker Inutt says, "All farverb commands updated! The code has been pulled kicking and screaming all the way from the late 90s to the 21st century (seriously - it dates from 1996). It now displays the verb list properly, has a proper #help page, and does it with approximately 66% less code!"

Dog Song says, "Bounty Hunter adjusted. Outnumbered 1->0, Durability 0->1. Mild net buff and synergizes with the class power Kevlar Vest, as well as more thematically appropriate."

Dog Song says, "The Pack Rat class got a bit more... focused. Controlled Burst 1->0, Opportunity 0->1. This should help them better fill their buffer/debuffer niche, as well as allow reaching Opportunity 3 with roles."

Code Spelunker Inutt says, "This is a definitely not a test message. If you see this, you're imagining it. Please ignore any imaginary updates."

Code Spelunker Inutt says, "This update is also imaginary. If you did not see the previous update, please ignore the word 'also' at the beginning of this one."

Code Spelunker Inutt says, "In a continuing series of 'things you did not see', please ignore this message too."

Code Spelunker Inutt says, "This update exists, but in some places"

Code Spelunker Inutt says, "Despite scattered reports of recent updates, this is the only recent update. Logs of updates have returned to the wiki. Unfortunately this only affects updates going forward, and everything between march and september will remain missing unless someone manually adds those records."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Fixed a bug with Degeneration's rpinfo not showing up properly for some strange reason..."

Dog Song says, "Opportunity's rpinfo description has been cleaned up to read a little more smoothly."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "The Repairing Modifier now applies RegenDebuff instead of HealgainDebuff. Its brother, Suppressing, is the one that handles Healgain, and with Repairing handling the Regen status, it seemed most fitting that it is updated for the sake of consistency."

Avatar says, "Poll 'Recursive Template Forms' has ended."

Avatar says, "Poll 'NPC Stretch Goal Poll' has ended."

Dog Song says, "To prevent misleading users, Tukupar Itar's class flags have been updated. Removed "DPS" flag and added "Debuffer". No mechanical effect, just informational."

Dog Song says, "Stunning Logic's damage type was changed from Blunt to Psychic."

Dog Song says, "A new 100% Form Power has been added. Math Teacher now employs the power of pi. Sow mental strain and confusion in your foes by reciting the irrational constant."

Dog Song says, "Fixed a minor oversight by adding the new pi power to the Math Teacher mob as well. Get mathed on."

Dog Song says, "The Banana Cannon has been rebalanced and relocated. While amusing, it was tonally a little too jokey for the otherwise straight-faced global list items shop; now, it's hidden in a certain tropical area for those with a keen eye. Happy hunting!"

Dog Song says, "Added Proficiency scaling to many class powers that were missing it. Brawling: Back Breaker, Dragon Tail, Mechanical Punch, Meet the Pavement. Melee: Knife Thrust, Piercing Night, Random Cudgel. Marksmanship: Brilliant Rain, the CoveringFire DefenseTrigger, Get Down, Heartfelt Arrows, Perfect Shot, Shuriken Storm, Sneaky Sidearm, Split the Arrow, Suppressed Fire, Surprise Shotgun. For reference, each point in a scaling Proficiency grants +0.2% effectiveness, so 25 points improves the skill's damage and status magnitude by 5%."

Dog Song says, "Added Brawling proficiency scaling to Belly Blast and Rolling Over."

Dog Song says, "Provisional fix for a potential underlying issue: Flamethrower is no longer based on Fire Blast-En, but instead Template Flamethrower. This fixes Flamethrower on mobs applying knockdown to players despite no knockdown being listed."

Dog Song says, "Cleaned up phrasing and typos in many Edges."

Dog Song says, "Drastically reduced the average amount of defeated Fire Newts required to obtain a special badge. Previously, each successive message had a 1/3 chance to trigger, resulting in ~0.026% (or ~36.5 newts) chance to progress 1 step out of 100. This has been lowered to a 1/9 (or 9 newts) chance by making the odds of each message equal - still tough, but not over a month of grinding with newts."

Dog Song says, "Fixed some messy parentheses formatting in several items sold in the Mall Rat Territory shop. This does not apply retroactively to items already in the players' inventory - a script will be needed, or you can manually ask for the description to be adjusted if you're OCD about it like me."

Dog Song says, "Added Secondary Damage bonuses to Damaging Damagly Upgrade and Slow Exchange Upgrade. These were missing relative to Enhanced Damage, Refined Damage, and Nuke Conversion."

Dog Song says, "Added Secondary Damage bonuses to Radiant Enhancement, Radioactive, and Void Touched Enhancement as well. Now, all upgrades that add percentile Damage to attacks affect Secondary Damage an equal amount."

Dog Song says, "Fixed some typos and a stringparsing error in the Peacock Spider infection."

Dog Song says, "Updated the Combat/Class/Class Levels helpfile with up-to-date information and commands."

Dog Song says, "The helpfile Extras/pet names has been updated with a link to Extras/power renaming for information on how to update summon descriptions and other rename information. The latter helpfile has been reworded to make it clearer you're modifying the summon's name, not the power name."

Dog Song says, "Added Proficiency scaling to several mutant powers that were missing it. Brawling: Crushing Coils, Flutter, Gore, Peck, Rending Claws. First Aid: Bloody Stitches (private power, now fully matches the public version Sinister Sutures). Marksmanship: Homing Missiles."

Dog Song says, "Added Proficiency scaling to several mutant powers that were missing it. Brawling: Charge, Lockjaw, Sting, Vine Torrent. Empathy: Group Hug, Mesmerizing Recovery, Sudden Hug, Tears of Life. Marksmanship: Rainbow Quills. Sexual: Breast Smash, Open Wide, Slurp"

Dog Song says, "Since the Ddraig Goch form has been made public a while ago, the Covet power is no longer called private in the rpinfo description."

Dog Song says, "After review, removed non-combat proficiency scaling from powers and gear for being capped at 40 vs. 36, creating potential for imbalanced bonuses. 14 powers/recipes/items affected total. Will replace with combat skill proficiencies where applicable."

Dog Song says, "Added a secret area to Clairmont."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Commando somehow had -1 Healing AND -1 Warded for a total of 9 points instead of 10. It has reclaimed its Warded. Dunno how that happened, but it's fixed now. Back to business as usual."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Bugfix: farverb will no longer crash if you try to farverb a character that is offline."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Zephyr Cafeteria description referring to Alex as "zebra-looking humanoid". The character is fully anthro, and the wording has been adjusted to make this clearer."

Dog Song says, "Updated several recipes with Proficiency scaling. Brawling: Gauntlet. Marksmanship: Citric Chooter, Crackle Pop, Dildonic Gunlance, Gattling Darts, Gravity Cannon, Laser Pointer, Portable Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher, Skunk Can, Sonic Boom Gun, Taze Cartridge, Tear Bomb, Timed Incendiary, WD Eruptor. Melee: Morgenstern of Death, Poison Needle, Shank Bomb."

Dog Song says, "Fixed The Huntress missing Marksmanship Proficiency scaling."

Dog Song says, "After consideration, Combat Medic's Stay with Me is no longer off-classable. Medical Grenade now fills the same slot instead. This follows the recent change to Point Man's Never Fall self-resurrection power, limiting all class-bound resurrection powers to main class-only."

Code Spelunker Inutt says, "Farverbing is temporarily unavailable. My fault - bare with me..."

Code Spelunker Inutt says, "Farverbing restored, now with duplicates and the odd way it was keeping track of available verbs removed."

Code Spelunker Inutt says, "fartackle snug replaced with fartacklesnug since it was conflicting with fartackle, and farcum all over you has been removed due to conflicting with farcum and not making sense as a single word."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Elemental Warding tuned down globally by 25% (it's lost about a fourth of its potency), because despite its downsides, it was still objectively too strong."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Continual Damage Upgrade Tweaked. Magnitude 3 -> 5 Active enemy DOT. Magnitude 1 -> 1.5 Passive enemy DOT. Active Ally EnergyDamage Return raised significantly (to 6) and passive Ally EnergyDamageReturn raised. (to 1.5)"

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Additionally, 20% Cooldown and 20% energy cost penalties incurred on the CDU Upgrade."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Critical Conversion has been liberated of penalties. Not it is what you get. Critical Damage Type. No questions."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Now* it is what you get."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Radioactive due to having little to no application for non-opportunity classes now adds a handy 5% active RadiationDI or 3% passive RadiationDI scaling with upgrade rating. Hey, anyone can make use of some survivability!"

Dog Song says, "Added missing Marksmanship Proficiency scaling to Rocket Fire."

Code Spelunker Inutt says, "Consignment shops should once again be selling things instead of just saying "Sorted"."

Dog Song says, "Belatedly, added missing Marksmanship Proficiency scaling to Grenade Toss."

Dog Song says, "The Ixchel Jaguar rpinfo description has been adjusted to reflect the passive bonuses being a dedicant confers."

Code Spelunker Inutt says, "Minor update to low-level code. If any exits seem to have become invisible, please report them."

Dog Song says, "Fixed broken string parsing in the groin transformation messages of Damonish Kin and (hilariously) Dusk Dragon. Added placeholder groin TF text for non-male characters to avoid blank fields in Dark Elf Female, Dark Elf Male, Djinn, Donkey Boy, amd Dreidel. Added placeholder groin TF text for neuter characters in Dusk Dragon. Added multi-genital support to the groin TFs of Dark Mistborn, Demonic Penguin, DilDodo, and Dracine Siren. Improved multi-genital support in the Dracnadea Lupus groin TF. The DilDodo groin TF no longer assumes that you have a clit if female or that you can orgasm if neuter. The DilDodo and Dire Corgi groin TFs no longer assume you have balls if male. Fixed the Diabolic Dragon groin TF saying "trash around" instead of "thrash around"."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Added farknot. Because."

Dog Song says, "Added two new farverbs. farfloof (for parity between farfluff/farfluffle and farfloof/farfloofle) and farblep."

Dog Song says, "Added a plethora of new options to the farverb list. Full list of new additions: appreciate, beckon, beg, bellyrub, bind, blow, boobhat, breed, brush, caress, catch, cheer, cherish, collar, consent, console, cum, cumcoat, dominate, drain, edge, embrace, feed, fingergun, flash, fuck, gag, gift, greet, groom, handshake, headpat, headshake, hump, hypnotize, inflate, lift, makeout, mark, massage, milk, mindbreak, miss, moan, molest, pat, present, rim, ruin, seduce, serenade, smooch, smother, soothe, pitch, sit, spoon, stalk, stop, straddle, striptease, stroke, stuff, submit, support, tease, transform, undress, whine, wingwrap, wink, worship, vore"

Dog Song says, "Also added the farcoil command for coiling around others."

Dog Song says, "The upgrade Concentrated Upgrade has been buffed. It now also confers +15% Status Chance."

Dog Song says, "Added multi-genital support to the Earth Pony groin TF."

Dog Song says, "The groin transformation messages of Female Commando, Female Dullahan, and Fennec no longer suggest you have genitals if neuter. Fixed typos in the Female Husky and Fern Dragon groin TFs. Added placeholder groin TF text for non-male characters to Female Snow Leopardtaur, Female Widow Convert, Fire Elemental, Fire Spirit, Fox Taur, Friesian Stallion, and Frog Prince. Added groin TF multi-genital support to Fox Taur and Friendly Fossa. The Friendly Fossa groin TF no longer assumes you have balls if male. The Friendly Fossa and Furie groin TFs now only mention fur if you have the furred flag or are Kemonomimi."

Dog Song says, "Due to lack of clear ownership and the wishes of the last active key-owner in years, the Gigantic Pagode's lock has been removed and is now a public area."

Code Spelunker Inutt says, "Automama description updated to make it clear it only provides an effect while *offline*"

Dog Song says, "Added Marksmanship Proficiency scaling to Pepper Spray."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Brother's Keeper has been long the subject of neglect due to it being a concentrated healer. Alright then, we've given it some tools to better make use of its Concentrated. Namely, Curative Ward is now a true instant (-1000) and also does more immediate healing, at the expense of a few stacks of its defensetrigger. Intensive Care snipped of its exploitable wound removal and had its charge and cooldown lowered, given massive burst to regen to make up for the lost mechanic. Both skills now benefit from First Aid. Additionally, Brother's Keeper now has 2 Healing at the expense of 1 Avoidance. Hopefully this helps put the class back into the spotlight. Enjoy."

Dog Song says, "Stimpack now scales with First Aid. Medical Grenade now scales with Marksmanship. (For reference, +7.2% bonus to damage and magnitude at 36 points in each skill.)"

Dog Song says, "Anton the bull at the Eureka farm has been updated. He now supports partners with any genital or body shape configuration, though previous size limits still apply (lower limit tweaked from 4 to 3). Also cleaned up grammar in his scenes and added additional parsing for a more dynamic experience."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Burning is unfortunately way too advantaged, and has been bapped with the balance bat, lowering its immediate active DOT Magnitude from 5 to 4 at an 80% proc rate. Burning's active buff has also been way too overpowered for way too long, and has been lowered from Mag5EnergyResist to Mag2 to match its Mag2 PDR brother, Blunt. The passive statuses have also been adjusted accordingly. Apologies to the gear DOTters out there. But Burning was statistically just... way too strong for its cost."

Dog Song says, "The Zephyr Coffee Lounge NPCs have been yoinked off-grid pending some modifications to them."

Dog Song says, "Fixed malformed stringparsing in one of Saul the husky's sex scenes that caused part of the scene to not appear."

Spammer of Debug Inutt says, "+roomequip command now allows for the installation and removal of terminals"

Spammer of Debug Inutt says, "Outpost Equipment: Recording Equipment description updated to clarify what it does. Thanks [Sheela]!"

Spammer of Debug Inutt says, "Patrol points should now be automatically updated rather than waiting for you to check them, meaning all commands that display or use patrol points should now know how many points you *actually have* rather than however many you had last time they were updated. This also makes them update properly in the new GMCP-based livestats feature."

Avatar says, "Item (1601066545) placed onto the poll board by Inutt, called 'Web Combat. +poll/view Web Combat to look at and vote in this poll."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the DilDodo/Clothes local stat toggle not functioning."

Avatar says, "Poll 'Web Combat' has ended."

Avatar says, "Item (1601331110) placed onto the poll board by Inutt, called 'Web Combat (take 2). +poll/view Web Combat (take 2) to look at and vote in this poll."

Dog Song says, "As a provisional fix, Goo Girls no longer summon pets."