Automated Multiplayer Updates/2019 June

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[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Lucky Charm recipe removed from players who aren't the owner and a +reward given back so they can get a different +reward."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "New code has been implemented within the Respec command. Upgrades will now mark which respec slot they're part of, and should you try to save it to a different slot, the upgrade will be removed from the other slot automagically. Only the most current save of that upgrade will exist from now on."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Licker's lick updated thanks to a completed Mako Pool. You can now add ' clean' at the end to completely clean the target in one message. Badges have been awarded to the contributors!"

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Thanks to the completion of the Coloful Kemonomimi mako pool, badges have been awarded, as have software claims, and the new merit Kemono Pattern is now available as a 1-cost vanity perk. Adept - Kemonomimi software can also toggle this on and off, much like Kemonomimi and Kemonomimi Genitals."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch brainlessly giggles, "The giggling delight of a dear but departed bovine friend gives us cause for pause. A well-known and well-loved player, Lushie, has passed, and her room has been altered slightly with an NPC of her character there to continue giving love and always being there for friends, despite what has transpired in the real world. Friends have come together to create this, including those often absent from the game, just to create his memorial. It can be found in Mother's Milk Bar. May she ever live on in our hearts and through this small gesture."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Are you used to MU's where all commands are prefixed by +? Well, now this one will try correcting that for you if it can't find the command that you invoked."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "I don't actually know if this was quite what was wanted, but the licker may now be +use on someone, like many normal items. Also fixed a teensy typo in the licker clean code, but you know, it didn't take much efrort[sic]. :)"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "+reward shouldn't hand out mako/lunar item schematics now, not that it should've been before."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "You can now lick <Someones> �[1m<ass/balls/bladder/breast/cunt/hand/mouth/feet>. This is to say, you can now target your licking, and even more delightfully, there's now an unbroken message about what happens when you clean someone's mouth. It's kinda cute in a overtly sexual way."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Since cleaning out your mouth with your tongue isn't likely to look much like you kissing someone, that has been fixed O.o"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Licking someone's tail will now read correctly."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Okay, so now the lick command also checks if the person has the part before letting you get around to licking it."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Now you should be able to run anisd/distill to toggle the anisd sucking up the created vials immediately upon running nisd distill. Also, as a bonus, nisd distill command now properly creates the quantity that you request."

[Update] Obscure MUF Poker Inutt says, "For the 0.01% of players that pay any attention to it, a long-standing copy/paste error has been fixed and +time now shows the correct wind direction."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Due to popular request, the compacting merits, Compact Balls, Compact Breasts, and Compact Shaft, now have it so you can adjust your maximum size visible. info each for the lstat to set in order to do so, otherwise, the default values are used. This will not increase your actual size any, nor show anything higher than your actual size, nor will it affect production."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "The Nipple option is now available with plugs, and it will block Nipple filled messages as well as leaky milk messages from mammary awareness. The Stoppered badge has been awarded to those who donated 25+."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch rumble-thrums, "Within the confines of the Museum Internal, amongst the befy, buff Minotaurs, massive Rex and Momma Brontos comes the Sabertoothed Liger in all its muscled glory."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch rumble-thrums, "Both Nursing and Cum Nursing have been added into the Kinks listings (Sorry for somehow missing that!)"

[Update] Highway Song says, "A brand new infection has moseyed over to The Moon: the appropriately named Moon Dolphin. These playful cetaceans just want to have fun, but their brand of games may be a little more rough and a lot more lewd than you bargained for."

[Update] Highway Song says, "normal^

[Update] Highway Song says, "A new creature can be found in the Ocean Harem: the Merfolk. Monster written by Madeline."

[Update] Nuku says, "Repeats on powers with secondary stuff should work far more reliably."

[Update] Nuku says, "Folks going idle in the lobby will be nudged home."

[Update] Nuku says, "Death BEtween Heartbeats significantly buffed"

[Update] Nuku says, "Floating point rut levels removed."

[Update] Nuku says, "Delicious treat is up to 40 healing power, but takes much longer between uses."

[Update] Nuku says, "A RSX agent succeeds at returning with a packmind member for study and interrogation."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Swapped uses of the [player] target to [victor]/[loser] in the scenes of Diabolic Dragon, Golden Ram, and Heroic Humanoid. This fixes potentially undesired behavior."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added missing fill and impregnate code to the Moon Dolphin Defeat scenes."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed some typos in the Color Chooser support for Damonisch Kin that caused unexpected behavior."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "+reward ought to stop giving out recipes with an availability of mako item or private now"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "If you have a lot of rented rooms, you might find that you have trouble managing where the expense is coming from. So, now you can use +re #budget to display an itemized list of the rooms you rent, and the factors affecting the price."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "To make the +re #budget display a tad easier on the eyes, numbers are now broken into digit groups as per usual with commas(Well, usual if you're from the US at least)."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "With any luck, the issue found with long, colored, badge titles should be resolved."

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "New command: +chantitles will list your current Titles for the various channels. You can add a parameter of a specific chnnel to just see that speicifc channel's."

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "+badge #help also updated."

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "All Candy flags/tags have been replaced with the Food flag/tag for clarity."

[Update] Nuku says, "Idle boot on the lobby removed by popular demand."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "Judge mode characters will not leak."

[Update] Dog Song says, "Jeweled Mannequin NPCs should no longer have a "0 penis"."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "While there are still likely further issues from whatever root cause exists in the combat machinery to give random players vials, it should not actually give you those vials or badges now."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "Due to a very... well, odd power, the boss bounty will no longer select from powers that are only on private creatures."

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "For Talkscripts, there is a new Action, Impreg! This can be utilized in talkscripts with the syntax shown in +help talk scripting/actions"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "Can't get to boneyard? Why not tport boneyard instead? Fairhaven Commerce authority is proud to announce a new bus line, sure, it might take hours and hours, but you know, with Mike being off duty, sometimes it's worth it. *wink*"

[Update] Nuku says, "To make cum more equivalent to how milk is displayed in +groin, the number was increased, but made into a daily proportion, instead of assuming it was 'per time' every time, forever!"

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "Stance has been fixed so that equipment will now properlycycle through the damages available. Also, engraved names will now actually work for stance."

[Update] Nuku says, "Ixchel Jaguars have their daily cum amount increased dramatically due to their supernaturally recharging supply of that sweet sweet baby batter."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "The licker should work properly on serpentine forms' tails now."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "New merit, Picky Womb. It limits the chance of impregnation to at most 10%."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "Size is fixed"

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "Talkscripts for NPC should be running fine, now."

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "For now, the 'oh no' message in +groin will no longer show. Also, the bug that made it so it wouldn't display teaspoon values for cum is now fixed."

[Update] Dog Song says, "Using the new Infect talkscript, the Skunk Beast in "[Library]: Research Room" can now impregnate the player when initiated the first time through Doctor Hellen."

[Update] Dog Song says, "*Impreg talkscript, whoops"

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "When setting up a Trohpy Case, it will now prompt for a custom name for your trophy case, (ex: trophy case, mantle shelf, exhibit)."

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "Due to popular demand, the function of Flavored Milk has been altered. It will allow you to be able to flavor your milk/cum by itself, much like an Adept program allows for specialized shifting. Also, those who already have Secretion and Culinary may set their flavors and have them visible. Without this item, set flavors will not show unless you have the NM. (This is an OR instead of an AND, now, essentially)"

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "New function added into fex. When looking at the entirety, you can add #novic to skip Victory/Ovictory/Defeat displays. Ex: fex usagi boi #novic"

[Update] Glitch wuffs, "Slight change to Okami Boi, altered Longdesc taking into account more colors. This has also affected its Kemono Pattern."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "Nisd/consume should avoid transforming you twice now"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "Although I've not seen any requests for it here, apparently 'twinning' is a thing, so I've added it to the wi flags."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "Thanks to the work of Lap, plugged nipples now produce messages, entirely determined by what they're filled with."

[Update] Obscure MUF Poker Inutt says, "Rental prices in +re #status and similar should be returned to their intended values, instead of the slightly arbitrary numbers they were showing."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "The plugged nipple stuff should not be breaking rp xp now"

[Update] Dog Song says, "Fixed the Aberrant Body power having a "HeadAdaption" upgrade instead of "HeatAdaption"."

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "The gelatinous form of the Amoeba has made itself aware in the Outer Realm."

[Update] Dog Song says, "Fixed some malformed parsing in the Chubby Dragon, Floral Mantis, and Tribal Giraffe groin TF messages."

[Update] Dog Song says, "Fixed malformed stringparsing in Hissah: Legs Desc and Kemo Desc - Swell Shark: Skin LongDesc - Tribal Giraffe: Defeat, Head Desc, Legs Transform"

[Update] Dog Song says, "The Talk Scripting/Basic Example helpfile has been updated with modern talkscript conventions and a clearer example."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "Basic Nanite collectors are now handed out by the faction tutorial NPCs(for RSX and Zephyr, they're the Requisition clerks, for The prometheans, it's Doctor Ed). Hopefully this will make acquiring these items a bit smoother for new players unfamliar with the game."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "Groups should be able to purchase the Duty and Dutiful group perks now."

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "Duty and SAs should all be running as desired. In addition, dismissed mercenaries will no longer be counted against you if they're sitting in the Graveyard, waiting to be recycled. (When you know it's dismissed and not there, but you get that stupid error message saying youneed to dismiss it first... won't fire unless your merc's actually on-grid)"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "Since Science isn't for *real* science, we can use Nerd for proper geeking out and such!"

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "Errors with mcomm's channel #who now fixed."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "Players with custom titles set and who have spoken on a channel in the last few minutes may need to set them again. On the other hand, the #who command on channels seems to be more accurate in displaying long titles (esp those with colors)."

[Update] Dog Song says, "Fixed a major bug in the Hotel Oblivion questline. The Mysterious Cloaked Figure was removing a level and setting your XP to 0 every time you were prompted before the final stage, rather than only doing so after you accepted the offer."

[Update] Avatar says, "Updated infection Sexy Faemera to Faemera"

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "Color Chooser and Kemonomimi support for Hugely Hung Happy Hyper Herm Horse completed! (This one took some doing, phew!)"

[Update] Glitch churrs adorably, "And, as a freebie, did Fire Elemental as well."

[Update] Chinthliss says, "The web's chat page is trialing an alternative connection mechanism. In theory nothing should appear different but anyone presently viewing it may need to do a refresh."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Ha-HAH! I feel silly... Baofeng Long can be found in the Irradiated Township. Oh, no... there goes Tokyo, go go noodle dragon!"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "A bug in the +re command has been fixed, that is, if you owned a single top level room with multiple sub-rooms, then only ran +re #leave on the top level rooms, the other rooms would remain, charging you rent. So far as I can tell, the only way to get an indication of whether or not this is happening is by running +re #budget(at which point you should @paste the output to a staffer after getting their attention and asking them to delete it)"

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Due to requests about non-combat musical instruments, an additional section has been added to Scraps and Ends for precious instruments. A small assortment of acoustic and electric instruments are there ready to be purchased, fixed up, and used."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1561922254) placed onto the poll board by Hex~, called 'Should Dry Well stop descriptions including Milkiness?. +poll/view Should Dry Well stop descriptions including Milkiness? to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Obscure MUF Poker Inutt says, "The issue affecting most commands involving players with testicles should now be fixed, apologies for the balls-up everyone"

[Update] Obscure MUF Poker Inutt says, "Doctor Flyn, the skunk girl at Fairhaven Library, has been updating her prenatal ultrasound training and bedside manner. She can now interact a little more conversationally with expectant mothers, has regained the ability to determine a child's sex, and perhaps most significantly she can now tell the difference between eggs and human children!"