Automated Multiplayer Updates/2020 December

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REAPER OF CODE Inutt says, "sheet and +xp commands will no longer show 100% completion for level requirements until you actually reach 100% of the requirement. (The percentage shown is rounded to the nearest integer, but now values between 99-100% will always round *down*)"

REAPER OF CODE Inutt says, "say, spoof, and pose commands updated to share code and consolidate options. See pose #help for details."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Added the Spanking wi flag."

Dog Song says, "Added the horse web avatar to the Nightmare form. (Yes, it's a pun.)"

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Slightly changed the way in which Monster Bounties are announced on the Market channel."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Fixed missing dots in some Licker messages."

Dog Song says, "The Red Panda and Pink Panda forms now use the Raccoon web avatar. It's not perfect, but it's more fitting than the human default."

Dog Song says, "Added the deer web avatar to White-tail."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt roars, "Minor update to wwf, laston, and pinfo/finger commands - wwf will no longer show you people that are on your @ignore list, pinfo/finger and laston will not show your online status to people on your wf #hidefrom list."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt roars, "+xp command fixed so it now takes training tokens into account for level progression."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt roars, "Tabs and linebreaks in pose commands should now work again. Apologies for the breakage :-S"

REAPER OF CODE Inutt roars, "/me and emote commands reinstated for emoting, along with @emit and em."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt roars, "The 'add linebreak after poses' option has moved out of editplayer and is now accessed with pose #addlinebreak [on|off]'. (And it should actually work again :-))"

Dog Song says, "Fixed an error in the Female Husky ass description that resulted in a stray space if the player had scaled skin."

Dog Song says, "The Wolf Spider infection now has the taur flag and tag. Previously, the extra legs were mentioned in the torso description, but these have been moved into the ass description like other taurs to make its tauric nature clearer."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Made birthing messages prettier and harder to miss."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "The Survivor role, seeing as it is the default role assigned to everyone prior to them switching it away for something more specialized, has been reworked to be the jack-of-all-trades sturdy survivalist its original purpose suggested. The role now compliments most any class, however will grant mastery of none, rather filling in as the go-to generalist and multi-toolkit that beginners can use to explore the various specialized combat purposes at their own pace. The role still stands on its own, though only for those that like to do a bit of everything with their builds."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Fixed a bug that was causing farverb to not display."

Dog Song says, "Fixed Leg Splitter support in the Female Husky. The mention of a tauric lower torso is no longer omitted when using the Alternate appearance local stat or when you appear feminine/hermy and have the Chubby perk. Also slightly reworded support in the Female Husky and Alpha Husky to read more smoothly."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Black Butte Mines should no longer be picked as market bounties."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt chills, "Tanuki leaves and the pump command should now allow reaching the full range of valid sizes, rather than stopping at the older limits."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt chills, "Add growth pills to the previous update, and remove pump pending further testing :-S"

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Added the Pet Rock. Available at Zephyr Lobby (while supplies last)."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Schadenfreude always bothered me, it's harm-joy that does no harm to anyone... well now it does. It has however traded in its Recharge Self-Buff to be able to deal its damage. Enjoy."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Arcane Horror's Irascible Tendrils made no sense in hindsight. Tendrils, be they physical or psionic don't... slash... things. They grapple and grope (as I am sure we are all aware after having delved into the Cthuluthier depths of internet pornography). The power was changed and nerfed somewhat. The tendrils don't grant damageresist anymore, I am not sure what I was thinking back then but clearly it wasn't something logical. The power now instead constantly confuses the user to a moderate degree, as a means of upkeep and a consequence of constantly using that spooky otherworldly eldritch power. The tendrils now, as mentioned above, grasp and grab at the caster's opponents, quashing some of their initiative (DelayDebuff), and fumbling their recovery (Recharge Debuff)."

Dog Song says, "Not interested in a seasonal coat? Good news! The Arborlope now boasts Color Chooser support. For details, see lstats Arborlope."

Dog Song says, "The Pterosaurian now has Color Chooser support."

Dog Song says, "The Polyethylene Dragon has been given Color Chooser support."

Dog Song says, "The Pewter Consort has been given Tail Divider support, with an extra local stat to toggle between 2 or 3 of the whip-like appendages. Additionally, a bug in the defeat logic has been fixed that prevented female or herm players who disliked anal in their wi flags from seeing the oral scene (it would always show vaginal instead)."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Snipped the deprecated [weight of] from stringparsing code."

Dog Song says, "Increased the Banana Cannon's base damage from 16 to 18."

Dog Song says, "The Dire Corgi now supports Arm Divider."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt chills, "pose #showname tidied a little, and now only shows the posing player's name without 'pose:'"

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Automated Weapon, Calibrated, and Shield Drone recipes having their type set as lowercase. Removed the "Availability:Mission" property from Automated Weapon now that it is directly available for purchase at RSX Solutions."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Lowered the loadout of a Vibrator from 15 to 5, and its upkeep from 10 to 5."

Dog Song says, "Added Color Chooser support to Crimson Wyrm. Revised Arborlope's Color Chooser implementation to not override seasonal changes to tertiary features when color or color2 are set, instead only modifying those with color3."

Dog Song says, "*Click"

Dog Song says, "Added Color Chooser support to Sperm Fox."

Dog Song says, "Fixed some minor capitalization issues in the Sperm Fox form that could result in lowercase power names when mastering them."

Dog Song says, "Director Sam Richardson at the Rocket Facility now has a special request for the player. Quest completion nets a new unique weapon."

Dog Song says, "*Notice: Quest progression for moon access has been reset for players due to updating the questgiver to use more organized and maintainable stat structure. Fixed some bugs accidentally allowing players early moon access in doing so."

Dog Song says, "Increased the damage of the Assault Rifle and the MDAR from 24 to 26."

Dog Song says, "The Assault Rifle and Grenade Launcher now state in their description that they can be obtained from [Chandler Hospital]: Munitions Dump. This matches the behavior of stating NPC Stores for recipe-type items."

Dog Song says, "Flutter has been changed. The power has been streamlined from base 8 damage and a pseudorandom number of repeats to base 10 damage and 4 ticks of repeats over 2 rounds. The new baseline damage allows Flutter to take advantage of the Damage + Flurry bonus. Mobs with Flutter should also have more "even" damage output as a result."

Dog Song says, "*As a bonus, the reduced net repeat ticks in standard Heavens farms should improve combat and game performance slightly."

Dog Song says, "Increased the magnitude of Pummel's DamageBuff self-buff from 10 to 15."