Automated Multiplayer Updates/2019 February

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[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Slight update to Tentace Nanomagic description to let you know that 'both requirements' are the required nanomagics."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Minor edits to +tentacle displays."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added missing fill code to the Fey Folke defeat scene in the oral and anal variants. Several changes to the Hugely Hung Happy Hyper Herm Horse: Added missing fill code to the Defeat, and the oVictory now only mentions sex with the loser if it passes the same cock length check as the Victory."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "+tentacle #list added to the commands to help facilitate easy, quick reference rather than having to look at your own description each time."

[Update] Nuku soothingly hisses, "The sub-500 mako bonus removed (other bonuses coming, promise!)"

[Update] Nuku ferally howls, "The web page won't advertise a monthly special that is not there."

[Update] Nuku rumbles, "The first time you donate $10+ to the game for currency purchasing, you will be given a gift box. Pop it open to get a dedication voucher that can be used at any dedication point you so desire to gain that dedication. How fancy! The voucher is account locked. You can swap it between alts, but not between accounts. EVERYONE is eligible for this, as it is counting starting from today, not prior purchases."

[Update] Nuku lustily murrs, "Note, the original box is just plain no trade, but once you pop it open, the voucher can be swapped between alts freely."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Rewards of cash lottery tickets are now taxed, since it is literally money that was not there before, but now is."

[Update] Nuku snarls, "+reward has a new reward, a temporary bonus to the premium currency you get on your next purchase within the next 48 hours. You could get up to 80% off. Have high octane? That ups the odds of fatter bonuses. Have high and still rolled a 20% bonus? The high will not be expended."

[Update] Nuku whispers, "Already have a discount and would have rolled a discount again? You'll get mako tickets instead. No wasting rewards."

[Update] Nuku darkly yips, "If you get a sale offer on +reward and let the chance slip past, you will get 2 makolunardollars, ensuring less wasted +rewards."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added missing Victory/oVictory text to the Rabid Squirrel infection. Previously, the Defeat used text appropriate for an oVictory, but this has been fixed and ported over to the other variants with minor modifications."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed malformed parsing in the Gingerbread Fox's Defeat scene that resulted in code being displayed to the player. Also fixed the form's oVictory message using 'you'; an oVictory is meant to display to others present, not the one performing the action."

[Update] Nuku soothingly hisses, "So, you got a sale. What actually ARE the odds of a given discount? GLAD YOU ASKED! 0-99 is rolled, plus 20 if you have a high octane available. Under 50? 20% bonus is offered, and high octane, if it was being used, is not actually charged. Under 100, 30% is offered. Under 110, 50% is offered, Under 116, 60% is offered, Under 119, 75% is offered. What, you got 119 exactly? You bastard! 80% bonus is offered, count your lucky stars."

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna wantonly purrs, "fixed an issue where [if <thing> owned by] and [if <thing> carried by] stringparsing would leave the stack messy if the wrong syntax was used (this eventually crashes the stringparsing). It now just returns false in those cases."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Rather than leave you with the odd tentacle, +tent's maximum will round up to the nearest even number."

[Update] Nuku slurs, "Fixed a bug in yon code when giving out the newbie gift box."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Standard stores and the mako store should react to big purchases more elegantly, stacking your items as you buy stuff so everything can fit."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "You can no longer shift more tentacles than your maximum."

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Commando class has been updated. Removed Lie In Wait in favor of Covering Fire. Lie In Wait was a long-charge, high damage power that would trigger immediately if you were struck while charging it. However, it sometimes didn't work and had a buggy interaction with knockdown. Its replacement, Covering Fire, applies a DefenseTrigger on an ally for 1 round that, if struck, will damage and debuff the attacker, and buff the targeted ally. This follows the spirit of the old power while relying on more robust mechanics."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added Color Chooser support to Kobold Herm."

[Update] Nuku soothingly hisses, "Fixed a bug that caused an expiring discount/bonus to give infinite mako but also stop you from ever seeing the web page."

[Update] Nuku loudly booms, " updated to give the key bit of information that you need a nanite control extender to do its magic."

[Update] Nuku mrows, "Coyote's rpinfo not mentions the nanite control extender and its importance."

[Update] Nuku , "* now"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "All classes removed from the elite store. Classes must be balanced and tweaked and there is no way to offer them for cash that won't end up with upset people, and such a balance-central thing really should be divorced from mako in the first place."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Wasteland Paladin tweaked in combat skills (-3 sac fury, +1 vibrant strikes, +1 damage, +1 accuracy)"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The wasteland Paladin skill, redirection, buffed. AoE +1, Now heals and defensive-buffs the user."

[Update] Nuku defiantly shrieks, "The paladin power, Call of Vitality, buffed with 3 assured binaries (growing, covered, and fortified) given for 3 rounds."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "HornyAsHell has a small bit of function again. If you have Cunt/Balls/Bladder Filled statuses, it will cosmetically increase them at the point where messages would be displayed to make them appear more sever without actually changing the levels of the statuses. This means heavier leakings in the messages with the HornyAsHell status."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "shift size command tweaked a hint to accomodate for common spacing errors."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Changing dedication pricing for Patrol Points altered to accomodate for the many changes to both PP usage and the lowering that Professional Duties present. It is now 15 PP to change active dedications with web or in-game without the Training Respecializer. The dedicate command will also now allow you to use the PP option in-game if you do not have the Training Respecializer."

[Update] Nuku pants, "Web combat is no longer bound! It will obey your difficulty/size sliders/settings completely. Expect more critters if you have it set for that."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "+mmaker bugfix: If you log onto a different character in order to edit a form, this will now take into account what character last edited the form and copy over props from them. THIS IS NOT RETROACTIVE. If you want to preserve your efforts, log into the character wh you've most recently edited it with and enter into the menu, first!"

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "+help will now show an /actual/ index of what's available for +help files and subfiles."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "More updates to +help. Presentation altered to better accomodate for varying screen widths and now supports Pueblo."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "More updates to +help. Presentation altered to better accomodate for varying screen widths and now supports Pueblo."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Several text substitutions in the Husky Den now use [if the infection husky of [player] > 6] instead of [if the infection Female Husky of [player] > 6] to check for full infection. This ensures that both Female Husky and Alpha Husky-infected players will receive alternate text, as well as futureproofing for other possible husky types in the future."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed various monsters and NPCs using 'todd' to refer to male vulpines instead of the correct term 'tod'."

[Update] Nuku moos, "New Duty Available, Power Grid. Your research is paying off"

[Update] Nuku growls, "New Duties? What's the point of a power grid with no power! Solar Power is now a duty waiting for help. Let's turn on the lights... at least during the day."

[Update] Nuku gloriously sings, "Power Grid now also uses climbing."

[Update] Nuku rumbles, "Solar Power duty started off, since you literally just built it."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "+re #unlock should now properly unlock both the inside and outside exits when used."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Research now supports Pueblo."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch silkily weaves, "Though only web accessible, at present, the Fluffy Happy Meadow is web combat-able, and in there is the Silk Moth infection. More to do with the area pending building and form finishing."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch silkily weaves, "What's that bounding into the Fluffy Happy Meadow? Why, it's a Pink Fluffy Unicorn! You should probably give it a hug."

[Update] Highway Song says, "A long-requested change: Badges that formerly required exhausting every sex scene with NPCs have been changed to a lenient counter. Across current NPCs, badges dependent on sex with one NPC require 5 scenes per badge, and badges that require interactions with two or more NPCs require 10 scenes. Reasoning: Previously, sex-locked characters were unable to acquire these badges, and players might have had to try scenes they were uncomfortable with."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch silkily weaves, "The Interplanar Studies have opened up another portal to someplace... pleasant. Maybe a little TOO pleasant. There is now an on-grid method to reach the Fluffy Happy Meadows. Don't die from sugar overdose."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added a new sex scene to Saul the husky: You can now asked to be rimmed by the handsome canine."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Updated the Wolfbane Meister's Victory and OVictory messages. They now have parity between messages, featuring vore (opt-in through soft vore wi flag), sex, or leaving the mutant alone. Improved content courtesy of Borneo."

[Update] Nuku softly purrs, "Fixed a bug in mako purchases."

[Update] Nuku , "Mass buying things from the not-mako shop should be less lag-inducing on the server."

[Update] Obscure MUF Poker Inutt says, "Following minor engineering work, the comm's broadcast system has been fixed and it can now list available channels once again ('channels'/'<channel> #list'/etc). In addition, private channels will no longer be listed unless you actually have access to them."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "It has happened. If you have upgrades on powers that summon things, the summons will get those powers, with their upgrade levels too. They will apply to ALL powers of the summon."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Badges and AI slots given out for the pool. Completed."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch silkily weaves, "Filling out more, the Fluffy Happy Meadow now has a gleaming Golden Ram among their floofy ranks!"

[Update] Nuku loudly booms, "Upgraded class summons got better, since now it does NOT erase the power-mods a particular minion gets, as promised."

[Update] Nuku flutters, "* For example, the heavy mob from trouble boys gets +2 aoe, +4 damage from their strikes, which they RETAIN on top of any upgrades you slap on the power."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Yep, try now."

[Update] Nuku roars, "Regen scrapper should be much more easily attainable (It became near-impossible to unlock due to regen levels halving)"

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch silkily weaves, "There's been a little bit of a migration. A couple of the infections from Deeper in the East Wood, specifically the Feral Dragon and the Timber Wolf have headed to the Mountain Trail. Joining them is the now-public Ddraig Goch. You can reach this area by talking to Flyboy Chuck in RSX's Garage."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch silkily weaves, "Web Shops augmented. Instead of running a whole bunch of purchases, it now runs it as one with the quantity involved (chopping it down if you're unable to afford the quantity down until either you can afford the quantity or there is no quantity left). Due to code placed in prior that lets you know your backpack is busy with other code accessing it to help remove transcription errors, you may have to retry while your backpack is busy (you will not be charged anythign until it's able to run past that)."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Hey, remember that patreon integration? It's back! Type patreon to use it."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed a bug in the Electric Vehicles research that resulted in Leader and Assistant requirements reading "0 x Academics, 0 x 20" instead of the intended "20 x Academics"."

[Update] Nuku flutters, "Rental updates: 1: 1 dollar rentals for high accounts do NOT count on global rents, only hub rents. 2: If you lack the cash, it will take what you have and make a note of what is owed but the room will NOT be destroyed. The only thing that can cause a room to be destroyed is you vanishing for an entire month. (This was old behavior, just reminding it's there)"

[Update] Nuku clicks, "Buying things via the web, fixed, for reals, I swear!"

[Update] Nuku , "If you go to buy something, it will ONLY show the list of items from THAT shop instead of spending time running through the entire game, speeding things up. Should it just not show ANY list? Also possible, lemme know."

[Update] Nuku sultrily squeaks, "Now there is no list, so there!"

[Update] Nuku neighs, "Mutant-friendly engineering is now live, result set, and size limits are reduced, everyone's size being reduced by 33% for sakee of meeting it. Yay research!"

[Update] Nuku , "Minor and Major land deeds removed from the store."

[Update] Nuku weirdly purrs, "Land Deed makes its triumphant return by popular demand."

[Update] Nuku softly growls, "A rented room will not be terminated for idleness if it has outpost equipment installed on it."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "Fixed an issue where recursive mutexes might return the expected success/fail value."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "Fixed an issue where recursive mutexes might NOT return the expected success/fail value."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "You can now +re #give (name) to give a room to someone. It is then theirs entirely, unless they give it back or to someone else."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Update #2, if you are renting a room that is not in a hub, the fact that you already own a room will not stop you, but wait on renting yet, because I'm gonna make it better."

[Update] Nuku , "The order no longer matters, so you can rent that wild room first, or that hub room first, as you please."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "(I still recommend waiting on the wild room, I want to make it better!)"

[Update] Nuku rustles, "You can now rent a room inside a rented room. Still hold off on that! It is considered a wild room."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "When renting a wild room, you can now specify (and must) a direction. Possible directions: n, s, w, e, u, d, sw, nw, ne, se"

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Fixed a bug that made it unreliable to rent more than one room in your room."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Alright! You can now rent. I have changed my mind and NOT compounded rent, so hirrah for that."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Owed rent is now tracked by account, not by character."

[Update] Nuku sinuates, "* This is for rent you couldn't pay."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New account flag created, Rental Baron, will cut daily rent in half."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "When extracting upgrades, a message is displayed instead of a crash."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The error message when storing 0 rating things fixed for clarity."

[Update] Nuku clinks, "Fixed a bug that would cause exits to not appear."

[Update] Nuku rustles, "Also fixed a bug that would make renting from some rooms impossible. At this point, only dedication rooms, temporary, or womb rooms are not-rentable from."

[Update] Nuku chirps, "(A womb room with a rental hub should work fine)"

[Update] Nuku giggles, "... Actually probably not. Stop renting out your womb people! (or lemme know if that's really a thing that must be)"

[Update] Nuku yips, "Fixed torso descriptions not appearing in auto descs."

[Update] Nuku seductively squeaks, "Kemo descs given some anti-bug sprays!"

[Update] Nuku lisps, "Descriptions also made a tiny bit more efficient."

[Update] Nuku chirps, "Modest appearance now squeezes breast appearance to average instead of petite."

[Update] Nuku lustily murrs, "Prize jewels and modest organs no longer clash violently."

[Update] Nuku cutely purrs, "When cooking, it now checks both your and your location's inventory, so you can create a kitchen for yourself or anyone else to use and enjoy."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "When you WOULD get a lotto ticket, if you have gained the econ level or more in taxable income (about halfway through 25% bonus), it will skip that option and move on to better options for +reward."

[Update] Nuku quoths, "bonus XP +reward given a sprucing up. Instead of +25% for 12 hours, it's +25% for 24 hours. Have high octane? Instead of +100% for 12 hours, it's +100% for 3 days. Enjoy!"

[Update] Nuku , "Rested XP tickets are now less likely to happen in +reward."

[Update] Nuku cutely purrs, "An RSX employee reports that they secured a deal with Odin, a relatively minor local supernatural, to provide power. (research item gotten)."

[Update] Nuku drawls, "In theory bleeding should be a bit less loud."

[Update] Nuku , "You can now nisd #search unmastered to get a list of just things you have not mastered."

[Update] Nuku sinuates, "Fixed a bug due to my last power use tweak, oops."

[Update] Nuku cutely purrs, "The random boss vial is now 1 mako instead of 5."

[Update] Obscure MUF Poker Inutt says, "Following a stern word with the building contractors, the outpost item 'Recording Equipment' can now be installed in owned rooms without errors."

[Update] Nuku drawls, "Fixed a bug in nisd #search unmastered"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed the Blue Gryphon missing an oVictory message."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch silkily weaves, "Bug with online Consignment purchases for quantity fixed. Further testing occurring."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch silkily weaves, "Did a little optimization on +kinks. It should run a little faster, now."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Bang, Zoom, Strain to the Moon! A new infection strain has been discovered within the moon expanse, the Moon Phoenix has been sighted."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "More clarity made in the Rocket Quest."

[Update] Nuku madly chitters, "When rent-digging, it will more reliably make sure the exit leading 'out' is the one that also works when you type out."

[Update] Nuku softly churrls, "+re #lock/unlock fixed to play so much nicer with the new dig system. If you lock, it will look for the exit leading out. When you unlock, it will unlock ANY door in the room, or leading to that room (presuming you own the room). If you're not in your room, it will look for exits that lead to your room and unlock those. How handy!"

[Update] Nuku sultrily squeaks, "If you get a random vial, and it can't find a vial to give you, it will give up and give you another +Reward to try again./"

[Update] Nuku buzzes, "New rental code now checks properly for the presence of a permanent womb."

[Update] Obscure MUF Poker Inutt says, "Child lstats updated - The lsetchild command now actually works, and children that have been enabled for lstats should now take account of lstats in their description. Children need to be resummoned after changing an lstat for a new value to take effect."

[Update] Nuku cutely purrs, "Found and nuked one potential source of infinite loops in +rewards."

[Update] Nuku chirrs, "Web social actions should behave better now."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added an additional (sexual) Defeat scene variation to the Anthro Dolphin, with a 50% chance of triggering. The form now also recognizes when you submit or are defeated through HP depletion."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Additional functionality given to Blindfolds. Read blindfold for how to apply the triggers."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Some limited additional capability for Blindfolds when it comes to IC poses. While wearing a blindfold, names besides e blindfold wearer's own will be omitted as Someone (even in speech, at present)."