Automated Multiplayer Updates/2020 March

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Fluff dragon Alukraz rumbles, "New to the Mountain Path is Dracnadea Lupus. Try not to get hugged to hard!"

Nuku drawls, "Plated hide given at least 2 more plates! (buff)"

Always Opens Her Gates Wide, Miorna invitingly coos, "The RPlogger's telephone to the WikiBot seems to have had some wires that were sparking. I've applied electrical tape to it. RPLogAppend functional again."

Fluff dragon Alukraz rumbles, "A challenger has appeared! A new kitty-dragon, Drachenfel, has been released. Currently, it is without a home, but can be found in the extractor and bounties. Get your rawr cat today!"

Reaper of Code Inutt purroars, "Error in string parsing of weather conditions fixed, all weather data is now available to string parsing. Help file with the available data planned."

Avatar says, "Item (1583208314) placed onto the poll board by Miorna, called 'Pet Summoning Classes and Boss Bounties. +poll/view Pet Summoning Classes and Boss Bounties to look at and vote in this poll."

Always Opens Her Gates Wide, Miorna invitingly coos, "Due to the running of scenes, EMT Duty capacity/progress has been expanded."

Avatar says, "Poll 'Pet Summoning Classes and Boss Bounties' has ended."

Nuku drawls, "New $1600 stretch goal entered."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "Skill badge awarding fixed properly this time, run sheet to update if you're missing any."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "New help file added to list the weather data available to string parsing. See help string parsing/Weather if that's your sort of thing."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "Dice rolling updated - you can no longer roll mobius dice with only one side, extra-dimensional dice with zero sides, or zero dice with any number of sides. (2d1, 2d0, or 0d6)"

Just A Tinkering Critter scurries around and holds up a sign reading: "Swept through all the class flags, removed the now unnecessary Technical flags due to the removal of the Technical combat skill, fixed a dew discrepancies and gave Heavy Power Armor and Firestarter their due flags."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "+re #status now lists co-owners of rented rooms in addition to the primary owner"

Just A Tinkering Critter scuttles out of his hidey hole and holds up a sign. "After some consideration, Exsanguinate was made less directly ouchy and more over-time ouchy to reflect the observed synergy in other DOT classes and their 45 abilities. Controlled Bleed's outlandishly overtuned DamageResistDebuff was lowered, and the edgy Life Sappers have had their scythes lightened, Grim Reap's cooldown was lowered, and the Vampiric was raised slightly. Lastly, Delayed Burst is now no longer so delayed that it misses almost every fight. Hooray!"

Just A Tinkering Critter crawls out of his hidey hole and holds up a sign: "The Crossbow of Sunbeams was politely asked to take a chill pill and stop being the most overpowered thing ever. Damage reduced: 20 -> 16. Repeat Magnitude lowered 15 -> 12. More changes to the Weapons Master weapons pending."

Just A Tinkering Critter holds up a second sign, "The Crossbow of Sunbeams' unfortunate older brother, once crushed under its younger, shiny sibling's weight, is now more competitive, given a tiny boost to damage, but more significantly reworked to heal the user on every swing. As a consequence however, the Blade of Mastery has suffered a small increase to cooldown."

Just A Tinkering Critter scribbles in with some permanent marker, "Referring to the Blade of Mastery."

Just A Tinkering Critter plants one final sign that reads: "The Spear of Judgement, a much ignored and often scoffed-at Weapon has been reworked substantially, now taunting reliably in a wide area of effect, though for a short while and on a long base wind time. Its primary attack now punctures armor! Handy!"

Avatar says, "Item (1583809077) placed onto the poll board by Inutt, called 'Request Tracker. +poll/view Request Tracker to look at and vote in this poll."

Just A Tinkering Critter holds up a sign that reads, "Blade Flurry's was ironically super duper slow, so it got a big reduction in charge time down to 1100, leaving it still in the shlow charge range with the Slow Exchange upgrade, and in the under 1000 range with a simple Trained Skill slapped on there. It also got a teeny tiny damage increase from 12 to 13."

Just a Tinkering Critter crawls out of his hidey hole and holds up a sign. "The Blunderbuss has had its overtuned ass made less overpowered."

Just a Tinkering Critter says, "The Blood Warrior has stormed into the 10/40 club, flying into a Blind Fury and ready to Shake It Off if anyone tries to stand in their way!"

Chinthliss says, "Page #last now uses the same log format as channels and rooms. Supports the same options for formatting and querying."

Just a Tinkering Critter says, "The Tousky Party Escort has danced their way into the 10/40 club. Be careful where they point those quills with that Prickly Swish! But don't blame them, they're just a loveable Pin Cushion."

Avatar says, "Poll 'Request Tracker' has ended."

Just a Tinkering Critter rolls out of his hidey hole and holds up a sign that reads: "The Desk Jockey was told to git gud. Technical is no longer their coffee and creamer, so they've had plenty of time to adapt. These angry nerds now shred armor with their Stapler Fury, and while being a Computer Nerd might make one lanky and scrawny it won't impede their Attack Status anymore. Their NERD RAGE now critially knocks their victim down at the expense of some direct damage, it's all about technique after all! Most importantly however, the 10/40 club has hired them, each one an Employee of the Month in their own field, putting in lots of Overtime to keep the office safe, and the competitors less-than-safe. Lastly, they're no longer out to hurt themselves (-1 Sac Fury), opting instead for being more Opportunistic instead (+1 Opportunity).

Just a Tinkering Critter says, "((Small WizNote regarding Overtime, it is a little bit Overtuned, as it is essentially two auras in one. I have made an attempt to counterbalance this with a quite egregious energy cost, however so far from what I have tested it doesn't go so far as to shut the user down completely. The wight is real, and there are ways to work around the energy crisis. Further testing is however both heavily requested, feedback much appreciated. Feel free to "mail Critter=(topic)" about it.))"

Just a Tinkering Critter skitters out of his hidey hole and announces, "The Cursed Lover has seduced her way into the 10/40 club. Her Enfeebling Pheromones and Unrivaled Potency no doubt bending the knees of the club's bodyguards. We don't blame them, this otherworldly touched seductress has the skills to pay the bills, and we (woefully) welcome her in with the rest of the best! More coming soon!"

Just a Tinkering Critter crawls semi-drunk out of his party hole and swings a sign around, "The hedonist has Belly Flopped into the 10/40 club, bringing all their Party Favors with them. Don't worry other classes, you're not gonna miss out, the party never ends, after all!"

Just a Tinkering Critter says, "The Corporal has donned their Kevlar Vest, and stand tall as any Fearless Leader should! They have joined the 10/40 club and are ready for action! Your support has arrived!"

Just a Tinkering Critter says, "Swooping down to exact justice and punishment to the woefully sinful, the questionably dubious, or just the unbearably ugly, the Archon has spread their angelic wings, donned their discordant halo, are ready for action, and Borneo was the one to deliver onto us their sparkling, radiant glory! The class can now be found at [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures! Testing and feedback on the class' performance would be much appreciated!"

Nuku drawls, "Staff can now use a class registration to get a sweet bounty on making the class. Thanks staff!"

Nuku drawls, "Cold now does Rechargedebuff instead of Chargedebuff for elemental sideeffect"

Nuku drawls, "Debug about focused DoTs removed."

Just a Tinkering Critter says, "The Commando has donned their Tactical Armor, their Grit and unwavering determination has given them access into the 10/40 club. We just couldn't say no anymore!"

Just a Tinkering Critter rolls out of his tiny den and holds up a sign. "Defender Stance made from a passive into a toggle. Power-wise it is exactly the same, the change was simply made such it more reliably applies itself at the start of, and during combat."

Just a Tinkering Critter crawls out of his tiny hidey hole and looks embarrassed for a moment, then holds up a sign that reads. "The folks at RSX have informed us that it is actually safe to wear Nanite Power Armor with other Heavy Gear items. To those that ignored those warnings and were able to do so beforehand, you got lucky... this time. (Removed the Heavy Slot flag since it was doing nothing, and folks are already wearing both sets of armor anyway. This is to prevent any future tears as well as to ensure future bugfixes don't suddenly leave people's builds broken.)"

Just a Tinkering Critter holds up a sign, "Repeat DPS role now more fragile, but faster. -1 Durability, +1 Speed. This has been asked-for for ages now, gonna be keeping a close eye on things, will tune it down again if it gets out of hand."

Just a Tinkering Critter nervously announces, "They've done it. The Plague Doctors have finally discovered The Cure! It took a lot of Vivisections and other questionable methods, however these medical geniuses have well earned their way into the 10/40 club. This is totally what was agreed upon and not just something we did to keep our organs from being experimented on. Absolutely, without a doubt. Three cheers for the Plague Doctor!"

Just a Tinkering Critter says, "The Fullblade Edgelord has been permitted into the 10/40 club. ...why? Edgy boys, sitting there with their Whetstones, not that they need them now that they can Pommel Strike too. The 10/40 club is almost full, but now it just got a lot edgier. Oh dear..."

Just a Tinkering Critter sips his /very/ early morning drink and announces, "Regen Status Enhancement upgrade now also enhances RegenDebuffMag, much the same all its corresponding Status Enhancement upgrades do so for their corresponding statuses."

Just a Tinkering Critter holds up a sign that reads: "Cold Conversion, Electric and Psychic Conversion made slightly more useful, providing a base active debuff corresponding to their elemental effect. These upgrades were pegged as quite useless, I am however hopeful that with their doubling down on their elemental effects, they will be much more sought-after by Debuffers, as was the original intent."

Just a Tinkering Critter holds up a smaller sign this time, reading: "The Void Touched enhancement has found its polar opposite, the Radiant Enhancement! It's basically the same, just grants access to the Positive Damage Type."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "The step command for the Singular Steps perk has been fixed, and now actually works. Blame whoever implemented it for putting it in the wrong place :-S"

Just a Tinkering Critter says, "The Spellbreaker has arrived, carrying Taunting Banners, guarded by intense Mental Warding, these stalwart warriors are here to take the frontline and face off against the terrors of the otherworldly! Their Elemental Warding boost their odds against the worst the magically-inclined can dish out, and they're not afraid to step in with a Rude Interruption. When the cards are down however, and they find themselves surrounded by curses, say your prayers, because they're ready to Purge! (Class is in the token store for 200 tokens)."

Just a Tinkering Critter snipped a bunch of elemental DI from Spellbreaker. Other skills unchanged.

Just a Tinkering Critter says, "Wait, when did the Cheerleader get in here? Well, they've joined the 10/40 club it seems! Someone has to do the cheering, and these flexible masters and mistresses of cheer are here to deliver. Masterful Gymnasts at nature, they can do a Full Split in half a damn second. Like DAMN! Remember to hug your support and thank them. In a lot of ways, they're carrying YOUR ass, not the other way around."

Just a Tinkering Critter holds up a sign and sips tea. "The Slashing upgrade is now a thing! Absolutely slashing!"

Avatar says, "Item (1584967658) placed onto the poll board by Critter, called 'Test Poll. +poll/view Test Poll to look at and vote in this poll."

Avatar says, "Item 1584967658 taken off the polling board."

Avatar says, "Item (1584967779) placed onto the poll board by Critter, called 'Classes and Proficiencies. +poll/view Classes and Proficiencies to look at and vote in this poll."

Just a Tinkering Critter runs out of his hidey hole and finds a new place to live, because... "The The Bloody Sadist has joined the 10/40 club! Oh gods help us all! They've started giving out Crimson Counsel and have caught that Sanguine Madness! Nope nope nope! This critter is NOT dealing with that! The club is now officially 2spooky for him!"

Just a Tinkering Critter says, "Storm Caller's "Storm Warden" ability had a duplicate name with a dedication ability. Storm Warden (the class ability) was renamed to Storm Warder as was the original intent, and remains functionally identical. So much storm..."

Avatar says, "Item (1585006838) placed onto the poll board by Inutt, called 'Lift command. +poll/view Lift command to look at and vote in this poll."

Always Opens Her Gates Wide, Miorna invitingly coos, "+finger and associated programs will now fail if your target wishes to remain private."

Always Opens Her Gates Wide, Miorna invitingly coos, "Instead of failing out, +finger and associated programs will now list a person's location as 'Unknown' if they have their Private setting turned on."

Just a Tinkering Critter says, "The Street Samurai has sliced their way into the 10/40 club. They already got the moves to get the job done, all they really needed was a nice, peaceful bit of Battle Meditation, as well as a new Iai Stance to deliver pain more effectively! The gang's almost all here!"

Avatar says, "Poll 'Lift command' has ended."

Avatar says, "Poll 'Classes and Proficiencies' has ended."

Just a Tinkering Critter says, "As per the results of (+poll/cview Classes and Proficiencies) Classes are slowly given proficiency boosts in their passives, +3s to passives or toggles that affect only oneself, +1 to aura toggles that affect the party. 50% Completion thus far."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "After much work by a small engineering team (aka, Chinthliss and myself), a firmware update is being broadcast to all agents' comm devices to update the comm system. This update contains numerous backend improvements and some user-facing changes that will be announced once it is rolled out. IMPORTANT: During the update, channels will become unavailable via the chat interface on the website. This is temporary, and webchat will be restored once all channels have been updated. Chat messaging in-muck will also be briefly interrupted on a channel-by-channel basis."