Automated Multiplayer Updates/2020 July

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Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "The Laser Emitting has been made less terrible given its rare materials cost. The stackable DOT has been buffed but its duration has been reduced such it's more difficult to stack and requires supplementary mods to really make it shine. The Upkeep bump has been removed, the Loadout equirement has been lowered to 3, however its direct damage bump has been lowered and its energy bump has been increased to compensate. It now also provides Heat damage type variance when applied to a weapon, giving Burning some competition in that regard. Overall the goal is to make the modifier more appealing for use in a wider array of weapons, as well as less clunky and difficult to work with. Feedback appreciated."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "+bounty command updated with a couple of new features: The remaining time for bounties that periodically change is now shown (only while not on cooldown), and since it was easy to implement while I was in there, bounties can now be hidden from the display. See +bounty #help and look at the toggle option. Also some minor formatting fixes."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "pjoin will now check how many patrol points you have before letting you join a group. It will not prevent you joining, but just provides a confirmation prompt as with being set professional."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "pot #clear should now work correctly again, also #setlimit may work in some cases where it didn't previously (if there were any)."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "The inflatable toy machine has been fixed. *goes back to grumbling about MUF being a terrible programming language*"

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "As part of a set of "minor adjustments I've been meaning to make for a while", +xp now shows progress for your secondary class (if applicable) as well as your primary class."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "In an attempt to reduce my~~ er, staff workload, Nanite Mini Servers can now be handled by players without staff intervention! +roomequipment #add server to install one, and +roomequipment #update server to change the installed nanomagic."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "+roomequipment code re-enabled for containers, plushie shelves, shops/stores, recording equipment, and egg hoards. This is an older block of code, but it checks out, so I'll throw it out there and let you guys test it for me :-P"

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "A typo has been fixed, meaning all you engineers with the Expert Repair perk now actually get the reduction in maintenance costs it promises. Note: the 'cash precious' command does not yet reflect the updated amount of salvage, but will soon."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "The resources (/cash/money) command has received a fresh coat of paint and a behind-the-scenes code detangling! Since I know some people object to change, resources.old (cash.old/money.old/...) will still give you the old, boring, black and white, and barely formatted output."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "The +roomequipment command has gained some more control over the ambient nanite field and has (re)gained the ability to install a whole bunch of other outpost equipment. Hopefully this means you can avoid some of the long delays in waiting for staff to resolve (some of) your building requests! Note: There are probably bugs since some of it is older code."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "+roomequipment now allows you to manage shared ownership of a room via the #co-owner option. See +rq #help for details."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "Departing from temporary rooms such as boss bounty areas should no longer transport you into the infinite abyss of the overworld's void realm."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "After it's been asked numerous times, a couple of different solutions have been tried, and we still getting asked about it even then, the "What's the password for my new character and how do I change it?" question has finally been solved in a way that can't be ignored! Or at least if it can, there's no hope for people. New characters will now receive a *slightly* more noticable message on the website informing you of their initial password and how to change it."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "Also, the message will reappear if you ever set your password back to the initial random one reminding you to change it again, since using that password is a bad idea."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "The doors to rented rooms can now be locked, even if they're not called 'out'. This mainly occurred if you rented a room from within another rented room and wanted to lock the second door, but it works now. +re #lock now requires the name of the door you are locking."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "+re #lock updated to generally work in a better and simpler, and +re #unlock now updated to match - apologies to anyone that got stuck in their rooms for a while there... :-) They now require the name of the exit you want to lock or unlock. Also, co-owners should now be able to operate rented locks as well as the primary owner, and "fancy" locks are no longer available because... nobody seems to know what they actually did for certain and I can't find any to check."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "Obscure bug in the list of room contents fixed - rooms containing more than 8000 idle players now work correctly."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "Fixed rented room door locks so you can now operate them from both sides."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "Fancy rented room locks reinstated as per previous behaviour. Documentation yet to be written."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "Lock types now documented under help private rooms"

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "After handing out decongestant medication to everyone, humans now have a sense of smell again. It's far less powerful than those with animal senses, but those in the basic biped form will often now be able to smell *something*."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Added the Detachable wi flag."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "+re #status temporarily patched to work for locations in Fairhaven, pending a proper fix."

Avatar says, "Item (1595457126) placed onto the poll board by X-ray, called 'Rut Change. +poll/view Rut Change to look at and vote in this poll."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "Everyone's ability to smell each other has been upgraded! Well, I've adjusted the formatting and reworded a few things anyway. You should no longer see a person's smell listed twice if you were scented by them more than once, and some things have been adjusted for readability. Also a reminder about the previous update that humans have regained their sense of smell too."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Rad Resistant's status effect now correctly shows up in effects."

Avatar says, "Poll 'Rut Change' has ended."

Nuku drawls, "Driven no longer affects tokens gained in daily missions"

Nuku drawls, "Chefs can now add 'driven' status, which has the old driven status effect to daily mission rewards! You need to have chef, minor or major edge."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Fixed a thing that was preventing characters who have the Seeker of Puzzles dedication from buying the Prestidigitation quirk."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Fixed NERU mako item. Now it works."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Added NERU support to NISD, which means that vials no longer need to be used from the inventory for NERU to trigger."