Automated Multiplayer Updates/2019 October

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[Update] Nuku says, "Intimidation removed from daunting flames."

[Update] Nuku says, "Discrepencies between what you saw and what you got while cooking resolved."

[Update] Nuku says, "Breastfilled now possible with kitchen crew of 1+"

[Update] Nuku says, "Having chef, major will unlock low level kitchen crew unlocks of statuses. Having chef, master, will unlock advanced statuses in a similar fashion."

[Update] Nuku says, "The tippy top of kitchen crew unlocks, well, you need kitchen crew, sorry."

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt says, "Horny breeders rejoice - a new breeding machine mako toy has been made available in the elite supplies store for 10 mako! The Automama allows you to signal your availability to be bred anytime, any place, by anyone, without needing to ask your permission first! ...well almost anyway. It only applies while you are offline, see +help automama for permissions details."

[Update] Nuku says, "Front row debug removed."

[Update] Chinthliss says, "Livestats command added (livestats #help). Causes certain values to immediately notify the client when they change. Intended to be used with UI extensions."

[Update] Nuku says, "Nuke Conversion lost its +accuracy since that shouldn't be a thing."

[Update] Nuku says, "Concentrated Accuracy and Enhanced Accuracy deleted, if you had them, prod for a swap to another upgrade of the same rarity. Emergency Conversion lost its accuracy modifier."

[Update] Always Opens Her Gates Wide, Miorna moofs, "New Channel made. LGBTQ. Specifically for discussion of LGBTQ life, issues, etc. The channel is open to join by anyone, standard rules about channels and courtesy to others do apply."

[Update] Always Opens Her Gates Wide, Miorna moofs, "Short name for the LGBTQ chan 'bi' changed to 'bisex'."

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt says, "Another licker firmware update has been distributed with additional syntax for specifying how many things to lick and improved messages. See lick #help for details"

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt says, "Anyone that's had the feral mode perk for a while and had an out-of-date description should now find it updated to match the current version. (It's just the description that has been updated, no actual change has occurred to the perk itself)."

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt says, "Viewing localstats you have set no longer requires knowledge of ye arcane MUCK commands of olde. Now, that which thou hast defined via +lset thou canst also read back via +lset! (Specifically, +lset #list - see +lset #help for more options)"

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt says, "+lset update round two - it's now child friendly and +lset #listchild <child name or inventory slot> can be used to list your children's lstats (Assuming they have lstats enabled at your local childcare facility). Note that they have to be in your inventory, not equipped."

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt says, "Also the syntax for setting children's lstats has been updated. +lsetchild <name>=<stat>=<value> will still work for the time being, but +lset #child <name>=<stat>=<value> is now the preferred form."

[Update] Fluff dragon Alukraz rumbles, "Thanks to Borneo, the Equinox Reaper has been added to the extractor as a +reward critter."

[Update] Nuku says, "Long charge damage buffs given diminishing returns."

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt says, "Minor lstat fix - you should now be able to set and clear them correctly with +lset."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1571438996) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Charge Time. +poll/view Charge Time to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku says, "Accuracy, the prop, removed from all base talents (which will modify mutant powers reliant on them). If a power is now too powerful or not powerful enough, it should be brought up for peering at."

[Update] Nuku says, "Many recipe modifiers were upped in awesome or tweaked in function to make up for a lack of accuracy. Targeting, wild, unpredictable, stabalizing, directed, and covering at least."

[Update] Nuku says, "Tporting should be able to handle huge stacks of cash."

[Update] Nuku says, "The plushie machine should be able to better handle fat stacks of cash."

[Update] Nuku says, "The plushie maker can handle fat stacks of cash, and will want more cash for a plushie these days, and displays it better now."

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt says, "Further improvements to +lick parsing have re-added tongue kissing. Some of the related logic's a bit complex now, so please report any errors or messages that don't look right."

[Update] Nuku says, "New far commands, farflop, fartug, farleash"

[Update] Nuku says, "Just slipped a full form power on Equinox Reaper, but what is it?!"

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Charge Time' has ended."

[Update] Nuku says, "Testing potential tweaks to charge times on the dev server and it's looking really nice. I know people did not vote positively on the idea, which means I will NOT be rushing to get it over to the operational server. Instead I invite you to come over and try it out. Same server, port 11111"

[Update] Nuku says, "Update on the hacking over here on the dev server. Long-charge powers now give you your next turn much more rapidly after firing."

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt says, "New command kiss <person> now available as an alias for lick <person> tongue"

[Update] Nuku says, "Sharpshooter given a buff to make up for missing accuracy"

[Update] Nuku says, "Repeating over here, asking on pub if there are objections to the proposed charge code that has been playtested (Gasp, new, I know) over on the dev server being moved to live."

[Update] Nuku says, "As a promise thing, if people are willing to test, I'll try to do any major changes to Test first for sampling and, well, testing before flinging it up on live."

[Update] Nuku says, "Alright, so, The Charge Update, let's do this! First, long charges (>1000) work as they always did, but you should get your turns much faster after they fire compared to before, basically instantly."

[Update] Nuku says, "If you use a fast power (<1000) charge power, it fires IMMEDIATELY, no charge time. Its final charge is -100 per Speed you have, at a clean ratio of how much charge it had out of 1000, so a 999 power will be like -1'sh charge even with lots of Speed, while a 0 charge power is -100/-200/-300 charge, making your next turn come up faster so you can belt out that next power!"

[Update] Nuku says, "If a negative charge power would have less of a negative than a 0 charge power would, you get your enhanced speed version(Say a power was -100 charge and you had 2 Speed, your 0 charge speed is -200, which is lower than -100, so you'd get -200, get it?)"

[Update] Nuku says, "Charge was doing nothing for fast (<1000) powers, we fixed that. When firing a fast power, your charge % (type status to see that) becomes a plus to your speed for that instant equal to 1/100th of it. So +50% charge? +0.5 speed for how speedy that fast power is."

[Update] Nuku says, "rpinfo now shows true charges for base powers, talents, class powers, and mutant powers. It is impractible to do this for recipes, since any value they would show would be incomplete because modifiers and such, so not even trying."

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt says, "Crafting bounty display updated - +bounty should now show the actual reward that you can receive for turning in the bounty, taking into account your remort status and cooldowns. (Note: this only affects the in-muck command, no change to the website)"

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt says, "Also should have fixed the bug that caused items to be taken when you weren't eligible for a reward."

[Update] Nuku says, "Quirks! You can grab them north of the Z perk room to emphasize techniques, gadgets, and mutant tricks you've picked up. The higher the level of your highest character ever determines how many you can buy (up to 10). They do not cost cred to purchase, or anything. There is no current way to get rid of quirks."

[Update] Nuku says, "Magic is no longer a selectable origin."

[Update] Nuku says, "Magic quirks are back, with an informative warning about needing some info in its note when taking it. As a reminder, they need to come from a supernatural dedication. If you don't list one, the GM of the scene is welcome to veto you having the quirk for sake of the scene and ask staff to snip it off you."

[Update] Nuku says, "+mako/quirknuke is available and is free for a week."

[Update] Nuku says, "help quirks now exists!"

[Update] Nuku says, "Too Sexy lost much of its +aggro but got +maxhp."

[Update] Nuku says, "Fixed a critical bug that could leave a person in ATB limbo, oh no! Enjoy getting actions again yay!"

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt says, "Harmless quirk renamed to Mostly Harmless. Don't forget your towel :-)"

[Update] Nuku says, "New channel, type dev on to talk about dev stuff."

[Update] Nuku says, "You can now purchase quirk points with +mako/quirk. This costs 10, 20, 40, 80, then 100 and stays at 100. You can, at most, purchase 10 extra quirk points."

[Update] Nuku says, "+jnote now highlights what are quirks and even says what kind they are."

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt says, "Quirks are being automatically added to the wiki for your reading convenience, and the index at will be updated as soon as Flexbot finishes organising them"

[Update] Nuku says, "+jnote now seperates perks from edges from quirks, from everything else."

[Update] Nuku says, "Technological quirks display better in +jnote."

[Update] Nuku says, "HP Output from web combat throwing into your in-game banished."

[Update] Nuku says, "In theory, fast (below 0) but not super fast (below -750) powers should work even more speedily than before, getting your next turn faster."

[Update] Nuku says, "Naga Swamp is now home to a new web mission."

[Update] Nuku says, "Big news everyone! If you try to buy a brand new (1 week or less old) quirk and you're full, it will let you do so by trading out a quirk you already have. This is done right as you try to buy the new one. No staff required, no new commands. Nice and seamless. Enjoy! (All quirks are 1 week or less old. If one doesn't work, rpinfo it so it gets its timestamp.)"

[Update] Nuku says, "List quirks should now show results even if you bought all your perks as if that should matter."

[Update] Nuku says, "list quirks now shows red if you do not qualify, and gold for it has an unlock, but you qualify anyway."

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt chastely churrs, "Following the recent capture of one of their own, boss bounty mobs have reassessed their strategies and are now taking more care to not allow themselves to be tamed in future"

[Update] Spiffy Code Wizzard Inutt says, "To compensate for humans having a poor sense of smell compared to most mutants, the olfactory sensor mako toy has been slightly tweaked to no longer require an enhanced nose. It's still more discreet than using your actual nose for everybody, but now humans can use it too."

[Update] Nuku says, "The Trick or Treat Motel has opened its doors! North of 4th Street 1500 in Fairhaven."

[Update] Nuku says, "Gravity cannon given rechargedebuff to better slow things you fire it at."

[Update] Nuku says, "I meant to keep this on dev, then messed up, so new thing now, though of minimal impact. Your combat skills from your class come in a perfect ratio with your current level vs max level of the game, so if you are level 30/60(max), you are getting EXACTLY half of ALL your combat skills. Floating point (.4) is used, but not all combat skill code knows what to do with that and will just use the integer part. Effect on top level play, 0."

[Update] Nuku says, "Warning of things to come, rpinfo of classes will talk about 'skills with no roles', well, there are no roles, so it will use the class combat skills, have no fear there."

[Update] Nuku says, "Basically: Ignore the roles for now."

[Update] Always Opens Her Gates Wide, Miorna moofs, "Celebrations! When using the Search command your patrol points will be auto updated. No more need to use an auxilary command to force a patrol point check."

[Update] I Broke The Code Inutt says, "Ahem... Currently available holiday forms are now shown in +bounty again. Apologies for breaking it Nuku :-S"

[Update] Nuku says, "Physicaldamagereturn, the status, was completely broken. Fixed! Floating point combat skills is also supported properly all through power use, so hizzah."

[Update] Nuku says, "Sheet/score can now display floating point combat skills!"

[Update] Nuku says, "Your active role is now displayed on sheet. Pity you can't switch to any yet, seeing as they don't exist, yet."

[Update] Nuku says, "Made a bug earlier, fixed it now. Yay!"

[Update] Nuku says, "ATB now understands floating point combat skills, so get the most out of your 0.4 speed and 1.7 rage!"

[Update] Nuku says, "Role Update has arrived! See help roles. You are all a Survivor role by default, but you can change that at any time, so long as you're not mid-combat. role (role) is the command. Class updates coming next (the existing ones will work!)."

[Update] Nuku says, "Technical skill, rather than scaling with levels, will just assume you are max level, so you don't have to rebalance your equipment CONSTANTLY"

[Update] Nuku says, "That sounds like pure unfun."

[Update] Nuku says, "A note for posterity, Mastermind and Enduring Minions belong in classes NOT ROLES. If you see one in a role, begin screeching loudly."

[Update] Nuku says, "party now shows what role you all have on."

[Update] Nuku says, "Fixed a bug in a function that caused web-driven bounty stuff to crash and burn."

[Update] Nuku says, "Fixed a bug that was created due to floating combat skills."

[Update] Nuku says, "Your upkeep is now handled as if you had technical 2, no more or less. Technical has no effect on your upkeep."

[Update] Nuku says, "(As in the actual technical points on your sheet have no effect on upkeep)"

[Update] Nuku says, "Your loadout, like upkeep, is now handled as if you had a phantom rating of 2 technical, regardless of your actual rating."

[Update] Late Night Coder Inutt says, "Some backend changes have been made to crafting bounties. They still work the same way and provide the same rewards, but if you have any problems turning them in, let staff know. Note: The website is currently displaying incorrect rewards for craft bounties. This is known, and is being worked on."

[Update] Nuku says, "Controlled Burst more reliably ups the AoE of powers, yay!"

[Update] Nuku says, "Good news and bad news. Controlled burst was broken, and was trying to give +1 per point, but still not even really doing that. Now it gives 33% * rating chance for +1 _and_ negates Front Row 1:1."

[Update] Nuku says, "(+1 target that is)"

[Update] Nuku says, "Reminder: If a class has no floating points in its combat skills, it's been updated, yay!"

[Update] Nuku says, "Bed time. Updated classes: Anarchist, Brawler, Captivator, Desk Jockey, Drone Master, Martyr, Monster Monarch, Monstrosity, Nekomancer, Point Man, Rainbow Warrior, Social Agent. If a class is not updated, don't panic! It'll work just fine, but have a lot of skills spread out wide instead of 10 whole numbers. We'll keep working on it."

[Update] Nuku says, "Typing role will now show a list of roles. Typing role (combat skill) will now display all roles that have a given combat skill."

[Update] Nuku says, "rpinfo (combat skill) now shows accurate numbers for the classes and also shows roles with that skill."

[Update] Nuku says, "New role, active tank to use when you want to be, well, an active tank with your class!"

[Update] Late Night Coder Inutt says, "+bounty updated. It should now display cooldowns more reliably, but may require current cooldowns to expire before it does so."

[Update] Late Night Coder Inutt says, "+bounty once again shows if you already have a holiday form mastered or not. Also, as a bonus since I'm such a nice guy, you even have a choice of indicators! See +bounty #help for details."